Jojo Siwa games

You can’t understand the appeal of Jojo Siwa games unless you know a little about Jojo Siwa herself.

Jojo Siwa Arrives

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you might be forgiven for not knowing who JoJo Siwa is. The Dance Moms sensation who burst onto television screens a few years ago, she has gone on to capture the hearts and imaginations of millions of people, thanks to her sparkling personality and love for giant hair bows.

Jojo Has The Moves

Her amazing dancing ability is another reason, too. Jojo is an excellent and instinctive dancer with a winning, cartoonish style to her moves. She brings a great energy to all her performances and is highly successful but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is happy to have fun, make jokes and help her fellow dancers and performers feel at ease.

Jojo Videos

With the number of subscribers she has, you know that Jojo is doing something right in her videos! Jojo’s instructional dance videos are, of course, very popular, perhaps because she brings such a positive atmosphere to her teaching. You really get the feeling that she loves to teach people how to dance and that she is somebody you could relate to in real life.

Jojo Music

All Jojo Siwa games feature music — how could they not?! — and most of that music is Jojo’s own stuff. Jojo has been recording songs since 2015 and has had a string of big singles, including “Boomerang” and “Kid In A Candy Store”. Boomerang has been viewed almost 100 million times and carried a strong anti-online-bullying message.

Jojo Herself

The popularity of Jojo Siwa games is due in large part to the face that Jojo herself is seen as a positive and iconic role model for her outlook, beliefs and support work. Her message is one of positivity and acceptance. Her anti-bullying work in particular has won her accolades and a place in the hearts of countless parents out there.

Jojo is always telling her fans to be themselves and not to feel bad about who they are. In her personal life she has been honest about her changing identity and her fluid relationships. She has appeared as the first same-sex dancing partnership on the TV show Dancing with the Stars where she and her partner ultimately placed second.

Jojo is one of those people you just can’t help but liking. She is honest, funny, hard-working, kind and talented. It’s no wonder that Jojo Siwa games are so popular around the world.

Jojo Siwa Games

You can now tap into the glitzy world of JoJo through a selection of games that let you dance, dress and experience the world the way she does.

Jojo appears as a player character in the games Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix and Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Slime Speedway, released in 2020 and 2022 respectively but neither of those is really a Jojo Siwa game any more than having John McClane as a Call of Duty skin makes those games into Die Hard. Jojo may be in them, bringing her irrepressible vibe, but they’re not games about her.

There are a few true Jojo Siwa games out there though. These are games that explore Jojo’s world, and are soundtracked by her music.

Other games might feature Jojo as a character, with her distinctive high-top trainers, large head bow and glitzy style, but they don’t tell you anything about her. They don’t let you step into her world and play through it in a way she’d love. A true Jojo Siwa game lets you dive into the rainbow-colored world of JoJo for a fun and uncomplicated gaming experience that will leave you feeling super happy.

Another type of true Jojo Siwa game out there focusses on her legendary dancing skills. All those killer moves that Jojo make look so effortless are included in the action, as you pop on your comfiest trainers, tie that hair up in a high ponytail and get ready to dance!

Haters beware, as JoJo Siwa games make it clear that negativity needs to be left at the door. Crazy dancing, good friends and happy vibes are all that count, apart from oversized hair bows of course, which are a symbol of your power and strength!

Jojo Siwa Games On GamePix

Here at Gamepix we have brought together a fantastic selection of free-to-play and unblocked games that are sure to please all fans of Jojo Siwa games. Whatever you want to play, we have something here for you. Like all of our games, they work on any device and straight from your browser. You won’t need to download any new software or install anything to play. All you need is a browser, a connection and a little time.

Just don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to play one game and walk away, as they are so addictive that you’ll keep coming back…like a boomerang. Get it?


What is a Jojo Siwa Game?

A Jojo Siwa game is any game that features Jojo Siwa, the young dance sensation from the TV show Dance Moms, who has gone on to become one of the world’s most significant influencers. Jojo’s distinctive style and unabashed individuality have won her legions of fans, as well as 12.2 million subscribers to her channels.

Are Jojo Siwa games free?

All of our Jojo Siwa browser games here on GamePix are absolutely free. Like all of our free browser games, they are free-to-play and work directly from your web browser on any device, without any need to download or install anything, ever.

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