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If you’re one of the millions of gamers out there who love police games, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Right here is where we keep all of the police video games on the GamePix site and it’s a collection we’re proud of. So, whether you want to patrol the streets, solve the crime, chase the bad guys or even be the bad guys yourself, read on!

Famous Police Games That Left a Legacy

It’s no surprise that a lot of games have dealt with police and policing over the years. Law enforcement, like the medical profession, is a source of fascination for us and a source of readymade drama for writers and game designers.

  • Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel was the first police game to catch the world’s attention. Launched in 1987, it’s so authentic that its developers Sierra claim it was even used in police training academies. It was a “command-line” game — you had to enter text commands to play — which would seem archaic compared to modern police games but it did realistically portray actual police procedure, which is rare in police fiction.
  • The release of L.A. Noire in 2011 took the genre to a new level, referencing the world’s greatest crime writers as part of the gameplay. This action adventure game from Rockstar used motion capture and an excellent score to get the most from its superb noire story and predictably brilliant open world gameplay.
  • Disco Elysium is probably not the first game you think of when you talk about police games but its main character — “hero” is probably a stretch — is a detective, at least officially, and the game is the story of him investigating a crime. This police video game became famous for its convention-breaking, nuanced storytelling and world-building and it was a huge indie hit.

All of these titles impressed the world with their own unique take on the subject matter of cops and robbers but they’re just a tiny selection of what’s out there.

Many Kinds of Police Game

In truth, there are more police games in the world than you could ever play and they take every flavor and form you can possibly imagine;

  • Some are action games where you chase down criminals in your cruiser or on foot, getting in gun fights and pushing yourself to your limits.
  • Some focus on the cerebral drama of using your instincts for detection to track down elusive clues and piece together the facts of a crime — after all, police work is a form of real life puzzle game!
  • Some police games are all about the accurate simulation of everyday police life on the streets of major cities. You’ll need to understand police procedure to succeed.
  • Some police games are much sillier and simply use the world of law enforcement as a jumping-off point for lots of animated gaming fun.
  • Some police games see you take the role of a criminal trying to escape the long arm of the law using your wits and raw speed.
  • If your raw speed isn’t speedy enough, there are games that see you taking the role of a prisoner, making the best of day to day life behind bars!

Police Games On GamePix

If you’ve ever felt like sitting in the front of a police car while the lights flash and the sirens blare, then police games are a great option for you. There’s no need to graduate from police academy and you’ll be straight into the driver’s seat where you can catch some of the meanest criminals on the planet. You can fight crime rather than causing it and you’re responsible for ensuring that perps are caught and brought to justice.

Police games are incredibly popular because of the thrills involved. Like many role-playing games, the gameplay is diverse and each level is completely different to the last, so you’ll always be doing something new.

As with all games, higher levels bring more drama and usually that means more serious crimes to deal with. You can expect to be in for some high-octane excitement, maybe even explosions, rooftop gun battles, high-speed chases and major-league busts.

Here on Gamepix, you can enjoy our vast range of free police browser games. Like all of our browser games, our police games work straight out of your internet browser on any device, with no need to download or install anything at all. Every single one of them is ready to play anywhere, anytime — all you need is an internet connection and you can have hours of crime-busting fun! Whether you’d rather try one of the classic police games once again or one of the modern options, you’ll love the compelling scenarios, huge variety of levels and death-defying stunts. So what’s stopping you grabbing your badge and your gun and cleaning up the mean streets of this fine city?


Are there any good police games?

Oh yes! There are hundreds of good police games out there. After all, law enforcement is as popular a subject for video games as it is for TV and movies. It’s one of those worlds that we all find compelling. From true crime shows to games based on crime and punishment, the world of police and criminals is always a great place to set games. Whether the police in themselves are “good” is a different matter! In games, as in life, there are a lot of police and not all of them are as pure as we’d like!

Are there any police simulator games?

There are a great many! Although police simulator games — or “police sims” — aren’t as common as police action games, there are still a lot out there… and right here! Whether you want to be a beat cop or a detective and whether you want to be a by-the-numbers gumshoe or a maverick loose cannon, there is a police sim game for you. Even better, all of the police browser games we have here on the police games section of the GamePix site are completely free and work on any device and on any browser without any need for anything to be downloaded, updated or installed. Now that’s an easy one to solve!

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