Gun games

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Gun games are a staple of video game lineups. Over the years, there have been thousands of games featuring guns of some sort. If drama is conflict, video games like that drama expressed through firearms!

Guns… Lots of Guns

Whether it’s a side-scrolling blaster like Contra, or something three-dimensional like Unreal Tournament, gun games have been a major component in the total games sold each year, every year.

Old Guns And New Guns

We’ve been putting guns in games since long before the first digital microprocessors were invented. As far back as the thirties, there were arcade — in the original, pre-video game arcade sense of the word — games that had light guns and electronic sensors to allow for virtual shooting.

Among the most influential NES games of the eighties was Duck Hunt. Released in 1984, it was a concept devised in the seventies, refined to take advantage of an iconic Nintendo peripheral — the NES Zapper. With one of those and a CRT (cathode-ray tube) TV — the old, big-and-boxy ones that are now obsolete — you could shoot ducks in the comfort of your home!

As 3D graphics improved, so did the opponents that light-gun-equipped gamers were faced with. In video game arcades of the era zombies lurched toward you in House of the Dead; terrorists shot you from behind cover in Time Crisis and killer robots chased you in Terminator 2.

The End of The Age of The Light gun

Nowadays, few of us use light guns at home. The technology lost favor as control pads improved dramatically and became better able to handle a wide range of games. If you grew up playing Goldeneye on the N64 controller, then you know that’s true!

The age of the gun peripheral isn’t over though. Recent years have seen developers getting really creative with motion-control peripherals, like the Wii Remote and Playstation’s Move controllers.

Guns Never Really Change

Through the rising and falling of all these technologies, the public’s appetite for gun games hasn’t changed. Gun games haven’t really changed either. They still boil down to who has the quickest aim, the sharpest reflexes, the best instincts.

That’s not to say gun games are all the same as each other. Far from it! Some gun games are set in a science-fiction universe, others in a wacky fantasy one. Some gun games are effectively rhythm action puzzlers, where the player must fire the weapon at the right time in order to succeed. In most cases it still mostly boils down to “shoot them before they shoot you”!

Enough Guns To Necessitate The Owning of a Gun Rack

While all gun games involve at least one firearm, most offer an entire arsenal. You might pick them up as random drops or might need to save up points to unlock yourself a new shooter. However you do it, there’s likely to be options to customize your favorite gun. Sometimes you can even tune your own attachments for near-infinite combinations.

To succeed in a gun game you need to be able to shoot straight, but you also have to really know all the weapons at your disposal. You have to be able to know when to stick and when to switch it up. Knowing your enemy and the situation and choosing the perfect gun for it is always half of the fight.

GamePix’s Collection of Gun Games

This part of the site is home to our selection of high-quality gun games. They all work in-browser, so there’s no need to download or install anything. Just select the gun game you’d like to play and get shooting!

  • Shell Shockers is a team-based first-person shooter in the vein of Team Fortress. Players take the role of giant eggs for some zany gun-fun.
  • The same goes for Krunker, which takes the same format but applies a fun, Minecraft-style feel.
  • Good Guys is another similar game, except this time we’re limited to just three weapons, and it’s non-stop deathmatch conditions!
  • Another popular take on the formula is Combat, which offers the same classic gameplay mechanics but in a more realistic setting.
  • In Prop Hunt, the formula changes slightly, with the action unfolding in an office space and one team having to pretend to be items and hide from the other.
  • Alpha Guns is a different take on the gun game, drawing inspiration from classic side-scrollers like Contra and packing in a raft of upgradeable weapons and unlockable characters.
  • Build Royale incorporates elements from the io formula. Rather than tracking down rival players and blowing them away, you’ll have to collect resources and build things that give you the advantage. As in every classic battle-royale game, the playable zone will shrink as time goes on, forcing everyone closer and closer to each other until there’s just one left standing.
  • The same goes for Pixel Gun Apocalypse 2 , which is a low-poly survival shooter where victory depends on quick reactions and the right equipment.
  • Zombie Mission is a fantastic example of a great twist on the gun-game formula: the pixel-art 2D action platformer— the whole thing captured in the cutest, “moe” animation style.
  • Of course, not all games that involve guns are there to make the player feel powerful – also included are horror titles like the terrifying Slendrina Must Die series, which combine simple gunplay with a spooky, murky environment.
  • Maybe you want to hunt animals instead of people, enjoying the peace and the thrill of hunting game. If so, Animal Hunters could be for you. It combines crisp, clean shooting action with awe-inspiring wild terrain to make for a truly unforgettable shooting experience.

The great thing about each of these games is that they employ the same controls as the classic FPS games we’re all used to, so they’re easy to dive into. Nothing fancy here, just immediate, straightforward fun!

With the phenomenal range of titles we have here on offer, there’s plenty of variety for anybody looking for gun-based gameplay. Whatever your preferred style of shooter, there’s something here that’ll please. They’re all totally free. They all work on any device. They’re all a lot of fun. Come on. Lock and load. Let’s do this.


What games have guns in them?

Are you kidding us? What games don’t have guns in them? Of course games with no guns do exist, but they are heavily outnumbered by the gun games, any way you look at it. Whole genres of games are defined not by whether they have guns or not but by how they show the guns that they all do have! If you want to start playing gun games then a first person shooter (FPS) game is a good place to start. They are a very pure type of gunplay and are highly competitive.

Are gun games free?

A lot of them are and a lot of them aren’t. “Gun games” is a huge category and contains every kind of game you can imagine, and then a lot more! We can tell you that all of our gun games are free, just like all the other games here on the GamePix website.

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