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Fantastical Beasts

Do you like dragons? Do you like games? Then you’re on the right page! Dragons have been appearing in many types of games for a long time. But what is a dragon in the first place? They are mythical monsters with scales, razor-sharp teeth, and enormous wings. This is why they are so great – they're gigantic flying lizards. Oh, and did we mention that they breathe fire?! Nobody really knows where the myth of these legendary beasts first originated from, but the word first appeared as early as the 13th century! Dragons appear slightly differently in many mythological tales from all over the world, including:

  • Ancient Greek myth – in the myth of Jason, the golden fleece he seeks is hidden in a forest, guarded by a dragon, who he must slay to complete his quest.
  • Chinese mythology – the popular story of the Zuo Zhuan tells the tale of a man called Dongfu, who could understand the will of dragons. He loved them very much, and raised them himself, in service of his Emperor.
  • Japanese legends – in Japan, dragons are often depicted as water deities, appearing by rivers and other bodies of water, and are depicted differently. They have no wings and have long, snakelike bodies.
  • Norse tales – there is a dragon in Norse myth who bites at the roots of the world tree, and also a great serpent who encircles the entire mortal plane in the sea.

Widely Loved

If you ask someone what their favorite fantasy creature is, most people will probably say that dragons are at the top of their list. (Sorry, unicorns! You are very cute, but you just aren’t quite as cool!) This is why they appear so much in gaming. Playing as a dragon is very appealing for a few reasons:

  • With their scorching breath, dragons are powerful and dangerous beasts. It feels very powerful to have a built-in flamethrower in your character’s throat!
  • Who hasn’t tried to fly at some point in their lives? Flying is the ultimate fantasy, which is why dragons are fun to play as. They can swoop and soar with ease, even though they are enormous!
  • Most dragons in video-games are much larger than humans are (apart from Spyro!) so playing as a dragon feels like seeing the world as a giant or a dinosaur! Playing a dragon gives you a completely different perspective.
  • Appearance isn’t everything, but it is a good reason for why it is so much fun to play as a dragon in a game. Most of the time, they are armored with hundreds of reptilian scales, like the ones that snakes and lizards have, but much bigger. They’re also likely to have horns and reptilian eyes. They also come in all of the colors of the rainbow, like purple, red and green, and even in some colors which the rainbow doesn’t have, like gold and silver.

When you take all of this on board, who wouldn’t want to play a game as a dragon for a few hours? They’re some of the coolest characters to play!

Character Types

These mythical creatures work perfectly as video-game characters, and have been appearing in games for a long time in lots of different ways. Here are just a few of them:

  • As the main character – in games like the fun 3D platformer, Spyro the Dragon, the player controls the dragon throughout the game, and the story centers around their character. This character first appeared in 1998 on the original PlayStation.
  • The final bossdragons, with their fire-breathing and hard scales, would be very difficult to beat in a fight! That’s why they are often the final boss of a video-game, like in Minecraft, or in table-top games, like Dungeons and Dragons, which first got published all the way back in 1974!
  • Travel companion - who wouldn’t want to sit on a dragon’s back and be flown around? No more being stuck in the car at a red light! In video-games like Panzer Dragoon, your scaly beast doubles as your friend on the road, as you direct it to soar and weave as you take out opponents.
  • As a friend – dragons aren’t always center-stage in video-games, but sometimes are there to help players on their way. You can tame dragons in Skyrim to ride on, and in the Pokémon games you can capture a Charizard – a strong, dragonlike creature who is very likely to win the player battles.

As you can see, it’s not as if the great winged beasts have been underrepresented in the past. But it's only in recent years that dragons have found favor with modern gamers. This is because of the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which reached the height of its popularity and resulted in the resurgence of swords and sorcery. Fantasy is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Thanks to Game of Thrones, fantasy is cool again, and dragons are definitely the coolest part of it.

GamePix & Dragons

GamePix plays host to some of the very best games featuring these fire-breathing titans, all of which run on any web browser with a stable internet connection. They can also be played on any device using either touch controls or a mouse and keyboard. There is a wide range of dragon games to provide hours of gameplay, which focus on all of the incredible things that make the idea of being a dragon for a few hours so appealing. Some of our games task you with scorching enemies while other, more child-friendly platformers have you leaping and flying around. We even have modern takes on the classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG formula. Whether you’re more of a Spyro or a Drogon, GamePix has the dragon games that will have you soaring and scorching with glee.


Are dragon games free?

It depends on the game, but here on GamePix, dragon games are completely free! There are many different games to choose from, and they work on any device as long as it has a web browser.

How do I play dragon games online?

You can play all the best dragon games right here on GamePix! Just scroll through the category and see which you like the look of. As long as you have an electronic device and an internet connection, you can play all of your favorite dragon games here, all day long! Each game will have its own instructions for you to learn how to play. Enjoy!

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