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When You Know What You Like

There are hundreds of games like Fortnite out there, which is good for you if you love Fortnite but want more of that experience than Fortnite alone can offer. Perhaps you want to play something similar to your favorite game so that you can easily compare them. Maybe you want to hone your skills on something in the same style but which presents different challenges. Maybe you’re just sick of Fortnite but don’t want to play any other type of game!

The Game, The Legend

Very, very few games need an introduction less than Fortnite does. You would need to have been living under a rock for the past few years not to have heard plenty about it. Since its release in 2017, the gaming phenomenon has swept across the world. In just a handful of years, it has become one of the biggest games on the planet, with a player base at 350 million people and with a cultural saturation that few products can even dream of. It’s obsessed streamers, it’s captivated players and it’s infuriated parents across the world.

The Appeal of Games Like Fortnite

Fortnite became popular because it combined elements of survival games and battle royale games, something that hadn’t been done before then. One look at the international success of Fortnite and you know it was an idea whose time had come! In fact, the Fortnite developers later found out that a number of other game makers had considered blending these two elements at around the same time. Ironically, none of them had felt confident that the idea would be well-received. You could almost say there was something in the air that year. You could certainly say those other developers should have believed in themselves a little more!

That blend of two broad and popular types of game has been a “special sauce” for Fortnite, elevating it to the level of a cultural icon. It’s a game — a society really — that has captured the imaginations of millions of people. If you’re reading this then you’re probably one of them.

More Fortnite Than Fortnite

But why stop at just Fortnite? Why tie yourself down to just one game when you can play other versions and reimaginations of it that can all offer you something unique and fun?

The video games industry is always changing. It has so much to offer to modern players from everywhere in the world. As incredible as the Fortnite community is, it’s just one of thousands like it across the world, so it’s always worth trying other battle royale or construction games to see who’s out there.

Games Like Fortnite on GamePix

We have collected a range of amazing battle royale, survival and building games for you to try, all of which will unleash your creativity in building — as well as your killer instinct at shooting! We even have games for those of you who didn’t like shooting or building in Fortnite and were just there for the zombies!

The range of games like Fortnite that we have here on GamePix is huge. You can switch between a whole range of vivid game worlds, whether you want to chase after the undead, defend your perfect universe or go against a host of other players in a last-one-standing shoot-‘em-up. What’s more, you can create plenty of different characters, rather than having to stick with just one. A new skin only goes so far, after all!

Whether you like the 3D realism of Fortnite or the cartoon-style graphics of other games, we have a massive collection of games like Fortnite that will satisfy every fighter, open-world fanatic and battle royale expert;

  • Classic battle royale gameplay like Fortnite with titles like Voxiom Battle Royale, which brings you the familiarity of battle royale shooting action in the blocky art-style of Minecraft or Battlebit.
  • Shooters like Fortnite that are stripped-back FPS titles emphasizing the most heart-thumping aspect of Fortnite — the combat! These are shooters like 1v1.LOL that play in the style of Fortnite but focus on a particular set up. It could be 1v1 gunfighting or big team battles. They’re the sort of game that’s perfect for training your twitch reflexes.
  • Some games focus in even more tightly, as is the case with Sniper Clash 3D, which is all about the sniper rifle — the deathmatch weapon everybody loves… or hates!
  • Building games are the other half of the practice equation, of course. Fortnite would be nothing without the building element, after all! We have games to help you practice your Fort Building as well as other in-game construction. You’ll soon be stacking blocks to the sky with the very best of them!

All of our games are free to play and you won’t need to worry about downloading any software to play them. Any device with a web browser will run all of these games perfectly, offering seamless gameplay. You can play any of them wherever you like, whenever you like, for free. The only question really is: How many games like Fortnite would you like?


What is free-to-play like Fortnite?

That’s an easy one for us here at GamePix — all of our games are totally free-to-play just like Fortnite is! Better yet, any game here in the “Games Like Fortnite” section of our site is not only free to play but is also similar to Fortnite. Some of the games here are in the famous “battle royale” style that Fortnite helped to popularize. Other games feature similar building mechanics, or even just nod to the game in their design. However they play with the Fortnite formula, all of these games are ready to play straight from your browser, with nothing to download or install, ever.

What games are similar to Fortnite?

Fortnite is an outstanding game — truly a phenomenon — but you find its elements in a lot of other games. You might be surprised at how many games you’ll enjoy in exactly the same way as you enjoy Fortnite. Any battle royale game mode will have a similar pace to Fortnite, of course, and there are plenty of games with Fortnite-like building elements.

What are the most popular games like fortnite?