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Children Love to Color

As children, one of the first things we learn is to color. This simple and enjoyable hobby has translated perfectly into the world of gaming. Coloring games are a stress-relieving and fun way to spend your free time.

The History of Online Coloring Games

For many of us, our first experience using a computer involved Microsoft Paint, a software program introduced in 1985 that gave people the opportunity to color and draw on their PC. It felt revolutionary at the time and for years this was the way people could express their artistic side online, using a mouse and cursors to draw shapes and fill them with color.

In the early 2000s technology had developed to allow coloring online to be a realistic option. As more pixels were available on screen, the color palette available to players was more flexible. Online artists had access to more sophisticated tools. With social media. coloring games are now bigger than ever. They are interactive and it has never been easier to share your creations.

In 2017 it was announced that Microsoft Paint would no longer be updated or developed. This news caused controversy and public outcry. This reaction was partly nostalgic, as people fondly remember using Paint and similar programs in the early years of using computers. In response to the huge reaction to the news of its demise, Microsoft reversed its decision and Paint still receives updates today, including the addition of new brushes and new improved tools.

Today, online coloring games are more sophisticated, from games that ask children to color in their favorite animals to those that allow you to flex your creative muscles. You’ll be sure to find something to keep your children entertained for an afternoon and it might even act as a gateway into gaming as a pastime for them. These are not games based on skill, but on imagination, and imagination is something that children will always find time for. At GamePix, we proudly feature many of the very best coloring games on the market, which have been delighting art loving players for years.

Coloring Games Here at GamePix

  • All children love dinosaurs! Coloring Dinos is the place to go for outlines of T-Rexs, stegosauruses and triceratops to color in.
  • Coloring Book is aimed at five-year-olds and is everything a young child could ever need as it offers endless hours of peaceful coloring. You might be selecting a color for a pony’s coat one minute then creating a dazzling mosaic of color for a jungle or rainforest the next.
  • Choose from sixteen truck images in Monster Truck Coloring Book! Use your imagination and creativity to make the trucks of your dreams in any color you like. If fast cars are your thing have a look at our Lamborghini Coloring pages!
  • Ninja Turtles Coloring Book is a unique opportunity to add color to your favorite Turtle Heroes and follow them on their series of adventures and make them any color you like!

Not all coloring games here at GamePix follow the familiar format we remember from the coloring books of our childhood. In Slime Color you control a badger who weaves around a trail collecting slime. Be careful your badger doesn’t fall in the water and that they collect enough multi-colored slime to paint the objects at the end of the route. If you win, coins cascade as you ready yourself for the next level, where more slime awaits!

Seasonal Coloring Games

  • Celebrate the festive season with Color With Santa! Your paintbrush has to delicately choose the right color for each detail of a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree. Save the pictures you have colored, print them out and decorate your home with them!
  • Choose from eighteen different images in Coloring Book Easter with adorable rabbits, chicks and baskets of eggs.
  • Valentine Present Coloring contains eight different images of Valentine presents that children (or adults!) can choose from. Once you have colored your roses, boxes of chocolates and love letters you can download them to keep forever or to send to the person you love most in the world!

Coloring Teaches Children Vital Skills for Life

Creativity is one of the most important things for children's development. Every opportunity young people can have to express themselves is vital. Coloring allows children to explore their creativity. They can choose colors, experiment with different combinations and allow their imaginations to take over.

Coloring is Good For Your Mental Health

People who experience anxiety respond incredibly well to coloring. It is a calming and soothing activity for both children and adults. It is one of the first skills we learn, one of the first activities we love, and being able to spend some time coloring is always going to put a smile on your face. It is much more than a fun activity though. It helps with our emotional state. The world is a chaotic, stressful and confusing place. We all need time to be able to focus on something calming and relaxing. A world that colors is a happy world!

There are YouTube channels devoted to people watching other people color. Mindfulness is an industry that shows no signs of diminishing, which is why the coloring games here at GamePix are so popular with our users and something we would urge all gamers to consider, even if they haven’t picked up a paintbrush since kindergarten!

What You Need

Our free titles can be played on any browser and any device, so, whether you’re trying to waste some time waiting for a conference call, wanting to create something to upload to social media or are at home trying to relive your childhood fascination with coloring, we’ll have you filling in the blanks (quite literally) in no time!


Do you have coloring games for adults?

We do! Hard Printable Coloring Pages for Adults has intricate patterns and a vast amount of pictures to choose from with a soundtrack designed to sooth and relax you. A game like Difficult Coloring Pages gives you the opportunity to use your brain, slow down and spend time with art and colors.

Can I share my pictures online?

You can! Most of our coloring games at GamePix allow you to save your work to share with friends, post online or keep for yourself on your hard drive or cloud. For people who love social media, coloring every day means you always have something new to upload!

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