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Big Tank, Little Tank

Tank games. You know them, you love them. Of course you do — how could you not? We all do! Tank games are some of the best games in existence, simply because they feature tanks. Tanks! Those squat, formidable machines that have become a symbol of hardiness and fighting spirit.

You don’t need to be a god of war to want to jump in a tank and enjoy some adrenaline-fueled action, but once you’ve played a few of our tank games, it’s all you’ll think about! Maybe you want to be the leader of your own platoon, directing your team’s tanks onto target as your own roars over rugged terrain with ease. Perhaps you want to focus on your own war machine, taking charge of the moment-to-moment decisions and out-maneuvering your adversaries. Whatever aspect of tank games you like, you’re going to have a lethal amount of fun playing them. There are no boring games when tanks are involved!

The Tank Is Born

Tanks have been featured in games almost since the beginning but the history of tanks goes back much further. It was during World War I that tanks were invented by the British army as a way to break though the entrenched defensive positions of the German army. The idea of a motorized war vehicle that was heavily armored enough to shrug off bullets hadn’t been tried in modern warfare until then, and the British knew that they were on to something. To keep the element of surprise, the British only ever referred to their new invention by a codeword. The codeword they chose was “tank”, probably as a reaction to the appearance of those early tanks, which were large and square and looked like water tanks!

The Tanks in Games

When you think of tanks in games, what comes to mind? It almost certainly has caterpillar tracks instead of wheels. It’s probably pretty wide and flat in shape, much bigger than a car and heavily armored, of course. It also needs to have a gun! A tank with no gun isn’t a tank at all, but probably some sort of armored personnel carrier instead.

Even if it has a gun, it could be a self-propelling artillery piece or howitzer. These can look like tanks — they’re covered in armor, have tracks and have a large gun. The difference is that the guns of self-propelling guns are much bigger and are designed for being fired great distances, not at targets within visual range and especially not against tanks! Their armor is usually good enough against small arms fire and perhaps even artillery shells but would be easily defeated by an anti-tank round or missile. In reality, any self-propelling gun facing a tank would be in serious trouble and extremely unlikely to survive.

Despite these differences, many tank games include self-propelling guns in the tank category for the purpose of having some unusual options for player builds. In reality, such vehicles are definitely not tanks but for us, today, they’re welcome in tank games! If it drives and goes boom, we are all for it!

Even if you keep the choice restricted to true tanks — “main battle tanks”, as they’re known — the range is huge. In the real world, tanks come in hundreds of hull configurations with very different crews and a dizzying array of offensive and defensive systems on-board.

There’s More to Tank Games Than Just Tanks

All tank games may be about tanks in some way — how else could you define them? — but it’s not right to think that tank games are all the same, or that they are even especially similar to one another. There is a huge amount of variety in the gameplay, graphics, tone and story of the various tank games that are out there for you to enjoy.

If the idea of realistic tank games doesn’t totally appeal to you, have no fear as there are many alternatives to choose from. Some are cartoonish or just plain silly, others take imaginative leaps to bring you tank action in various strange and fantastic settings.

3D graphics aren’t the only option either, as arcade-style pixel games are also on offer. Ever since Tank Girl, artists have loved to play with the design of fictional tanks, always to exciting effect. There is something really satisfying about taking the ultra-utilitarian design of tanks and making it a little bit weird or wacky.

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t even really need to like tanks at all to enjoy this page! Strange, we know, but true! In fact, most of our tank games give you the option to drive tanks, pilot helicopters, control troops and master the art of maneuvering other military vehicles. Tanks are creatures of warfare after all, and combat is the world they move in.

Tank Games Here on GamePix

Here at Gamepix, we have plenty of tank games to choose from, each of which will satisfy your desire to control heavy-duty weaponry and machinery. All of our tank games work straight from your browser, so you won’t need to make any special allowances to play, nor will you need to download, install or update anything. With simple controls, you’ll soon be the master of every terrain that it’s possible to imagine. Free to play — like all of our games — our tank games are focused on one thing; maximizing your player experience through dynamic graphics and unapologetic fun. It’s time to get your helmet on and declare war on boredom!


What are the games where you create your own tank?

Great question! Creating your own tank by choosing each element to perfectly match your vision is one of the most fun elements of many tank games. You just know that driving around in your own personal, bespoke tank is going to be a blast! Luckily for you, we have a huge selection of tank games right here on the GamePix site, many of which let you create your own tank.

What are some free tank games?

Any of the online tank games here on the GamePix site are absolutely free! You can play every single one of our wide range of tank games without paying a thing. Better yet, every title in our outstanding selection of tank video games works on any device without you needing to install or download anything.

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