Monster games

The History of Monster Games

From the iconic King Kong to the terrifying Godzilla, many of the iconic lead characters we see in online monster games are some of the most unforgettable pop culture figures in the world. The type of games inspired by these memorable creatures continue to provide us with incredibly thrilling adventures. In these adventures, we encounter a variety of monsters—some larger than life, some misunderstood and some utterly terrifying. Only the bravest players need to apply to these challenges!

Take a Deep Breath…

Monster games are designed to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. This happens because when we are scared our bodies release adrenaline, which stimulates small muscles that pull on the roots of our hairs, and make them stand straight up from our skin. This process also distorts the skin, which in turn causes goosebumps! Whether it is through the grotesque splicers from the timeless and consistently popular Bioshock franchise, or the menacing Pyramid Head from the classic Silent Hill 2, monster games will find a way to get your heart pumping.

Many people would consider the original Resident Evil game, released in 1996, to be the benchmark of the monster game genre. It put players in survival mode as they battled to save their friends and coworkers, trapping them in mansions, police stations and even entire cities infested with zombies and other mutated monsters.

Monster Thrills

Over the years, other hugely popular titles such as Dead Space, The Thing and The Suffering all entered the market to offer players plenty of choice and hundreds of terrifying levels full of endlessly creative monsters to enjoy—and be terrified by! After its release in 2018, Monster Hunter: World became one of the most popular games on the planet thanks to its outstanding story, stunning visuals and thrilling gameplay. More than anything, though, its appeal came in the form of hideous monsters, and lots of them.

Some Kind of Monster

Some monster games may allow you to take control of the monster itself, building it up and making it stronger by progressing through the game. Other games may pit you against the monster as a plucky survivor or a battle-hardened soldier trying to stay alive. Whatever the case, whether you want to feel like predator or prey, there is a monster game out there for you. These games are so much fun because they take you out of your everyday reality and transport you to another world full of vivid, horrifying environments and intriguing creatures.

Freak Out for Free

Here on Gamepix, all of our monster games are completely free of charge, and you can play them on any device with a compatible web browser. With a number of all-time classics in addition to the latest releases, you’re sure to have endless hours of fun. It’s impossible to know what weird and wonderful creatures you’ll create, encounter and battle along the way, but you can rest assured that you’ll never have to pay a cent for the experience here on GamePix.

Online Monster Games on Gamepix

With so many bone-chilling experiences on offer, how will you decide where to start? Well fear not, because we have put together a short list of some of the very best—and most horrifying—monster games available on GamePix:

  • Take control of a giant sand worm in the heart of the desert in Terror of Deep Sand. Gather gold by fighting off attackers and live out your supersize monster fantasy by seeing how much terror you can unleash!
  • is an online multiplayer game where you take control of a monster and battle against other players for supremacy. See if you can rule the day with your combat skills—and terrify as many bewildered city dwellers as you can in the process!
  • Some online games on GamePix allow you to bond with your own monsters. Collect powerful and cute monsters with fire, water and earth powers in the addictive Dynamons World. Use your Dynamons to battle many foes, weighing up the strength of each of their moves—and choosing accordingly—based on elemental effectiveness.
  • If you are looking for a more lighthearted take on the monster genre, Canjump offers several different game modes to enjoy. Take control of a strange little creature and traverse a number of charmingly-rendered platform challenges, accumulating points—and having fun—as you do so.
  • Face off against a variety of familiar enemies in Mine Shooter, equipping a plethora of guns and using them to face off against zombies, skeletons and golems. Progress through the levels and rack up the points!


Are monster games okay for kids?

While a number of monster games are tailored more towards adults, parents will be relieved to hear that there are also tons of fantastic titles for kids to enjoy! Monsters aren’t all scary, as anyone who has seen the classic Pixar animation “Monsters, Inc.” will testify! Browse our huge selection of online monster games here on GamePix and you’ll soon see that there are plenty of options for players of all ages to enjoy!

Are monster games free to play?

Here on GamePix they are! We promise that you’ll never have to pay to play any of our games—all you need is a device with a compatible web browser, so you don’t even have to splash out on an expensive dedicated video games console. Just get comfortable, log on and enjoy our carefully curated selection of fantastic online monster games.

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