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The History of Basketball: From Court to Screen

Basketball is one of the most widely followed sports in the world, attracting a global viewership and providing the inspiration for some of the most popular online sports games. As with just about every other popular sport, basketball has given rise to a continuous stream of popular video games that strive to replicate the on-court action, providing an immersive experience whether in an arcade or on home consoles.

The game as we know it today has a rich history, being developed over a century ago in Massachusetts. Basketball was initially designed to be a safer alternative to football, but gradually grew to be popular in its own right. The sport first earned a competitive status in colleges, before later becoming a professional industry. To begin with, basketball used peach baskets and soccer balls. However, players grew tired of having to retrieve the ball after every basket, leading to the adoption of metal hoops with nets and backboards.

One of the main appeals of Basketball stemmed from its suitability for small spaces, unlike sports such as football and soccer that require large pitches. Due to the minimal space requirements, it spread across the world during World War I when the US Army played the game during their spare time. The sport has grown a lot since its early days, with the NBA (National Basketball Association) now being one of the most profitable sport leagues in the world.

With basketball being such a popular sport, it is no wonder that it found widespread popularity in the gaming world. There are a wide variety of games inspired by the sport, ranging from simple, elegant puzzlers to more involve arcade-style action. Gamepix offers an extensive collection of online basketball games, fully unlocked for you on mobile devices or desktop computers. Simply select your preferred game and get on the court!

Features Found in Basketball Games

Basketball games require a combination of fluid movement around the court and skilful accuracy when shooting into the basket. Each game emphasizes the different elements of basketball in its own way, and some even take the sport into an entirely new direction, incorporating elements that stray from traditional sports. When playing online basketball games, you’ll mostly be using either the mouse or keyboard, or a combination of both. In games where precision shooting is called for, it’s generally the mouse or touchscreen you’ll be using to control the angle of the shot. Keyboard controls are optimal in back-and-forth action, making ball aiming automatic, just like it is in major sports titles on home consoles.

Certain basketball games offer a 3D court to navigate, allowing players to manoeuvre around opponents rather than simply shooting over them. In contrast, others focus on a more two-dimensional plane, heightening the significance of blocking the shots of opponents. While they’re all based on the real sport, each of these games offers something a little bit different, both in terms of the actual gameplay and the graphical packaging it comes in. There are different styles and specifications to cater to all different kinds of basketball fans, or even gamers with minimal knowledge of the sport who want to step into the world of basketball.

Online Basketball Games on Gamepix

Gamepix has a plethora of beloved online basketball games. One of the most popular options is Basketball Stars, a game in which big-headed versions of the most popular players in the sport face off against one another in a 1-v-1 setting. In a similar vein, but embracing a more vibrant and colorful style, is Basket Champs, a game where miniature basketball stars take turns in a penalty shootout. This game utilizes mouse controls to select the shot angle, with a green line indicating the upward motion and a blue line depicting the ball’s descent. By aiming true and practicing patiently, you’ll attract massive crowds and eventually win the international tournament. If you manage to tie the game, sudden death mode will activate, and a single slip-up will see you eliminated – that’s some added pressure right there!

In Bouncy Dunk, the gameplay becomes simpler and faster paced. Rather than competing to score points on a traditional basketball court, you’re playing with the fundamental elements of the sport in an arcade-style setting. You’ll have a limited time to tap the ball into the net before it changes position. The more baskets you can string together, the longer the play will go on for. Try and set a high score! Tap-Tap follows similar rules but has an added intensity due to a significantly reduced time limit, further ramping up the difficulty. Drop Dunks is another basketball-inspired arcade game, but takes the concept to a wackier level, firing balls from cannons at the top of the screen. To score points, you must move the paddle along the bottom of the screen to redirect the balls into the baskets at either side. Further streamlining the gameplay, Dunk Up Basketball is a fast-paced action-puzzler where you must aim the ball through a series of springy hoops. Just one slip-up and the ball will drop from the bottom of the screen, ending your run, so there’s extra pressure to keep up the standard.

If you are looking for more realism, Street Ball Jam takes a more grounded approach, with the action taking place on a roadside basketball court where your character is practicing and honing their skills. Lastly, let’s mention Basketball Master and its sequel, Basketball Master 2. In these games, you use the mouse or touchscreen to drag away from the ball, generating power for a shot. Along the path to the basket, suspended stars must be collected while avoiding hazards such as other players and giant wooden planks. There are loads of levels to get through, making this a great way to kill a few minutes with some basketball-based action – or to settle in for a little bit longer!


What different kind of basketball games are there?

Basketball video games have ranged from the realistic, such as the popular NBA2K series, to the arcade-style, cartoon-like NBA Jam. Whether you want a more life-like simulation, or a more surreal experience, there is likely a basketball game that will fit your specifications on Gamepix.

Do I need to understand the rules of basketball to enjoy basketball games?

There are simple and intuitive basketball games that cater to newcomers, as well as more advanced and realistic games that cater to die-hard fans. Whether you are new to the world of basketball or a seasoned pro, you will be able to find something on your level on Gamepix.

What are the most popular basketball?

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