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Lock and Load: The Lasting Influence of the Shooting Game

Shooting games are some of the most popular virtual experiences in history. For what seems like an eternity, video games have incorporated different kinds of shooting mechanics, with the genre having a rich history that dates all the way back to the 1970s.

There aren’t many tonal restrictions on what a shooting game can be. Some examples, such as Battlefield, are hyper-realistic warfare simulators that grant players an immersive experience in gritty detail. In contrast, games such as Splatoon are zany and fun, accommodating families with younger children and having more of a jovial aesthetic. Whatever the case, it is clear that shooting games are ubiquitous. There is fun and exhilaration to be found in the world of online shooting games no matter what your taste is.

Here on Gamepix, you'll find a variety of shooting games ready to play to your heart’s content. Each one is free to play, unblocked, and compatible with any web-browser-equipped device.

FPS vs Side-Scrolling: Types of Shooting Games

There are several different kinds of shooting games that are distinguished by their camera perspective. The most widespread type of online shooting game is the first-person shooter, commonly known as the FPS. In an FPS, the camera depicts the perspective of the character that you are controlling, as if you are seeing the world through their eyes. Controls for actions like reload, jump, crouch, weapon change, grenade throw and other specialized skills usually surround the WASD buttons.

Another common perspective used is the side-scrolling shoot-em-up, which has a side-view camera angle that follows the player as they traverse their surroundings. This perspective was used frequently in classic video games but remains popular in online shooting games.

In the realm of fast-paced arcade action and online shooting games, it's the light-gun games that have made the biggest splash. Duck Hunt is an example of this sub-genre, which can be likened to a virtual shooting range, tasking the player with lining up shots on targets or enemies. This style remains popular even in small-screen games, where players can use the touchscreen to aim, fire, and amass high scores.

Whichever shoot-em-up you prefer, the objective is clear: inflict maximum damage while minimizing your own casualties.

History of the Shooting Game

Shooting games can trace their roots as far back as the 1970s with arcade games such as Space Invaders, that involved blasting down enemies. The simple but undeniably addictive gameplay loop that it provided was an instant hit. Ever since, gamers have not looked back and have always felt the exhilaration from a well-made shooter.
The genre evolved significantly in the 1990s when iconic first-person shooters such as Doom were released. These games were revolutionary as they allowed a more immersive experience, laying the groundwork for the massive influx of FPS games that would follow in the coming years. The success of Doom catalyzed a wave of first-person shooters, boasting a broad spectrum of variety: from realistic multiplayer games like Battlefield to fast-paced “deathmatch” games like the Unreal Tournament series, and even more heavily “story” based shooters like Halo.

The Thrill of Progression and Power-Ups

Each new level in our online shooting games naturally brings you face-to-face with bigger threats—you’ll always need more firepower. Part of the allure of the shoot-em-up is the sense of progression you experience as you earn points, unlock new weapons, and obliterate enemies with increasing ease. Almost every notable shooter includes power-ups and upgrades to enhance your lethality. The thrill of wielding more impressive weaponry is immeasurable, especially when you begin with a humble pistol.

Shooting Games on Gamepix

GamePix has a wide variety of online shooting games with a multitude of different influences and styles. There are FPS games with a classic feel like Shell Shockers and Krunker, which enjoy immense popularity thanks to their universal appeal. Zombs Royale tweaks the formula slightly; it’s a quintessential battle-royale game in which 100 players vie for victory on a shrinking map, with the added twist of the action being viewed from above.

Prop Hunt is an exhilarating and strategic take on the genre, unfolding in an office spare where players split into hiders and seekers. Sniper Clash 3D is a conventional three-dimensional shooter, with a myriad of different environments to traverse and even more mighty foes to vanquish. Alpha Guns echoes classic side-scrolling action games such as Contra or Golden Axe. Getaway Shootout is perfect if you are interested in a more quirky option. Instead of direct control over your character, you use buttons to lean and jump, usually leading to hilarious results.

A Different Take on Shooting Games: Bois D’arc

Not all shooting games revolve around firearms. A prime example of a unique online shooting game is Bois D’arc, where players assume the role of a legendary archer. Instead of repelling foes with a loaded handgun, they use the most ancient and historic shooting weapon: the bow and arrow! The game offers three archers to choose from, each with unique abilities and a whole range of upgrades and fortifications to invest in.

With 16 captivating levels, each level introduces a different castle to protect from a diverse unit of enemies. To triumph, it is essential to spend your earnings wisely and aim both quickly and accurately. Despite the absence of traditional firearms, Bois D’arc offers a challenge that rivals any gun-based shooter.

Whether you're a fan of first-person or side-scrolling shooters, light-gun games or bow and arrow action, GamePix offers a compelling selection of shooting games that cater to everyone's tastes. Dive in and explore the extensive collection!


What is a shooting game?

A shooting game is a genre of video game that primarily involves the player engaging in combat using firearms or projectile weapons. Online shooters can come in many different styles and formats, such as first-person or side-scrolling. They often involve gathering power-ups or upgrading weapons to take on enemies of increasing difficulty. These games often feature intense action, fast-paced gameplay and a reliance on survival instinct. Because of this, shoot-em-ups are some of the best video games to test your skills and compete against friends.

What is the setting of shooting games?

Shoot-em-ups can take on many different themes and styles. As long as they are action-packed and use projectile weapons, there are no restrictions on where or when they can take place. Whether you are more interested in sci-fi, history or realism, there is a shooter for you.

Do shooting games always have guns?

Not all shooting games necessarily involve guns. In Bois D’arc, players embody a legendary archer, warding off opponents with a bow and arrow instead of firearms.

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