Robots Games

A Bucket of Bolts

Robot Games! They are as cool as they sound! If you love robots and you love video games then you have to try our amazing robot games! These metal friends have been with us for a long time. Robots can pretty much be found in every type of media possible. So of course they make an appearance in our games here at GamePix! We absolutely adore robots and we can’t wait for you to play these amazing games all about them!

These robots only follow one robotic law. They must always be cool! Within our expansive collection of robot games you are sure to find many that fit your playstyle! From building robots to fighting them you will never get bored with these robot games! Ever wanted to become a robot? Your dream can be fulfilled immediately and for free! If you are ready to embark on this robotic adventure then join us!

Robots After All

The arcade game I, Robot was one of the first robot games released in 1984. It’s now considered a classic and the original arcade machines for the game have become rare collectibles. Our online robot games can be played anywhere and do not need an arcade machine! In fact all you need is a device with a web browser and you are golden! Or just metallic in this case!

Following the success of I, Robot there was another robot game that hit the ground running! Mega Man became one of the most popular games of the 1980s. Since then it has been remade several times because players love its non-linear gameplay. It also had challenging boss battles and unique weapons. In our robot games you will find a plethora of games very much in the same vein. You won’t have to stick to just one game! You will have plenty of robot games to play and try out!

Fast forward to the 2000s and developers released some of the world’s most famous titles. Among them was Ratchet & Clank. In this game robots helped heroes defeat the baddies. Another was Mr Robot where players could play as the robot to help save the humans within the game. As you can see robots and video games are made for each other!

Fun, Robot Fun

Robot games are incredibly popular with gamers because they take the characters almost anywhere. In our games you can build your own robot to fight opponents and use weapons to destroy your enemies. If you prefer you can also use your robot to help save the planet. In other games you can even make the robots battle each other.

Robot games are easy to understand and very fun to play. It only takes a couple of minutes to build your robot and the robots are very easy to control in the game. In one game you could be saving lives! In another you could be building a killer robot! You could even be halting the rise of the machines in the next game. All of these robot games you can play in no time!

All of our robot games at GamePix are absolutely free! They are instantly accessible and require zero extra software or installations. All you need to play them is a device with a web browser and you are good to go! Whether you’d rather play one of the classics or enjoy a modern robot game our collection has something for you!

Robot Games on GamePix

Here at GamePix our robot games collection is vast and varied! With so many amazing games we thought it would be helpful to give you a list of some of our best! Our aim with this list is to show you the diversity of robot games that we have in our catalog. All you need to do after reading the list is decide what type of robot game you want to play first. Want to play as a robot? Want to build a robot? Want to fight against robots? The choice is always yours!

Beware the rise of the machines! Here are some of our amazing robot games:

  • Battle for the Galaxy: An army of killer robots threatens the world and it is up to you to stop them! Will you answer the call? In Battle for the Galaxy you take command of humanity’s last bastion of freedom. In this amazing robot game you will be faced with challenging battle scenarios. All you have to do is drive the robot army back and save the world. Easy, right? Wait until you see the robot army!
  • Super Robo Fighter 2: Robots are tough as bolts! In this game they carry out thrilling battles against one another! In Super Robo Fighter 2 you get to play as your favorite robot fighter in order to face your other robotic rivals. This amazing sequel takes you to cool new locales and environments. This robot game is super exciting and fun! Will you be the next robot champion? We always cheer for the underdog!
  • Robot Assembly: Have you ever dreamed of creating your own robot? Well then this is the perfect robot game for you! In Robot Assembly the sky’s the limit when it comes to building robots. You can choose from a very expansive list of customization options. You can really change every little detail of your robot until you are satisfied with its creation. How far will your imagination take you?
  • Ninja Robo Hero: What’s cooler than ninjas? Robot ninjas! In this game you get to play as a robot ninja facing a slew of fun challenges! You will need to employ your robotic capabilities as well as your ninja training to progress through the game. If you thought ninjas were awesome, now they are even more awesome!
  • Robot Band: Music and robots! With this robot game you will be able to form a musical band made up of robots and play groovy tunes! Mix and match instruments and robots until you are satisfied with your robotic ensemble. In Robot Band you will enjoy listening to these cool robots rock out!

Now you are more than ready to jump into our catalog of robot games and play to your heart's content! Remember that all of our games at GamePix are free and instantly accessible. All you need is a device with a web browser. Let the robot fun begin!


Can I play all the robot games?

Yes! You can play all of our robot games instantly and for free! You don’t need to spend anything to play these games. We wish you the best of luck in trying to play them all! We have a lot of robot games!

Can I build robots?

Yes! You can build all kinds of cool robots! Some of our games are designed specifically for robot building. They provide you with many options to choose from when building your ideal mechanical friend. Remember that you can always restart the building process and create something new!

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