Drawing games

The History of Drawing Games

One of the first things we learn to do as children is draw. It’s a fundamental part of our early development and can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Drawing is something that has evolved with technology and online drawing games are keeping brains occupied across the world.

For many of us, our first experiences with computer gaming were with Microsoft Paint – a software program introduced in 1985 that gave people the opportunity to color and draw on their PC, offering the first experiences of digital doodling.

Today, touchscreen smart devices have made online drawing games more popular than ever. These games require clean and precise control. The sheer variety of games that can be created from simple core components is staggering, from Pictionary-style guessing games to more adventurous platforming games. Some games are as simple as using your fingers or a stylus pen to draw shapes and objects. Of course there are also games that give you a blank canvas and allow you to draw whatever you like. Whether you are an aspiring Van Gogh, a graphic designer or an idle doodler there will be a drawing game at GamePix that will bring your artistic side to life!

Drawing Games Here at GamePix

  • DOP2 Delete One Part gives you the chance to erase parts of your screen to solve different variations of puzzles. It must be one of the most satisfying games available to play online. A unique game, both fun and rewarding, you complete different tasks by erasing part of a picture. Unlike other games it isn’t always entirely clear what your instruction is and that is all part of the fun
  • Draw The Bridge is an arcade game where the player has to draw a bridge or a path for vehicles to ride on or for people to walk over. If you don’t build the bridge in time you’ll fall into the water. Every second is vital!
  • Find and Draw the Missing Part is the game for you if you are looking out for your wellbeing and mental health. You are given a picture of a flower and your task is to draw the petals. Once you have completed the missing part, more challenges await you. It has all the fun of drawing but without the pressures of a blank canvas.
  • In Draw One Line you connect dots to form a line without ever lifting your finger or mouse. A satisfying and challenging game, how many levels can you complete?

Drawing Games Can Be Used in Schools

Teachers love to play games with children. It’s an essential part of learning. Drawing games here at GamePix are the perfect way to help young brains to learn. With tablets and interactive white boards now available in most classrooms, drawing games provide perfect ways for educators to give children opportunities to develop their skills. One game teachers love is Draw and Guess. Be the first player to guess each doodle for maximum points. Teachers love to use this with early learners to help with cognition and to build vocabulary. Computer games are incredibly important educational tools, providing fun and entertainment while learning invaluable skills. Drawing teaches children vital skills for life.

Drawing Allows You To Express Your Emotions.

Every child works in a different way. For some, talking is the way they express their emotions. For some it may be through play or by writing. For millions of children around the world a more visual form of learning is best.

Drawing is a powerful outlet for self-expression, allowing children (and adults) to communicate ideas and feelings they may not have been able to articulate verbally. Drawing online can unlock barriers to communication and allow people to engage in a natural way that would not be possible otherwise.

Drawing online is a calming and soothing activity for both children and adults. It is one of the first skills we learn, one of the first activities we love. Being able to spend time drawing is always going to put a smile on your face. It is much more than a fun activity though. It helps with your emotional state. It is relaxing and peaceful. The world is a chaotic, stressful and confusing place. We all need time to find a way to stay calm. A world where people are creating art is a happy world!

What You Need

Our free titles can be played on any browser and any device. Whether you’re trying to waste some time waiting for a conference call, are a genuine artist with a passion for drawing or are trying to relieve some stress on your laptop, phone or tablet you will be drawing, sketching and creating in no time.

Drawing Online Can Lead To Fame!

Artist Jhonen Vasquez gained a cult following with his dark and humorous comic series ‘Johnny and the Homicidal Maniac.’ He created his work online, which lead to a publishing deal attracting enormous interest across the world in his artwork.

Sarah Jolley, a cartoonist in Manchester, UK began her artistic career sharing her artwork online. Also known as The Inky Duchess, she gained huge popularity for her webcomic “The Property of Hate.”

What starts as a hobby can become a career! Who knows what could happen if you start using drawing games at GamePix!


Why draw online when I can draw on paper?

Lots of reasons! Even people in the gaming industry don’t want a world where people will never draw on paper again. We know how satisfying and enjoyable it is to draw on paper, to use freshly sharpened pencils, thick felt tips or colorful crayons on paper, card and in books. However, there are multiple reasons why drawing online can be a better option than using paper. It saves mess and is more economic. Drawing online allows you to start over and over and offers you an almost infinite variety of choice.

Can I share my pictures online?

You can! Most of our drawing games at GamePix allow you to save your work to share with friends, post on social media or keep for yourself on your hard drive or cloud. It’s why you’ll find yourself coming back to use our games over and over again!

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