War games

If you love war games then you are in great company — We all do! War games are a massive part of gaming. In fact, you could say that war and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s the faux-realistic combat of the latest big-budget first person shooter, historical warfare set at some real or reimagined point in our past, or a conflict out in space as part of our possible future, war games are a bigger part of games than war movies are a part of movies. They are huge.

War Is Everywhere

It’s been a long time since it was possible to count all the war video games out there. With so many different games being released each year and such a high percentage of them being war games, the number in existence at this point really is staggering.

War games are also a really broad category! The category includes your military shooters, of course, but it also includes fantasy games where the war is between imaginary factions on worlds that are not our own.

Then there are all the different types of game that fall under the war game umbrella. There are the FPS games, the real-time strategy games, the turn-based shooters, the simulation games, the flying games… the list is long and includes most types of game. What can we say? It’s an extremely common setting for these wonderful entertainments that we call video games.

War Has Always Been

War games go back further than video games. Way before even the mainframe games of the seventies, people played tabletop war games. Using model soldiers to reenact the famous battles of history or just making up your own has been a kids’ pastime for hundreds of years.

you want to play a game against somebody — when you want a challenge — more often than not you’ll turn to a war game.

There’s also just something about the shape of war that has a story built into it. When we want to tell grand stories to each other, often we will base them in war. As ugly as it is, war is a time of ultimate stakes, an unending, life-or-death struggle that you can’t help but be enthralled by. It’s a natural fit for the drama of video games.

Early War Games

The earliest games to involve war came about in the late 1970s. To begin with, these games were often direct adaptations of the turn-based tabletop war games already available. As was common in video games of the time, graphics were basic if they existed at all and much of the story — even the gameplay — was left up to your imagination.

As computing power increased, so did the complexity of the available war games. Computers could soon handle multiple characters on screen and that allowed for far more deep and immersive war games.

The rapid improvement in the graphical power of computers and games consoles meant that war games could have ever-more detailed settings, which allowed developers to be more imaginative in the types of war they portrayed. From high fantasy to techno-dystopias, war games took on a million new forms that had you fighting sandworms one moment and aliens the next. The explosion of the genre has been as remarkable as its enduring appeal.

Nowadays, the war game genre is incredibly varied. There are astonishingly accurate simulations, fast-paced click-em-ups, refined puzzle games that’ll test your decision-making, and competitive tank shooters that rely on your ability to hide behind cover and shoot when the opportunity arises. They all bring something a little different to the genre, but they’re still all united by the overarching theme of warfare.

War games remain a source of gaming excitement that you know you can rely on. They satisfy your thirst for action and drama but still feel familiar. Ultimately, war games are probably evergreen. It’s great to dream of a future where humans wouldn’t fight each other but we don’t show any signs of arriving at it yet, so war is still relevant. And war games, for better or worse, are a whole lot of fun!

War Games Here on GamePix

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Are there any good war games?

What kind of question is that, soldier? Of course there are good war games! You better believe there are. There are more war games out there than you can possibly imagine and it’s just basic common sense that a whole bunch of them are good. Heck, a whole bunch of them are great! If you want to play great war games and not pay a dime for the privilege of doing so then you’ve come to the right place. This section of the GamePix website is all war, all the time and we have a high-ranking selection of excellent war games here for you to choose from, all completely free-to-play and all easy to use no matter what device or browser you’re on. They just work, so you can get back to war.

Are there any free war games?

All the war games right here in the war games section of the GamePix website are completely free. Like all of our online browser games here on the site, they are free-to-play and work without you needing to download, install or update anything ever. War may be a famously expensive business but playing war games online quite literally couldn’t be cheaper.

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