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What are typing games?

For a whole range of jobs, the ability to touch-type quickly is an amazing advantage. You’ll be able to compose emails, novels and letters in moments rather than minutes, and you’ll be able to put your mind to work on creative tasks rather than figuring out which finger goes where.Given the importance of this skill, the abundance of games that test and build your typing skills is worth investigating. There are plenty of computer programmes out there that serve this function, but not all of them are quite as fun as a real typing game!Probably the most famous typing game is actually an unlikely adaptation of a light-gun game. The Typing of the Dead is modification of zombie classic The House of the Dead. Rather than shooting the advancing undead horde with your gun, you simply have to type the onscreen word as quickly as possible to do the same thing. The game launched on the Sega Dreamcast and was quickly ported to Playstation 2 and Microsoft Windows.House of the Dead 3 received the same treatment in 2008, when it was released as Typing of the Dead 2. Other famous franchises have been brought into the typing-game fold. These include Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure, which debuted for the Nintendo DS in 2011.Our range of HTML5 typing games can be found here. They’re all free to play and completely unblocked, meaning you’ll be able to get the best of them whichever device you’re using – whether it has an onscreen keyboard or a real-life one.Success in typing games relies on steadily building your precision. Don’t rush to begin with; wait until you have every motion down into muscle memory, and then speed things up. These games will test your typing ability – but you’ll need to practise to get the best from them! Things you always find in typing games Games in this category usually require a keyboard. Most of the games in this category involve words, and because inputting text with a mouse can be tricky, typing with a keyboard is a logical choice for playing typing games. In most cases, you’ll be against the clock – but that doesn’t mean that the games here fall into the action-packed Typing-Of-The-Dead category. You’ll find word-based games where you’re competing against the clock to come up with as many words as possible where you need to both think of words quickly, and type them just as quickly. If your brain can’t keep up with your fingers, or vice-versa, your chances of success will be small! For gamers looking to pick up English as a second language, or just to build their vocabulary and put their linguistic skills to the test, this is a great place to get going. But it’s not just word-based games that live in the Typing category; there are also number-based ones, too, like Sudoku – but don’t worry if your math isn’t as sharp as it might be, as these games tend to rely more on logic and deduction than they do arithmetic. If you’re typing on a mobile touchscreen, then don’t worry; while you might not be able to rattle off letters quite as quickly as you would on a full-sized keyboard, you will be able to build your mobile typing skills. You’ll be amazed how much more quickly you’ll be able to tweet your thoughts on the world after you’ve spent some time practising with the games here! GamePix’s Collection of typing games In Google Feud, players must guess how Google would complete a particular phrase. It follows the same format as the classic TV game show Family Feud/Family Fortunes, except this time there’s an endless supply of survey questions. Another typing game is Sudoku HTML5, which requires players to input numbers manually into the squares on the board. Sudoku is a game that’s quickly become a regular fixture in newspapers across the world; it’s simple to pick up yet tricky to master, making it appealing to just about everyone with an interest in numbers. Text Twist is a test of your anagram-unscrambling ability. Having been presented with a jumble of six random letters, players must form as many words as they can in the time limit. It’s a game that tests your vocabulary as well as your typing skills! Word Connect is another game that presents players with a few random letters, this time arranged on a wheel. Players must fill in the blank spaces between the letters and create words before progressing to the next level. As things progress, the words get more elaborate and the gaps will get bigger and more difficult to fill – so you’ll need to be well-read to do well! Word Up is another game that falls into this category, thanks largely to the fact that it features words and letters (though you’ll be clicking on letters rather than typing them this time). Your mission here is to select as many fully-formed words as you can in the allotted timeframe. Extra points are awarded to players who clear entire rows or columns, and you can ask for a hint in the form of a ‘helping hand’ if you get stuck. Waffle Words is another game that unfolds across a grid, but this time it’s the grid of a delicious waffle. Simply compose as many words as possible using the available letters. The longer and more obscure the word, the greater the payoff when points come to be awarded! Also included here are games which are only slightly related to typing, like Foot Chinko, which is a cross between football and pachinko; Vex 3, which is a stickman-based platform experience; CATS, an arena-based fighter where players must battle the machines they’ve constructed; and Bomber Friends, which is a modern twist on the Bomberman formula, where multiple players can do battle in the same miniature arena.
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