Ninja Games

Go, Ninja! Go, Ninja! Go, Ninja Go!

You want to play Ninja games? Who can blame you? Ninjas have captured our imaginations like few warriors in history ever have. Their name is synonymous with stealth, guile and deadly skill. They are the legendary subject material for countless books, movies, games and more. All around the world, we love ninjas.

Ninja Outside of Games

To really understand ninja games, you need to understand real ninjas — you need to understand their history and traditions. The problem is that, as it turns out, the history of ninjas is not an easy subject to be sure about!

The ninja probably came from “jizamurai” families — militia formed from the peasant classes — in modern Mie prefecture. We don’t have many records about them from the time that we think they were most active, around the fifteenth or sixteenth century. This may be because they weren’t drawn from the nobility like the samurai were. Art in Japan at that time wasn’t too interested in the lives of the lower classes.

What That Ninja Do?

We know that the ninja were spies, secret agents or mercenaries, who employed poison, bombs, sabotage, infiltration and assassinations. All these techniques of unconventional, guerilla or asymmetric warfare were very valuable to their masters, the various regional rulers of feudal Japan. During that time there was almost constant fighting between them and they would happily turn to any technique that could give them the upper hand.

The traditional force of the samurai fought according to the code of bushido, which forbade “dishonorable” types of combat. They believed that the only noble warrior’s path was one of direct combat almost like a duel. The ninja had no such code. They would disguise themselves and creep into their enemies’ castles at night to wreak havoc.

Ninja In Games

The appeal of playing as a ninja is obvious. It also suits the shape of video games, which often feature a lone protagonist taking on legions of enemy fighters, as well as incorporating elements of stealth.

How can you say no to a game that lets you be a ninja, a legendary member of the deadliest fighting force in the world, and all without having to commit to years of training at a special school somewhere up a mountain?!

Ninjas are probably one of the most often-used characters in games. They’re right up there with zombies and princesses. In reality, there has been a lot of myth-making about ninjas — in Japan after their time had passed and worldwide since shortly after that. They are probably not the demigod-like deniers of physics that we love to believe in.

In games that has never mattered! The number of ninja games out there is truly unknowable. It’s vast. Since long before even Tenchu on the first PlayStation, you’ve been able to enjoy unbelievably satisfying ninja play as a ninja across a huge range of games.

Ninja Weapons

There’s more to being a ninja than just using your own body, of course, and the weapons of the ninja are almost as iconic as the black-masked assassins themselves. Whether unleashing your sword, caltrops, ninja stars, blowpipe, sai or even a poisoned rice-ball, you’ll find the options for that perfect, unnoticed takedown are as wide as they are satisfying.

Ninja Games Here on GamePix

Here at Gamepix, we have collected a huge range of ninja games for you to use to test your skills. Whether you want a traditional fighting game, a story-based adventure or even something that will have you attempting to use your stealth abilities, you’ll find it here and in a variety of graphic styles.

From cartoon imagery to 3D realism, you’ll find every style of ninja game ready and waiting for you, but do you have what it takes to don the ninja-yoroi (your special clothes and armor) and dodge and dart to avoid your enemies? Only time will tell!

At Gamepix, we have brought plenty of ninja games together, all presented as browser games for your playing convenience. No extra software will be required and regardless of what device or browser you are playing on, you’ll enjoy responsive and uninterrupted gaming. Our games are all free to play and you never have to download or install anything, so you can just click and go.

Here’s a ninja fact to get you started on your mission: did you know that ninja clothes often have flashes of red on them to conceal any injuries that a warrior might receive? They truly were masters of deception!


Are ninja games free online?

All of our ninja games certainly are! We have an astonishing range of ninja games for you to choose from and they are all absolutely, one hundred percent free! Because they are ninja browser games, they also work on any device without you needing to download, install or update anything ever. There could not be a better way to infiltrate the world of ninja video games and strike fear into the hearts of your sleeping (in-game) foes.

Are ninja games fun?

You’re joking, right? They’re just about as fun a subject for a video game as you can possibly get. Ninja are shrouded in mystery and are famed for their near-mystical combat and stealth skill. What could be better for an action game hero than an enigmatic, shrouded warrior in black, who can sneak through the shadows and strike from the darkness? Or one who can leap great distances and perform awe-inspiring physical feats with a grappling hook? Ninja games are obviously fun. They’re so much fun. Ours are all free, so why not try one right now and see for yourself?

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