Archery games

The History of Archery

From the days of Robin Hood through to The Olympics, archery has a rich and diverse history that spans thousands of years. For as long as there have been humans there have been bows and arrows, for hunting, for war and for enjoyment. The longbow emerged in Europe in the 11th century and it was the use of longbows that dominated battles and war until the invention of firearms hundreds of years later. In the 1700s archery became an enjoyable past time, shooting at targets, and despite its primitive beginnings it gained popularity with the Aristocracy. To be good at archery helped your standing in society. Archery became an Olympic sport in the 1900 Games in Paris, with Women’s Archery appearing at 1904 Olympic Games in St Louis.

People of all ages love Archery

Children love archery for the sense of adventure and thrill of hitting a target with an arrow. There is a reason the Robin Hood stories have been so popular for generations. It’s for those same reasons that archery appeals to adults as well as children - it offers a unique blend of mental focus, discipline and precision. Archery can be a meditative and calming activity, providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when hitting the target. It can be exhilarating and rewarding too. The sense of excitement and of mental discipline are key reasons to the success of our archery games here at Gamepix.

Archery Games at Gamepix

Whether you want to improve your skills by firing at targets, you want to engage in battle or want to shoot an apple off someone’s head like William Tell, Gamepix has a range of archery games for you to choose from. In Archery with Buddies you can play as the hero archer and save the world from horrible and destructive machines. As it’s a multiplayer game you can compete with players from all over the world! The split screen is shared by both players who have their own moving targets to hit. Play with strangers or play with your friends!

Archery King is a sophisticated, realistic game with beautiful scenery and stunning sound effects, so you can really hear the ping of each arrow, take your time to line your shot up and enjoy the whoosh as it leaves the bow and hits the target. There is no clock, no timer, no opponent, so take your time improving your skills to the sound of birdsong and the view of the mountains. As the levels get harder you have to take more and more outside forces come into play and just like real life it’s the direction and force of the wind that you need to take into consideration. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Add to that the deceptively simple joy of Stickman Archery and there will be a game here you will immediately fall in love with. In Archery Strike you become a crossbow archer, shooting arrows at targets to earn coins to buy new bows and arrows. The more coins you earn, the better your equipment, the better your chance of success!

Bows and Arrows versus Guns

Bows and arrows have always featured in gaming, from Tombraider to Minecraft. With stunning graphics and realistic playability, our archery games are a favorite with gamers. Our arrow games are extremely popular with gamers because they’re really fun to play and have short levels that you can move through quickly. As you progress, the levels become difficult, so they’re a real test of skill and reflexes. As arrows take time to reload (unlike guns!) you have to be careful because one mistake can be costly so make sure you carefully take aim before you fire each shot. There are no machine guns here, no sprays of bullets, no hand grenades or flamethrowers. Every arrow is precious and decisive. In China, archery was a fundamental part of military training and it is still highly regarded as a disciplined art form.

What Archery can teach you about the World

Patience is one of the most valuable and admirable character traits. Whether at work, at home or out socializing, patience is something that many of us wish we had more of. If you are someone who struggles to take things slowly, or you’ve had a stressful day, maybe these games will help you slow down, relax and take your mind off other things.

How Archery works online

On screen instructions make learning new games easy and the games are updated with new features and special twists! Our archery games here at Gamepix rely on just a few basic elements, and they can usually be picked up in minutes. Some of our archery games are multiplayer, so whether playing on your own or against someone else you know there is always going to be satisfaction on hitting the bullseye.

What You Need

Like all of the games you’ll find on the Gamepix site, these are presented in HTML5, completely free and unblocked. There is nothing to download, no paywalls and no need to get updates. All you need to do is choose the game you want to play and start having fun. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, PC, Mac or console, as long as the device has a web browser, it will be able to run any of these games straight away with no fuss.


Are Archery Games complicated?

No! In real life it can be an expensive, cumbersome and exhausting hobby, but these problems don’t exist online. Thanks to the simplicity of the gameplay here at Gamepix and the amount of fun to be had, you could find yourself playing for hours on end. The games do get more difficult as you progress through levels, but the more you play the easier these challenges are.

Is it realistic?

Yes, absolutely! Whether playing online or in person archery is all about precision. It’s all about improving skills and co-ordination and most of all the thrill of hitting the bullseye. Even if you’ve never had any interest in archery before, you’ll feel like an expert in no time. Maybe these games could even give you an appetite for the real thing!

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