Worm games

The Slithering Begins

Welcome to the online worm games section of our site! Here at GamePix we have collected some of the most fun and addictive worm games! I bet you never knew worms could be this awesome! Once you try out our worm games you will understand how awesome they can be. Ready to slither around and have the time of your life? Then jump in and get to playing!

And guess what? You don’t have to spend a single thing to play our online worm games! They are absolutely free to play! You won’t have to install any other software or download any other plug-in. All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go! This means you can carry our amazing worm games anywhere you go! Feeling bored while waiting for a taxi? Boot up our worm games and have fun!

Wiggle Worm Wiggle

Ever since the release of Worms back in 1995 worm games have been extremely popular. There’s just something about the wriggling motion that translates so well into games. The worm’s natural ability to traverse works so well for fun, arcade-style games. Even mobile phones had worm-style games on them way back in the day. Worm games contain an immense amount of fun inside a very simplistic formula. You cannot go wrong with these games!

We just can’t get enough of guiding our long friends around a screen! Things have moved on dramatically since then and now worm games have become a mix of different genres. There are worm games akin to the Pac-Man-style objective formula. These games have a dash of peril in their design. If you catch up to your own ever-increasing tail it’s game over! Many of our worm games also use this design and they are incredibly thrilling because of it!

Worming Your Way to Fun!

Don’t get us wrong! We know how simplistic worm games sound. You just scoot around the screen for a while. You eat some food. You collect some bonuses and you start getting longer. That’s not too hard right? Well at first it is deceptively easy. But when things speed up and your worm gets larger you will struggle! You will have to navigate your worm into spots that won’t box you in and leave you with no way of escaping.

Although these games seem very basic at the beginning, they are not. Our online worm games have many layers of complexity. They require strategy and forward planning to succeed. These are essential skills when it comes to mastering worm games. You can say it's a bit like chess but with worms! There is a very present challenge when it comes to these games. But the reward that comes when succeeding is completely worth it.

The Worm War!

You can even play versions that see other people and their worms invading your game screen! This provides a lot of extra excitement! We bet you never knew that worms could fight! Well, they can most definitely fight! These online worm games are filled with high intensity action! Every single match will leave you on the edge of your seat! If you are ready to face off against your other worm compatriots then jump on in!

In these types of online worm games every single player wants to be the last one standing. Every worm is eating food and growing larger. This causes the map in which you are fighting to become very crowded. You will have to eat as much as you can and grow large yourself. Other players will try to stop you and their bodies will be obstacles in your way. Will you be crowned the worm king? Or lose the worm war forever?

Worm Games on GamePix

With such a vast and varied catalog of worm games you will be spoiled for choice! We at GamePix want to help you make a very important choice. Which worm game to play first? It is a difficult choice but one you will not be alone in making. We have devised a list of our best worm games for you to look at when making your decision.

Become your best worm self with these awesome games:

  • Gulper.io: Collect all the food that you can and grow in size! Beware! In this awesome worm game you will be facing off against other players. In Gulper.io you must be the last worm remaining. It will be a difficult task but we think you have what it takes! Gulp your way to victory!
  • Wormate.io: In this wholesome worm game you will be playing with and not against other players. Wormate.io is all about making worm friends! You will be eating together and trying to beat the game as a team. If you like more cooperative experiences then this worm game is for you!
  • Speedy Worm: This fast-paced worm game will leave you on the edge of your seat! If you thought worm games were challenging just you wait! In Speedy Worm every worm has their speed increased! This means that you will move around the map collecting and growing larger at fantastic speeds! Will you be able to keep up?

Remember that all of our online worm games are free to play! You won't have to spend anything to play them. You won’t even require any extra downloads or installations. You can get right to playing without having to worry about anything else! You can also bring all of our online worm games with you anywhere you go! You can even play them while waiting for the bus! Cool right?

If you are ready to play our worm games then hop on in and get to playing!


Are worm games difficult to play?

Worm games are easy to play but hard to master! They require a lot of focus and cunning. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed at first. It’s entirely normal! All you need to do is keep at it and you will see improvement in your skills!

Can I play worm games at home?

Yes! You can play our online worm games anywhere! All you require is a device with a web browser and you are good to go! As they are entirely free all you need to do is pick one and start playing! You can even play our worm games while you wait for the taxi! Or at the airport! The possibilities are endless!

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