Sharks games

Predators of the Ocean

Sharks games are some of the most thrilling games that you can possibly play. They are always exciting and perfect for adrenalin lovers!

Ever since the movie Jaws was released in 1975, sharks have become a widespread source of nautical terror. Sharks are the living, swimming embodiment of how dangerous the deep, uncharted ocean can be. They are ancient, powerful and extremely effective predators. This meant that seeing a shark as the central threat in Jaws was terrifying to many people—and for many viewers of the film, that terror has never left them!

Over the years, sharks have developed a fearsome reputation as unstoppable ocean predators. This, in turn, has resulted in the creation of many sharks games by video game developers. These developers aimed to create the same sense of fear that defined movies like Jaws—and, luckily for gamers, they were very successful at capturing that feeling of sheer terror!

Sharks are instantly recognizable—and always terrifying. As a result, they have translated very well into video games as imposing enemies. In some games, you’ll be pitted against sharks in fierce combat—in others, you’ll need to run as fast as you can from advancing sharks before they take a bite out of you! And some games may even allow you to become a shark! No matter what your preference may be, you’ll find a range of online sharks games to suit your tastes right here at GamePix.

Sharks Games of the Past

Sharks have featured in a variety of games over the years. Sometimes, sharks are the star of the show. Other times, they will be a fearsome foe for you to face down. No matter what the occasion, sharks games have always guaranteed a unique sense of excitement that you just can’t find in other genres.

One of the most famous sharks games is Ecco the Dolphin, the 1992 Sega Genesis title. Sharks are a frequent blight upon the titular heroic dolphin. In fact, they consistently attack Ecco and stop him in his tracks throughout the game—classic shark behavior!

In the iconic 1996 horror game, Resident Evil, a particularly dangerous mutated shark swims after—and attacks—the player. Upon entering an underground bunker you must solve a fiendish puzzle while a shark is constantly on your tail. Be too slow or hit the wrong button and it will be game over for you! However, once the water tank is successfully drained, you’ll finally be able to put down the helpless carnivorous beast with your trusty shotgun.

Later titles would take a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil—in 2010’s Batman: Arkham City, you must face down a shark directly! The evil Penguin lures Batman into a shark tank. From there, you’ll need to prove yourself against the ultimate predator to get out alive!

Sharks are iconic in video games as intimidating menaces to the player. Sharks games were all developed with this idea in mind. It doesn’t get any scarier or more exciting than evading a hungry shark!

Surviving the Ocean Depths

There are plenty of online sharks games where you must either fight off or flee from a charging shark. In more action-heavy sharks games, you’ll need to build up an arsenal of weapons and take the fight straight to the marine predators! You may start out with only basic weapons, but it won’t be long before you’re a seasoned shark-fighting pro.

In other sharks games you’ll need to use your wits and your quick reflexes to escape certain death! In these action platformers you’ll need to maneuver through various stages and use the environment to your advantage. Once you’ve learned to effortlessly slip past obstacles the fearsome sharks will never be able to make a meal of you!

The thrill of facing down hungry sharks is like nothing else in gaming. If you’re ready to brave the ocean and face its greatest predators, our online sharks games are waiting for you.

Perilous Underwater Hunting

If you’ve had your fill of taking on these rulers of the deep, perhaps you would enjoy the the chance to become one of them! In these online sharks games you can take your rightful place as the greatest threat in the sea. You'll be able to explore the deep, wide oceans and all across the world. Swim forth on a destructive rampage and tear down all in your path!

Even as the apex predator of the ocean, you’ll still run into many obstacles in online sharks games. You will have to overcome danger however you can. Sometimes you’ll need to think-on your feet—or tail—and other times you can just use brute strength to dominate a situation!

Of course, as a shark, you will need to eat. Most sharks are carnivorous by nature, so your only food source will be the fish around you. Most of the time you’ll start out small and unassuming, as a weaker species of shark. Because of this, there are some creatures you won’t be able to snack on straight away—in fact, you may find they’re more likely to snack on you! You’ll need to build your strength in order to gain access to the more deadly species of shark. Eventually, you’ll be at the very top of the food chain. You'll be able to go anywhere and hunt anything once you've reached your full strength!

Make sure to hone your hunter’s instincts and learn when is best to strike in whichever online sharks game you choose. This way, you can be sure your shark will never go hungry—and your reign of terror will never end!

Endless Deep Sea Fun

Sharks games are incredibly diverse and take in a wide range of different genres. Every sharks game has a charming art style and intuitive controls. This means you can jump straight into the action without needing to adjust to a complex control scheme. Dive headfirst into:

  • exciting action platformers.
  • 3D adventure games.
  • nautical beat ‘em-ups.
  • shark-based shooters.

Whatever genre you prefer, GamePix is certain to have your next favorite online sharks game. You might prefer to rule the oceans as a fearsome shark, or maybe you would rather assume the role of a deadly hunter and battle the prehistoric predators instead. No matter what, you’ll never be short of underwater excitement here on GamePix!

Sharks Games at GamePix

Online sharks games at GamePix are characterized by their variety and immersion. Once you dive in, you’ll never want to come up for air! Best of all, the GamePix library of sharks games is completely free to play! You can play sharks games on any device and with any compatible browser. This means you can become an apex predator whether you’re at home or on the go!


Are sharks games free?

Yes! The entire GamePix collection of sharks games is always free to play!

Why are sharks games so popular?

Sharks are iconic in both movies and video games for their imposing presence and their lethal power. Many gamers enjoy the tension and shock that comes from playing scary games. Others have fun causing chaos as an unstoppable predator. As a result, many are drawn to sharks games for the genre’s variety and guaranteed excitement. Face your fears and conquer the seas today!

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