Block games

The Aim of Block Games

The aim of all block games is simple. Blocks of different shapes and sizes fall from the top of the screen. The aim for the player is to drop the pieces at precisely the right moment so they all fit neatly together. Once a full line is formed it vanishes completely and the blocks above fall down a level. Your screen should be as free of blocks as possible. Once all the blocks have fallen, the level is completed. If your blocks reach the top of the screen because they didn’t fit together in a compact way, you fail the level and have to start again. As you progress through the levels, more block variations appear and fall more quickly. Like all good games it gets trickier as you progress through the levels and your reactions have to be fast!

Tetris was the world’s first block game when it was released in 1984. To this day it is one of the most popular games ever created and has sold almost 200 million copies worldwide. Despite its popularity, the creator did not receive any royalties from it for years. Tetris has now been released on over fifty different platforms and is one of the all-time most popular games in the history of gaming.

Block games here at GamePix

Block Champ has the same fast-paced appeal as Tetris, with equally enticing music that punctuates the zapping of each full line. It also has the added bonus that, unlike Tetris, there are bonus lightning blocks that give you extra points and bonus rewards, twists and challenges.

  • Blockzzle offers the complex challenges of a Rubix Cube, combined with the familiar patterns of block games. Each level is slightly tricker than the last, activating different parts of your brain, and the constant rewards of solving different problems leave you finding yourself reluctant to stop playing.
  • Blocky Kick is for soccer fans. You have to take free kicks and hit different targets, avoiding the people who are trying to block your shots. A fun and light-hearted sports game.

Children love Block Games

Playing block games is a calming and satisfying way of spending some free time and a way for children to learn about gaming without being overexposed to guns, violence or other grown-up themes. Games like Block Champ are also a perfect way to play fun games for free without the expense of consoles.

Children have always played with bricks. Hundreds of years ago, simple blocks would keep children entertained for hours and the success of our block games here at GamePix shows that in many ways, despite all the changes in technology across the world, our brains function in exactly the same way as they have done for thousands of years.Even as far back as Ancient Egypt, people played with bricks. These house bricks were used for building, but children would use them to create worlds of their own. Throughout the twentieth century children have played with toy bricks designed specifically for play. With these bricks children would build houses, forts and bridges. Most famously of all Lego has given people of all ages the chance to play with bricks to create spaceships, robots, fire trucks and anything your imagination will allow you to create. Playing block games is based on exactly the same principle as playing with Lego or with toy bricks. The satisfaction of slotting pieces into the right places, making shapes and completing rows of blocks is something that will survive for as long as humans are on the Earth.

Block Games Are Not Just for Kids

Block games can be enjoyed by anyone who likes playing games. Older people are equally in need of escapism, and the feeling of satisfaction you get from playing block games is something you can enjoy no matter your age. For some people there may be a nostalgia about block games, as they are often our first memories of computer games, whether on GameBoys, Amstrads, PCs or Amigas.

Long-Term Benefits of Block Games

Keeping your brain occupied is vital, no matter your age. Research has shown that people who engage in short, regular activities are more likely to maintain healthy cognitive function well into their older years. Playing block games online teaches and maintains patience, number skills and perseverance. The mental stimulation provided by playing games online can help with problem solving throughout your day and relieves those moments of boredom. Each time you play one of the GamePix block games you are remembering rules, patterns and tactics, and using parts of your brain you might not otherwise have been activating. Tetris has been studied by researchers to explore its effects on the brain, with some suggesting that playing the game can improve cognitive skills and enhance spatial reasoning abilities.

What You Need

At GamePix, our block games are free, so you can play on any device. There’s no need to download anything and you don’t need to install Flash to play. Instead of complex storylines and complicated instructions, all you need to do is pick your game of choice from our exciting and varied collection and start working your way through the levels. No matter your gaming ability there is something here for everyone.


Are Block Games old-fashioned?

The timeless design of block games means that even in a hundred years, no matter how much gaming progresses and how many technological revolutions there are, block games will still be played, enjoyed and shared. The fact that they are readily available on so many platforms today shows their appeal to people of all ages. It also shows that they’ve been popular since the first block game was ever invented. When you factor in the special features of the block games here at GamePix, you get hundreds of ways to enjoy these games as much now as we did in the past.

Are Block Games too Easy?

Like most things in life, Block Games are not quite as easy as they seem! They are full of contradictions: simple yet challenging, fast paced yet thoughtful. If they were too easy they would not have enjoyed the success that they have over the last sixty years!

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