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Click, Click, Click! With our amazing free online idle games, you better get ready for all the free, exciting and instant fun you will have as you click your way to victory! If you like to have the most fun while putting in the least amount of effort possible then our vast range of idle games are the perfect choice for you!

Here at GamePix we know that sometimes you just want to lay back and have fun without having to worry about anything other than having a good time! Our idle games, also known as “incremental games”, require the player to perform very simple and repetitive tasks, such as continual clicking to level up. It has never been so easy to have lots of fun! You can start playing all of our free online idle games right now! Just click, click and click your way to endless fun!

To Click or Not to Click

It is mainly because of the constant need for clicking that some people call idle games “clickers”. Although many of our idle games even negate the need to click, which is why they’ve become known as idle varieties or as they are most commonly known “idle games”.

What makes idle games so popular, especially our idle games at GamePix, is the fact that they allow for online web browser device sessions which are also free and instantly accessible!. All from the comfort of your screen and without the need for any more equipment or going out! They are undemanding, they appeal to a wide variety of players and guarantee lots of fun progress! It doesn’t matter whether you’re clicking to plant crops, bake cookies or collect coins, as long as you’re leveling up and making incremental gains within idle games, you are always doing well and having fun!

The really fun part is that our idle games tend to be endless in terms of levels, meaning that you can get to a point where everything is self-sustaining and continually growing, regardless of your input or clicking! So you can even have fun without doing anything. This is particularly pleasing in terms of our idle games about farming. Where you can start with a barren piece of land and watch your crops grow and turn into a whole ecosystem without the need for clicking! If that sounds like a dream come true then our range of free online idle games are perfect for you!

Let’s have a quick recap and breakdown some of the characteristics that make idle games so much fun and why you should definitely play them;

  • A simple click: All that is required for you to progress and experience unlimited fun with our idle games is a simple click! Sometimes you have to click more than once and that can also be super entertaining! But that is truly it! There are no annoying barriers to you having fun and getting playing!
  • Idle fun: Sometimes you can even have all of the fun without any of the work that clicking might involve! The games run in the background giving you levels and progressing without any of the input! That means you get to have fun by just laying back and watching the game do all the work for you!
  • The fun never ends: All of our idle games are endless. There are an unlimited amount of levels which means an unlimited amount of fun! You can keep playing them and enjoying all of the amazing content these idle games have to offer because they will never run out of fun content for you!
  • Online, free and instant: All of our idle games are online and free right there for you to enjoy without any hassle or need for pesky installations. If you want to start playing without having to worry about anything other than the fun in front of you then give our idle games a chance!

If you like idle games, GamePix is the place to be. We’ve sourced a large number of clickers for you to enjoy, and thanks to being so easily accessible on our site, you don’t need to worry about any browser or device incompatibilities. Instead you can just sit back and click to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you’re playing free, super fun games that don't demand too much of you.

Idle Games on GamePix

With so many amazing idle games to choose from on our site, it can be quite overwhelming to pick just one to start with. We at GamePix thought we would help you out with that problem and give you a brief list of some of the fantastic games our site has to offer so that you can get to playing as soon as possible!

If you are ready and looking forward to clicking your way to fun then here are some of the best idle games on GamePix;

  • Idle Mining Empire: If you have ever wanted all of the rewards that come from a mine without having to do any of the hard work then Idle Mining Empire is for you! In this idle game you will get to simply click and mine all of the rewards to build your very own mining empire!
  • Idle Lumberjack 3D: In this fun idle game a simple click can chop down a tree! Gone are days where hours of hard work and sweat were needed to chop down a single tree. In Idle Lumberjack 3D you can chop as many trees as you want with a simple click. The trees are even in 3D!
  • Idle Craft 3D: If you love crafting all kinds of fantastic things then Idle Craft 3D is the perfect idle game for you! A click is all you need to craft anything! If that sounds too easy it's because it is!
  • Idle Farm: Watch your farm grow and become the best farm around in Idle Farm! Whether you want to click to farm or just let the game do that for you this idle game will provide you with endless hours of fun! Farming has never been this easy or fun!


How much do I have to click in idle games?

It varies from game to game! Our catalog is so vast that you will find plenty of idle games that either require a lot of clicking or no clicking at all! Try for yourself and find out!

Do I need other people to play idle games?

Not at all! All you need is yourself and an online web browser device to start playing our range of idle games. Play anywhere you want and anytime you want!

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