Adventure games

The Adventure Game Genre

Adventure games allow the user to achieve a dream as old as storytelling itself: to immerse yourself in exciting quests and explore new worlds. Whether it’s solving complex puzzles, uncovering mysteries, or simply getting lost in a captivating narrative, adventure games continue to evolve and engage players across the globe. At their heart, they allow you to explore places and situations you would not normally be able to.

There are several different sub-genres of adventure games to be found in the online gaming world. Point-and-click adventures are slow-paced but highly mysterious, challenging the player’s problem-solving skills to allow them to reach their goals. Interactive fiction and visual novels are perfect for those who want to put themselves at the center of stories without having to worry about intense gameplay. Narrative adventure games may borrow elements from other genres, such as puzzle games, role-playing games, or action games, but primarily focus on unfolding an epic story. Sometimes, with notable examples like Monkey Island, adventure games can be comedic and humorous. There is something for everyone.

History of Adventure Games

The first adventure game was released in the 1970s, a text-based adventure called Colossal Cave Adventure. During this era, video games lacked graphics, relying solely on written descriptions and the users’ imagination. Decisions were made through text commands of one or two words, with movement controlled by commands such as “go north.” While simple, this new concept allowed players to dream and imagine new worlds while placing themselves at the centre, rather than being an observer like in books or novels.

The genre began to develop in the 1980s with the emergence of graphical adventure games, when new systems like Apple II had the necessary power to display the complex graphical elements. As adventure games are slower-paced than other genres and don’t rely as much on responsive interfaces and fast-paced graphics, they were a perfect match for the hardware of the day.

As technology continued to develop, the adventure game genre reached its first golden age in the 1990s. As online, visual and audio capabilities increased, the potential of the games expanded and allowed gamers to feel more immersed in their adventures. Legendary titles such as Myst, Monkey Island and Blade Runner released during this era and were among some of the best-selling computer games of the decade, with Myst holding the all-time number one spot until 2000.

Adventure Games and Their Impact on Online Games Culture

The adventure game genre has a huge legacy and impact within the culture of online gaming. These games have opened gaming up to new audiences due to their unique pace and tone, placing more of an emphasis on story and character development.

Thanks to the legacy of adventure games, the focus on narrative and character is of massive importance to the video game industry. Now, the epic stories that unfold in gaming can be compared to those found in movies and books.

The Future of Online Adventure Games

As technology continues to advance and game development tools become more accessible, the potential for adventure games is vast. As creators innovate new ways to tell stories, the different ways online adventure games can offer exciting and memorable journeys will continue to grow. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two areas where these games have become more diverse in recent years, offering a deeply immersive experience for players.

Delving into the World of Online Adventure Games

With the ever-growing selection of options, there is no shortage of content for like-minded players to explore. Online adventure games are perfect for those who enjoy discovering epic storylines and investigating uncharted secrets. So, if you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of online adventure games, now is the perfect time to dive in and discover a world of excitement and intrigue. From classic titles to modern masterpieces, the realm of adventure games offers endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Given that the genre relies less on complex graphics, some of the best games in the genre can be online. As with all of the online games here at Gamepix, they are free to play, fully updated and ready to play whenever you are.

Adventure Games at Gamepix

There are a wide variety of online adventure games to be found here on Gamepix. With lots of different styles and settings, there are many different genres and ideas to be explored. Games such as A Silly Journey incorporate a more classic adventure game style in an enchanting, fairy-tale setting. Fireboy & Watergirl challenges you to traverse puzzles on the fly in a platforming environment, while Adam & Eve allows you to use your problem-solving skills to explore an ancient world. If you want to put yourself at the centre of a compelling mystery, there are narrative games to be found such as Hidden Investigation: Who Did It? Whatever it is that you seek in online adventure games, there is something to be found for everyone.


What is an adventure game?

Games that place a focus on storytelling, uncovering mysteries or involve solving puzzles are often considered adventure games. Of course, these games always include an adventure of some kind, be it an epic quest or a more personal journey. The genre has narrative and character development at its heart.

What is the setting of adventure games?

The only limit of the setting in an adventure game is your imagination. They could be in fantasy or science fiction world, or even during historical periods. As long as they have the core central features, they can be considered a part of the genre.

What kind of puzzles are in adventure games?

Puzzles can vary drastically in online adventure games, but generally act as the main obstacles to push the plot forward. In point-and-click adventures, the puzzles can often involve using ingenuity and logic to combine items and use them in inventive ways. In side-scrolling adventures, the puzzles may involve interacting with the environment or finding secret passages. In interactive fiction, the puzzles may revolve around social interaction with characters in the game.

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