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Games With Words

Word games are one of the oldest types of game out there and they’re a lot of fun! Using your own written language to make games with is a natural development and one that can help you see your mother tongue with fresh eyes and hear it with fresh ears.

Word games are also a truly accessible form of gaming because words are something we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s a board game like Scrabble or a television game show like Wheel of Fortune, making and identifying words can be incredibly entertaining. Playing with letters and words has a universal appeal as a form of engrossing, interesting relaxation and it’s maybe for that reason that word games have proven to be so popular with people of all ages and all backgrounds and for so many decades.

The Benefits of Word Games

Of course, word games have an educational element to them as well as being highly entertaining. The mental exercise offered by games that use words operates on two levels. Firstly, like any “brain training” style of game that asks you to think your way through problems, they will help you keep your brain sharp. They will help you maintain “brain plasticity” by forcing you to think in new ways as you solve the taxing word puzzles they present you with. They will also help you master your own language! Most of us like to think we know our own language pretty well but the truth is that nobody has a perfect grasp of their own communication and we can all learn something!

There are lots of different reasons to want to play English word games, aside from them being a lot of fun;

  • You might be looking to build your vocabulary by exposing yourself to new words. Having a broad vocabulary is a great window onto the artistic life of your culture. The more you know, the wider the range of things you can enjoy! From movies to the news, knowing the exact meaning of all the words you hear and see gives you an unbeatable insight into exactly what everybody is saying — and often what they really mean, too!
  • If you’re looking to master English as a second language, the right word game can help you to do that. While traditional study needs to be the bedrock of any language acquisition program, you shouldn’t underestimate the positive educational power of play. Using language in games can engage different parts of the brain and different learning styles and can help you make a breakthrough in how fluently you can use the language.
  • You might want to improve your written English. These days many of us use a lot of email at work, or project management tools, or even just casual message services like WhatsApp. All of these are written communication and so it pays to be as comfortable as possible writing and reading so that you can establish great connections with your colleagues.

Not that you need a reason to just have fun with word games for the sake of it if that’s what you feel like doing! They’re certainly a great way to spend some downtime if you just want to take your mind off things for five minutes.

The Way That We Love Word Games

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already love word games and you’re very far from alone in that! Word games have been popular for as long as anybody can remember. They’re a classic type of game and one that we all enjoy.

Long before video games were even thought of, many classic tabletop games have been based around words and letters. Games like Boggle, Scrabble and Hangman are iconic throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.

Before even those games, of course, we had crosswords and word searches that were included in newspapers. The first crosswords started to appear in the late 19th century, but didn’t settle into the format that we’re all familiar with until much later. Since then, an enormous variety of different versions of the classic puzzle have been created and are avidly consumed around the world to this day.

All of these games have been adapted into video games or apps over the years. Just look at the success of Words with Friends, a multiplayer version of Scrabble, playable on a smartphone. The game launched in 2009, and swiftly became the top-ranking game on the iOS app store, despite having changed very little in the course of being adapted.

We seem to be as in love with word games today as we were hundreds of years ago, so they must be doing something right!

Word Games Here on GamePix

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Are there any games like Wordle?

Yes, there are! If you loved the fun wordplay of Wordle — and who didn’t? — you’ll have a great time with the excellent selection of word games we have right here on the GamePix website. We have a huge range to choose from, all of them delivering classic word game excitement in the tradition of word games like Wordle. All of our word games are free-to-play and work straight from any browser on any device without any fuss.

Are there any free word games?

There are hundreds of free word games right here! In fact, every single one of the word games here in the word games section are completely free. Like all of our online games here on the GamePix website, they are free-to-play, no matter how long you play for or how many different word games you try. Better yet, they work perfectly on any device, through whatever browser you’re using, without you needing to download, install or update anything at all. You can have hours of word game fun anywhere, anytime and you won’t have to pay a thing! We can understand if you’re lost for words when faced with an offer like that!

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