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Trivia Crack games have been huge ever since they burst onto the scene in 2013. Trivia Crack quickly became one of the world’s most popular games and has remained a firm favorite worldwide ever since. You can’t deny the appetite the public showed for this reworking of classic trivia game basics.

When Trivia Crack first appeared, it was a mobile-only app but it soon spread to many different platforms where it proved to be just as popular as it had on phones. It’s no surprise — Trivia Crack is, in many ways, the perfect mobile game. It’s quick to play, familiar but novel and it always delivers both surprises and a little knowledge. It’s also a highly social game that lets you work with, or against, other players online.

How To Play Trivia Crack

The aim of the game is simple — obtain all six characters on the wheel by answering trivia questions. Each character represents a category such as art or history, so you can test all the different parts of your general knowledge. To win a character, a player needs to answer three questions in a row or land on a special section on the wheel. Players can also compete in challenges throughout the game. During a challenge, players stake characters against each other and answer six questions (one from each category). Whoever answers the most questions correctly is the winner and claims both characters. The game ends when a player has claimed all six characters from the wheel. If this hasn’t happened after 25 turns, then a challenge decides the winner.

In practice, playing Trivia Crack is simple, intuitive, gripping and a whole heap of fun!

The Unstoppable Success of Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is so popular because people can challenge their friends or even strangers to a friendly — or not so friendly! — game where they pit their trivia knowledge against each other to see who’s the smartest. There’s only one thing better than outsmarting a random stranger on the internet and that’s outsmarting your own friends or even your own flesh and blood! There really is little quite as satisfying as a use of your phone time.

The trivia game itself also contains many hundreds of thousands of questions and that colossal pool is being added to all the time. That means it’s a different experience every single time you play. The chance of a question coming around twice is tiny, so you’ll always feel challenged by the level of knowledge expected of you. That unpredictability is also a fascinating draw for longer play sessions as you just never know when you’ll have an easy run — or an impossible one. It’s certainly difficult to get bored of with the suspense so palpable and the sea of questions so vast.

Trivia Crack games also contain other social features which have helped to cement their popularity with the public. One such feature is The Question Factory, a feature which definitely accounted for some of Trivia Crack’s wild success. In the Question Factory, Trivia Crack players can submit questions of their own creation for consideration for inclusion into the game. The addition of this extra element to the trivia game led to a huge bump in downloads, so it’s safe to say we all liked it. In truth, it was a really important social element — helping users feel like they were part of a real community of players, instead of just being passive consumers of the game. It was a very astute addition from the team behind Trivia Crack and one that really helped the game stand out among others like it.

Trivia Crack Games Here on GamePix

We know that you just want to play Trivia Crack games easily in those spare moments during the day, at home or perhaps on a bus, train or plane. There’s nothing worse than picking up your device to play a game, only to find that you need to download an update or install a driver file to get it going.

On Gamepix, our selection of Trivia Crack games includes some of the best titles available and you can play at any time, in any place, on any device. If you’re a Trivia Crack fan then you are in luck — With a selection of Trivia Crack games as broad as ours, you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

Our free browser Trivia Crack games work straight out of whatever browser you’re using, which means you don’t need to download, update or install anything. Not a thing. All you need is a device with a screen and an active internet connection and you can enjoy hours of fun playing Trivia Crack games.

With simple gameplay, lots of fun to be had and a chance to learn new things, you’ll find yourself playing Trivia Crack games for hours on end. The best part about it? All of our Trivia Crack games are one hundred percent free-to-play. There is no paywall for extra content and there is no cost for skins, characters or DLC, just hours of riveting, trivia-based entertainment for you to enjoy for as long as you like.

So whether you’re new to Trivia Crack games, or a seasoned pro looking to have an easy practice, we’ve got the game for you. Let’s spin the wheel!


How do you play Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack plays a lot like Trivial Pursuit — there are seven categories of questions; art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, history and crown, which is a special category. You spin the wheel and try to answer questions correctly. There are special challenges and game modes available but the essential task is always to answer those questions!

Is Trivia Crack free-to-play?

All of our Trivia Crack games, like every other browser game available here on the GamePix site, are completely free-to-play. All the questions you could ever want for the low, low price of nothing at all! Our games also play on any device and in any browser without you needing to download, install or update anything ever. You don’t need to be a trivia expert to see that’s a great deal!

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