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If you’ve always fancied yourself as a knight of the realm, thought you’d be amazing at jousting or simply want to engage in some no-holds-barred swordplay, knight games give you everything you need.

Knights Are The Original Hero

So many stories feature knights. They’re the original hero, the perfectly chivalrous character that’s not afraid to put themselves in harm’s way to save the innocent. There is almost no image more iconic than a knight in full plate armor facing a dragon.

We get most of our imagery around knights from the knights of England, who are strongly associated with the Christian religion. Those knights wore plate armor, rode horses and fought with lances. They were also said to live by a strict code of honor, much as the Japanese samurai did. In reality, of course, they were probably not the heroes that legend has made them out to be but that doesn’t stop us loving playing as them in knight video games!

Knight Games

It should be no surprise to you that knights feature heavily in video games and always have done. They’re perfect game protagonists with their action-focused personal stories, range of weaponry and even armor. Having faces hidden by helmets helps players identify more closely with them and their simple, codified system of honor makes them natural “good guys” in video game stories.

In fact the ingredients of knight stories have been baked into videogames since the beginning. Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons were usually in the swords and sorcery tradition, which borrowed heavily from Arthurian legend with its tales of sorcerers, warriors and monsters. Those tabletop games were a major inspiration for early video games and many a video game RPG owes its heritage to those tabletop games.

The Knights Of The Gaming World

While you’ll be playing on an advanced piece of technology, your characters will rely on their skill with melee weapons and their cunning to succeed, both of which rely on you, of course.

What kind of knight you want to be is up to you. Gone are the simple days when every knight in a story is the hero. In fact those days were never here. The knight as the mysterious man in a helmet is a very old trope and lets storytellers use knights in ambiguous roles, or even make them the villain of the piece.

Even when they’re playing the villain, knights in games are highly compelling. There’s something very satisfying about a knight who has gone rogue or been disgraced. It has the feel of a fallen angel about it and gives us players a complex character with a past that we can’t help but be intrigued by.

Knight Games On GamePix

So, what kind of knight adventure appeals to you the most? Battling dragons and monsters with only your armor to protect you? Fighting for the hand and honor of a fair maiden? Or perhaps you want to joust for your king. Whatever appeals to you about shrouding yourself in armor, jumping onto a valiant steed and heading out on an adventure, you’ll find a game that lets you fulfil your ambitions right here;

  • Choose an open-world option and you’ll be able to select your own missions, interact with every character and give your player some proper personality. You might even find that as your skill progresses, you can upgrade your equipment and rise through the ranks in a royal court.
  • Why not go for something in a more cutesy, pixelated style? There’s something undeniably appealing about medieval characters rendered in low-poly art. We have games like Heroic Quest, which will deliver that experience in spades.
  • If all the seriousness of your typical knight game seems exhausting to you then you can always try a hyper-casual knight game like the adorable Knight Dash or the darkly beautiful Black Knight. You can be a true knight using the power of just one finger!
  • If tower defense is more your speed, we have a whole plethora of knight tower defense games for you to try. Medieval combat really suits this sub-genre of game so you’re sure of a good time.
  • Of course there are also the classic fighting games, whether one versus one, side-on fighters in the classic style or massively multiplayer brawls where chaos reigns over all!
  • Classic RPGs will feel like video game nostalgia for many players, with their simplified, alluring, top-down worlds filled with characters to fight, befriend or beguile. Such games offer hours of fun and are truly a classic form of video game.
  • Archery games are a popular sub-genre of knight games. You could think of the bow as the sniper rifle of the middle ages and anybody who has enjoyed sniping in an FPS will probably take to the art of archery very readily.

At Gamepix we have selected the best free-to-play knight games and collected them all here for you. Like all of our browser-based games here on the site, our knight games work on any device without you needing to download or install anything ever. So grab your sword and shield because it’s time to prove your worth and earn yourself a title! This is your knight’s tale.


What are knight games?

Knight games is just a loose term describing any game that features knights, or even just the medieval epoch from which knights came. Knights being as iconic as they are, they tend to be the hero in knight games, but that’s not always the case. The aristocratic nature of knights make them pretty good antagonists too — and their generally British accents help them play the role of the villain. Sometimes they’re ambiguous characters. Before the Mandalorian, they were the original masked men of mystery, whose motives we had to guess at from their actions.

Are knight games fun?

Oh yes! Knights wouldn’t be the subject of so much fiction and fantasy if their lives weren’t very interesting to us. As a power fantasy it’s hard to beat these armored warriors of the medieval era with their high-minded moral code and thirst for bloody combat. Whether you like to fight on horseback or on foot and whether you want to face soldiers in a toe-to-toe struggle or battle fantastic beasts of legend, there is a knight game for you. You can play a huge selection of knight games right here on GamePix. They’re all totally free, and all of them work straight from your web browser on any device, without you needing to install or download anything ever.

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