Bowling games

The Storied History of Bowling

Though now accessible in the form of online games, bowling existed long before computers and gaming devices. In fact, bowling has been a source of entertainment for people across the world for thousands of years, with early bowling sets discovered in Ancient Egyptian ruins. The popularity of this classic game has transcended any single culture or society, resulting in different versions of the sport all across the world. Tenpin bowling is by far the most popular variant. In this version of the game, players aim to knock down a triangular arrangement of pins at the end of a smooth wooden lane using a bowling ball. The more pins you knock down, the more points you will accrue. A strike, where all the pins are knocked down simultaneously, scores the highest points. Bowling is a sport that combines both luck and skill, offering enjoyment for a more casual audience while providing room for improvement for those who practice often. Small variations in friction and angle can make the difference between missing out on pins and scoring a perfect strike every single time.

Thanks to modern technology, bowling is now just as fun in the form of online games. The digital realm has embraced the sport, with numerous bowling games or mini games being developed in recent years. Perhaps one of the most famous mini games in gaming history is the bowling section of Wii Sports, which has been played by up to 88 million people. The motion-sensitive hardware used in modern technologies such as the Wii or the Kinect has revolutionized bowling games, making them more of an immersive and realistic experience.

Things You Will Always Find in Bowling Games

One of the greatest strengths of bowling games lies in their simplicity. You are presented with a lane and several pins at the other end, tasked with propelling the bowling ball towards the pins and knocking them down to accrue points and compete with friends. The points are awarded based on the number of pins you successfully topple. Scoring systems may vary, ranging from classic bowling scoring to regional versions or more simplified systems. In the traditional system, a strike will score you 10 points, with the total of the following two rolls added to the score for that frame. It is important to note that the additional rolls can also be strikes. In this way, it’s possible to rack up 30 points for a frame – if you score a strike on one frame and then a strike in the next two frames consecutively, that’s 30 points.

While a strike is the most famous term used in bowling, the next best thing is a spare. A spare occurs when you knock down all of the pins on their second attempt. This is often considered half of a strike, granting you extra points for the next roll. Unlike a strike, the additional points are only granted from the first roll – so you’d better make sure you score highly with your first attempt. Something important to understand about the lane is the presence of the gutter, which runs along either side. If the bowling ball falls into the gutter, it will run straight to the end of the lane without knocking down any pins. This is implemented to prevent you from simply smashing the ball along the lane without any concern for accuracy. While it can sometimes achieve results, brute force isn’t really what bowling is about, with accuracy and careful aim being essential skills to achieve consistent success. So, aim carefully, and strike those pins square and true!

Online Bowling Games: The Modern Way to Play

As part of the Gamepix library, our online bowling games are free to play and immediately available to run on any platform with a web browser. No download or installation is required, ensuring easy access and convenience at a moment’s notice.

Experience the thrill of Beach Bowling 3D, which takes the world of bowling to the setting of an exotic beach, with palm trees on either side of the lane! The game is easy to get to grips with. To play, use the mouse. Click the button to grab hold of the ball and pull back to prepare it for launch. Add an element of finesse and apply spin with a slight lateral movement by pushing forward and releasing at the same time. If you prefer playing on a touchscreen, the intuitive controls make it even more enjoyable. To score a strike, precision is key. You’ll need to hit the first three pins from the right angle, which generally requires a strategic spin. Just like a real bowling alley, the slipperiness of the surface makes getting consistent results really tricky. However, this isn’t a simulation, and the game’s physics is constant throughout, providing an entertaining arcade-style bowling experience that demands relentless practice to master. In this version of the game, there are just three frames to play across rather than 10 – perfect for those looking for a quick dose of bowling action rather than a protracted experience. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases, so you’ll need to bring your best performance if you want to succeed.

If the beach setting doesn't captivate you, consider Classic Bowling as an alternative choice. As the name suggests, this game takes place in a traditional 10-pin bowling alley. Rather than using the mouse, you must utilize the keyboard by strategically positioning the bowler using the arrow keys. Alternatively, you can use the on-screen controls if on a device without a keyboard. Gauge the power level by timing your press of the spacebar, with an optimal press being when the bar nears its maximum. Finally, apply the desired amount of spin by perfectly timing the button press to direct the arrow in your desired direction. Classic Bowling is a game where it is quite natural to unlock the potential for successive strikes by mastering effective strategies. Just make sure that your bowler is slightly off-center, and that you get just a little bit of spin so that the ball curves in. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get a split rather than a strike. This is where the best players are able to set themselves apart, by striking a glancing blow on a single pin and knocking it into the other one. Like all great bowling games, there’s strategy as well as skill involved! Discover your strategic prowess and showcase your bowling skills in this thrilling game that combines strategy and skill, delivering a memorable online experience.


Why play bowling games online?

If you are craving a round of bowling but aren’t able to access a real bowling alley, you can still indulge in a satisfying session through Gamepix’s range of quality online games. Best of all, these games eliminate the need for working up a sweat while still offering a fun and authentic experience.

Are there different kinds of bowling games?

Even though classic tenpin bowling is the most common variety of the game, there are many different versions accessible online. Explore games with different rules and settings to find the perfect bowling experience for you.

What are the most popular bowling?