Ben 10 Games

Meet Ben 10!

Ben Tennyson burst onto television screens in 2005 and has been immensely popular ever since, thanks to his adventures fighting alien life forms. Now you can come and play exciting and fun Ben 10 games here at Gamepix.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Ben is a ten year old boy whose grandfather is revealed to be a member of a secret intergalactic organization called The Plumbers. Soon Ben finds himself with alien personas, all with their own superpowers. Using his Omnitrix, a watch-like device, Ben can transform into a variety of alien forms, each with their own special ability.

The Ben 10 franchise has earned over $6 billion in retail sales and has received three Emmy Awards, with movies, comic books, action figures, Lego sets and a multitude of video games all following his adventures. There have even been Ben 10 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotional toys and in an episode of South Park Cartman is given a Ben 10 Wrist Rocket at a party. People of all ages simply cannot get enough of Ben 10 and his adventures.

Ben 10 Video Games

Just as with all Superhero stories, Ben 10 games are perfect for escapism. It’s something we all need after a busy day, to enjoy some well earned relaxation time. Maybe you’re on a family vacation and it feels like you’d do anything to have an Omnitrix of your own, so you’ll love the chance to play games as Ben 10! You’ll never get bored of fighting against Vilgax, Hex or Aggregor, who are some of Ben 10’s most feared adversaries – you might even unleash an inner power of your own. This will come in handy whether you’re defending the earth, having a shoot-out or playing a game with a more linear story.

It's an exciting time to be a Ben 10 fan, as here at Gamepix we have a brilliant selection of games that replicate the exciting and engaging storylines of the show that’s loved across the world. Ben Ten Underground Runner is a running game that brings our loveable, slightly mischievous character to your PC or mobile device. Ben bursts through the game, full of energy, collecting tokens and avoiding enemies and obstacles. There is no margin of error though – hitting a wall or any slight blow from an enemy will mean it’s Game Over. This is all part of the fun - the longer you play, the more tense it gets as Ben is closer and closer to his ultimate end goal! The further Ben runs, jumps, slides and sprints, the more points he earns and the faster your heart beats!

Ben 10 as an Empowering Figure

Like so many young protagonists, from Bart Simpson to Harry Potter, Ben Tennyson is a fun and likeable young character, who just occasionally gets into a bit of trouble! Having a ten year old as a Superhero is exciting for children. It’s why the Superhero universe has been so successful and loved by generation after generation. It’s impossible not to allow your fantasies to get the better of you and to have those moments when you imagine that even though it’s far-fetched, maybe you could be the one battling aliens, fighting villains and saving the world, or even just getting away with things you wouldn’t be able to do as a normal ten year old boy or girl.

Ben 10 fits perfectly into the superhero universe as he is a relatable, funny and normal boy. He loves spending time with his cousin and grandfather and getting into mischief. In many ways he has a simple life but with extraordinary special powers. Whatever he is doing you want him to succeed, to spend hour after hour with him and to find out what his next adventure is. With the games here at Gamepix it’s even more exciting than watching the show because you get to step into his shoes and help him fight battles himself, to see the world through his eyes. It will feel like you are the one with the special powers. Who wouldn’t want to have super powers for the day?

What You Need

Like all of the games you’ll find on the Gamepix site, these are presented in HTML5, completely free and unblocked. There is nothing to download, no paywalls and no need to get updates. All you need to do is choose the game you want to play and start having fun. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, PC, Mac or console, as long as the device has a web browser, it will be able to run any of these games straight away with no fuss. No glitches, no delays, there’s nothing stopping your from becoming Ben 10 yourself. It’s time to be a hero! Why not play while wearing your favorite Ben 10 t-shirt and hat!

People have always played Superhero Games

Superheroes and games about superheroes, are constantly evolving. Whether it’s Spiderman, James Bond or Ben Ten, people will always want to be able to play games where they can control the destiny of these incredible characters. One of the first ever superhero games was Superman, developed for Atari in the 1970s and Ben Ten sits proudly along other franchises, characters and universes, all of them battling villains, defeating their enemies and providing hours of non stop fun.


I’ve never watched the Ben 10 cartoons. Will I still love the games?

Absolutely! These games feature aliens and adventures and are as playable and enjoyable for people who have never seen the show just as much as for those who have seen every second of every episode of the show that has ever been screened. How could anyone NOT like games about aliens? The games exist without any previous knowledge of the show necessary, but we wouldn’t be surprised if once you’ve played one of the Ben 10 games you will want to watch the show for yourself!

Who is your favorite of Ben 10’s Enemies?

We love Crashhopper, an excitable enemy who appears in Ben 10 Underground Runner, who is a mix of a grasshopper and a praying mantis with a green body and long, muscular legs. It’s hard to choose though, the appeal of the game is the vast array of enemies who feature, as well as our loveable main character, of course.

What are the most popular ben 10?