Family games

Playing Games is Vital for a Happy Family

Playing games with family members, whether it is online or in a more traditional way, provides a chance for family members to spend time together, to learn more about each other’s lives, interests, personalities, worries and achievements. Families are always expanding too, so what better way of welcoming a new member into your family than sitting round and playing a familiar game! Playing games together allows family members to engage with each other in a relaxed setting. No matter what else has been happening in life, playing games is an opportunity to have fun, to build connections with each other and to sit, laugh and talk.

Here at GamePix we have brought together an enormous selection of games suitable for all members of the family. Free to play, all family games on GamePix offer fun and good times, with no concern about expensive bills piling up. The only real question is: which member of your family are you determined to outperform?

Playing Games with the Whole Family

Our family games are a selection of fun, inclusive and non-confrontational online games to participate in and enjoy, either by yourself or with other members of your family. Many genres can fall under the banner of online family games, but some classics include card games, bingo, board games, word games and Sudoku. Think great fun that invokes a little harmless competitive edge and you’ll be on the right track! Or how about solo games that test your mental prowess and allow you to brag to everybody else in the household? Pass your device and see if your sibling, grandparent or partner can do any better! Generally self-contained and devoid of complicated storylines, online family games let you all come together for some good-natured rivalry.

Digital Games Versus Traditional Games

Families have been playing games for thousands of years, whether it’s playing Monopoly or Scrabble in the traditional way, with a board and assorted pieces, or playing games online. From generation to generation, families have always sat down with a deck of cards or a familiar board game. For many people playing games is a big part of growing up—a bonding experience with siblings, friends and parents. Playing family games online offers the exact same enjoyment as playing in the traditional way. Those who have never played games online will be pleasantly surprised at the fun, tension and excitement you can have playing games you are familiar with on a screen!

Family Games Here on GamePix

One of the family games we would recommend is UNO, the multi-colored, fast-paced card game. It’s the perfect family game, whether the dice are in your hands or on a screen. It’s unpredictable, fun and enthralling, and you will almost certainly find yourself shouting out “UNO!” before quickly pressing play again. You can play against the computer in a group of two, three or four—or against a family member who is also playing online. Time flies when you play, and UNO is one of the most-played games in the last one hundred years—so why not give it a go today?

Want to play a quiz game with your family? How about Family Clash? You are posed a series of questions you can discuss with the people around you. These questions are not going to test your general knowledge—instead it’s about how quickly you can think of things on the spot. One question might be that one hundred people in a survey have been asked to name a popular dessert. As quick as you can, against the clock, you have to think of the five most likely responses the public would have given. (The top answer is ice cream!)

One of the oldest games in history, Checkers is a game that stretches back thousands of years and is the perfect family game, with endless strategic possibilities. Playing online means you will never lose a piece and you don’t have to tidy the board away afterwards! Other traditional games, including Dominoes, Battleship and countless other familiar favorites are also here for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

If you want to experience some more offbeat fun with a family game, how about the hilarious A Dumb Family Die? It’s an entertaining, unique game about a family of aliens who do bizarre and reckless things that will make you and your family laugh out loud!

Playing Family Games Online

Our family games here on GamePix rely on just a few basic elements, and they can usually be picked up by players in minutes. Every age is catered for, whether you are experiencing Snakes and Ladders for the first time in your life or have been playing the game for a hundred years! On-screen instructions make learning new games easy, and the games are updated with new features and special twists, so even if you’re familiar with the classic rules there is always something to keep you on your toes! Many of our games are constantly evolving and updating, and seasonal specials offer a special treat for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Halloween.

The online games we have collected here on GamePix are for everyone. We want to join families together, so whether it’s newlyweds, parents with young children, parents with their grown-up children or great-great grandparents with their great-great grandchildren, games can be a vital part of our lives. And because all of our online games can be played through a web browser, without any need for expensive consoles or devices, you can be sure that no one in your family will be left out!


Can I play online against other members of my family?

You can! If you have friends or relatives in a different town, city, country or continent you will find a vast selection of multiplayer family games that will allow you to connect with the people you love. Choose a game you think someone will want to play, send them a link or an invite and you’ll be playing against them in no time. If they beat you, there is nothing stopping you from trying to improve in your own time before challenging them again the next day!

Will I find something my whole family will love?

Of course! There really are games here for everyone. Playing games online is a great way to pass time, to have fun and to improve skills, so why not explore the options and find a game you truly love. Snakes and Ladders is a multiplayer game here on GamePix that we know you will love, no matter what your age.

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