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Take to the Skies!

Piloting high speed planes of all kinds has long been a dream for many, going all the way back to the 1970s when flying games first began to appear. Sega and Taito in particular were responsible for some of the most popular flying games of the time. These early titles featured cutting-edge, three-dimensional terrain, full cockpit controls and combat, involving firing missiles at enemy planes.

As time went on, games within the flying genre were refined to provide a more realistic experience, as well as a more exciting one. Balancing realism with high intensity gameplay was a major focus for some developers, while others completely disregarded reality in favor of more explosive concepts such as space battles.

A famous example of flying games beginning to steer away from a true-to-life direction is Nintendo’s Starfox. This popular 1993 SNES title saw players control a squadron of animal fighter pilots and take part in dogfights anywhere from alien planets to the expanses of space. The potential of the genre grew, and suddenly flying games became one of the most diverse genres in gaming. If it flies, you can bet it has a game where you can fly it.

From there, the sky wasn’t even the limit anymore. Any flying enthusiasts, or players with an interest in simulating the experience of flying, could choose from a staggering array of games. From the hyper-realistic to the completely fantastical, players could experiment with different game types and control schemes to see what was ideal for them. And today, the variety in flying games is broader than ever.

Here on GamePix, you’ll find a huge selection of flying games. You too can find out your favorite way to jump into the pilot’s seat! The GamePix range of online games immerses you in;

  • Realistic flight and airline pilot simulators,
  • Epic historical dogfights,
  • Wild spaceship shootouts,
  • Thrilling creature games.

Painstaking Realism

Flight simulators have always been popular among plane enthusiasts and have only improved in their depiction of real flying. From the quality of graphics, the models of aircraft and the detail in every aspect of the planes’ controls, flight simulators are the perfect choice for those particularly interested in the function of planes.

Whether you just want to take a specific model for a test flight, or you want to simulate the full experience of being an airline pilot jetting across the world, there is far more variety in these types of flying games than you might think.

The detail even extends to the types of environments you may like to plot a flight path through. Whether you’re flying across the ocean to reach the next airport, taking people across the length of a tropical island resort or even maneuvering your aircraft through tight urban spaces, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the role of pilot from the very start.

Thrilling Air Combat

If you prefer, you may want to step back into history and take part in intense dogfights from the battlefields of World War 1 or World War 2. Choose your preferred fighter plane from the era and then take to the skies, but make sure to strike the balance between keeping your aircraft out of harm’s way and opening fire on the enemy. Once you adjust to the intuitive, easy-to-learn controls you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled fighter pilot!

For those with an interest in history or in the aircraft of times gone by, wartime dogfight flying games are perfect. Equally, if you’re looking for a more explosive experience and want to put your virtual flying skills to the test, then these classic planes are just waiting for you to jump into the cockpit.

Dogfights in Space

If your focus isn’t on emulating realistic flight or air combat, you might like to trade the airplane for the spaceship! You can fly your ship into epic space battles where your only goal is survival!

Spaceflight games come in many different forms. You might prefer a top-down perspective as popularized in iconic titles such as Space Invaders, where you must skillfully maneuver to avoid advancing forces while taking out as many enemy ships as you can!

You’ll also find plenty of 3D flying games that throw you straight into the action! Once you’re ready to jet off into space, you’ll be;

  • Helming your own powerful spaceship,
  • Using futuristic weapons to destroy your opponents in a blaze of glory,
  • Flying and fighting above alien planets, uncharted asteroids and, of course, in space!

From Planes to Animals

It’s not just aircraft you’ll be able to take control of in these flying games. There are also a variety of flying creatures you can become! You can take to the air as a bird, avoiding obstacles and reaching the goal, or you can even become something much larger and more destructive.

Whether you’d prefer to experience flying as a nimble bird or charging forward on a rampage as a fearsome dragon, you’ll soon understand it’s not just fighter pilots that get to have all the fun! These animal-based flying games are perfect to keep you from coming back down to earth, and give you the chance to not just control a vehicle, but to become what you are flying!

Jump Into the Cockpit!

With the GamePix library of online flying games you’ll never want to touch down onto solid ground again! All of our games are completely free to play and available anytime and anywhere. This means you can fire up your aircraft on any device and on any browser, no matter where you are!

If you find yourself needing a break, or bored on a long commute, then why not try out our online flying games and discover the kind of pilot you were born to be!


Are online flying games free?

All of the GamePix library of flying games are completely free and accessible regardless of browser or device! You can take flight whenever and wherever you like.

Why are flying games so widely played?

The variety in the types of planes you can fly as well as in the gameplay styles of these games means they appeal to a range of people! From diehard enthusiasts to casual gamers, everyone has dreamed of going on an airborne thrill ride at some point and online flying games fulfill that wish as closely as possible. Especially for those who want the perfect escape from living life on the ground, you can fly around as a dragon or pilot a ship into a space battle today!

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