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The Drama of Wrestling!

American-style professional wrestling is among the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet. Combining villainous characters, eccentric plots, elaborate storylines, world famous faces and plenty of confrontation, it’s a formula that has kept audiences enthralled for years. GamePix has collected the best WWE online games all in one place, so no matter what it is you love about wrestling we are confident there will be a game here for you.

The History of WWE Video Games

One company has dominated the world of wrestling for years: World Wrestling Entertainment. Formally known as WWF, this is the brand that has most successfully adapted to the video game world. When people think about wrestling it is most likely WWE that is in their head.

One of the most significant early wrestling video games was MicroLeague Wrestling. It was the first game to carry the license of the World Wrestling Federation. Launched in 1987, it featured Hulk Hogan on the front cover and quickly gained a loyal fanbase. As wrestling became a big event all over the world in the late 1980s, demand for the WWE product became insatiable, particularly with teenagers, and dozens of licensed video games followed. By the time the 2000s arrived, the games had become incredibly complex, with character customisation options and detailed storyline modes. Players had enormous fun building their own wacky characters to pit against The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H. At the heart of these games was the gameplay itself. Wrestlers face each other in a special wrestling ring complete with elasticated ropes.

Success can be achieved in one of several ways. You might pin an opponent’s shoulders to the canvas for a count of three; you might trap them in a submission hold until they tap out; you might even throw them through a wooden table! Along the way, there are plenty of thrills to be had, making these games among the craziest and most playable games in the fighting genre. If you’d like to play WWE games online you’ll find a varied selection of them here on GamePix.

Wrestling Games on GamePix

Perhaps the most enjoyable wrestling game here on GamePix is Pro Wrestling Action. Whether you are a fan of wrestling from the 1990s or it’s something you have only started enjoying more recently, this is the game for you. Choose from a range of characters with familiar names and appearances. There is no Rock but you can play as The Cliff, and there is the Hulk Hogan-inspired “Bulk” with the familiar white handlebar mustache. You are faced with opponents all making their way from ringside to try and beat you, so make sure you are the last person standing in the ring! On-screen instructions talk you through how to attack and how to do special moves to help you throw your opponents to the floor.

Stickman games have a loyal cult following, partly because of their creative and animated fighting games. Creators use deliberately minimal graphics, attempting to create the most basic animation possible. That’s why we would urge you to look at Police Stickman Wrestling. Even if you have never played a wrestling game in your life and couldn’t tell “Macho Man” Randy Savage from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, this is a game that you’ll find yourself unable to stop playing—and sending the link to your friends urging them to play too! The style of stickman artwork allows huge amounts of violence to occur on screen while still maintaining a slapstick, humorous tone. How could stickman wrestling be anything other than fun?

Super Wrestlers Slap’s Fury is a platform game where the world of WWE meets Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. An old fashioned, easy to follow 1990s beat ‘em up game that uses the joy and eccentricity of WWE.

WWE Games are Good for Escapism

Wrestling fans know that WWE is about much more than just entertainment. There is a whole culture around being a wrestling fan. You follow your favorite characters, see their storylines unfold and their careers take off—or sometimes end prematurely. Most of all, it is about being in a community of fellow fans. Wrestling has a huge following and is a multi-million dollar industry, yet it has always retained the collective community feeling of a niche sport. There are many critics and detractors who will happily tell you that wrestling is a waste of time and “fake,” but that means those who love wrestling realize they share something special and embrace the outsider culture.

Playing online WWE games provides stress relief and escapism. Throwing your opponents around the ring, hitting them with a chair and jumping down on them from the top of the ropes can provide much needed temporary escape from real life pressures and problems.

Whether it’s watching the greatest wrestlers in the world compete in WWE, wrestling with your friends, or playing online games on sites like GamePix, wrestling allows you to unwind, recharge and switch off. Our brain craves escapism, fun and adventure. Being able to play WWE games online can contribute to your overall mental well-being and help you to cope with modern life. When a wrestling fan meets another wrestling fan, they are likely to be friends for life and playing online wrestling games is another opportunity for fans to reach out to each other and to follow a sport that means a great deal to so many.

What You Need

On GamePix our WWE games are free to play—and you can play on any device. There’s no need to download anything and it couldn’t be easier to get started. There are no complicated instructions, all you need to do is pick your game of choice from our varied collection of WWE games, climb into the ring and start a battle with your first opponent!


Do you have wrestling games for women?

We consider all our wrestling games (and in fact all our games here on GamePix) to be equally accessible to men and women. However, there is one wrestling game that focuses on female wrestlers, so why not head over to Women Wrestling Fighting Revolution and see what fun you can have there!

Can I play online wrestling games with my friends?

You can! Wrestle Jump 2 is a single-player, two-player or multiplayer wrestling game that couldn’t be simpler. You use one key of the keyboard and do not stop pressing it until your opponent is beaten! This can sometimes be immediate, sometimes it can take a while, but your patience and perseverance will always be rewarded!

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