Mining games

Mining games have something for everyone, whether you’re digging for treasure or tunnelling for safety from monsters. They make it easy to get lost in a world of creation, and you can spend hours online trying to build your very own treasure trove. Mining games are relatively new to the market but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons for you to try out! Here at GamePix we have a whole range of free, online mining games for you to play, whether you’re digging to create, destroy or survive.

The Origins

If you’ve heard of one mining game, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft. This 2011 sandbox video game changed how—and what—people play, influencing hundreds of new games in the past decade. Mojang Studios released what is now the best-selling game in history, with 140 million active players every month. Minecraft has won countless awards and has given rise to a deluge of merchandise and adaptations. Due to its incredible popularity the game now has many spinoffs—and even its very own fan convention!


So, what is Minecraft exactly? This game revolutionized the gaming industry and was voted one of the most influential video games in history. Minecraft allows players to dig and build for survival, but the nature of the game allows the player immense freedom while playing. There are no goals to accomplish, so you’re not against a time limit or any high-stress situations (although there is an achievement system for players who enjoy playing competitively!). The default perspective is first-person, allowing you to immerse yourself in the mining world, but you are able to change to a third-person perspective if you prefer. Players can move freely around the Minecraft world, mining for blocks of various materials—dirt, lava, stone and ores are some of the main ones you can find. The more blocks you mine, the more buildings you can create.

More Mining Games

Thanks to Minecraft, the gaming industry now has a range of great titles for you to play. More and more online mining games are being created, and players seem to love them. If you like interactive survival games, you’ll love FarSky. In this game, you need to learn how to survive in the ocean after your submarine crashes. You need to gather resources, build a base and craft items in order to adapt to your surroundings. Ultimately, you need to fix your submarine so you can return home. In Pugstorm’s RPG adventure game, Core Keeper, you will enjoy hours of fun. Set in a procedurally generated underground world you must explore a series of vast caverns, collecting resources to build up your base. But beware! Terrifying creatures also inhabit this subterranean realm, so you’ll need to keep a constant lookout if you want to survive and uncover the secrets of the Core.

If you’d like more of an insight into the business world of mining, then Mining Industry Simulator is the title for you. This Crafty Studios game is as realistic as it gets—and you are in charge of the whole operation! This is a challenging—but fun—business game where you get to find out what it’s like to be the boss.

There are endless games for you to try, of all skill levels and job types. Mining games help players unlock their creativity, so which one will you play first?

Mining Games at GamePix

Here at GamePix we have a whole range of online games—and they’re all free! You can relive the classics, try modern games or play something really unique. None of our games take long to get started, so you can play whenever you want, without waiting. You can enjoy our games whenever you have a spare ten minutes but, having said that, you may find yourself hooked, and next thing you know you’ll have been playing for hours on end!

We truly do have something for everyone.

  • In DogeMiner you have to help the goodest of boys with his mission to the moon by mining coins and collecting other good boys.
  • Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be the most powerful business mogul? While playing our online game Idle Miner you can make investments to help build your own empire. You’ll be busy for weeks exploring the hidden depths of this approachable building game.
  • In Gold Miner you have a limited time to meet your target of gold extraction. Move between levels by bringing more and more gold up to the surface, earning money to spend on brand new supplies.

Mining in real life

In order to properly understand the nature of mining—and by extension, mining in online video games—it’s useful to look at some significant events in the history of mining and the discovery of precious materials.

  • During prehistoric times, large amounts of copper were found near the surface.
  • Copper tools and other artifacts have been discovered from early Indigenous peoples.
  • Pre-Columbian America saw the mining of turquoise.
  • 19th century saw a boom in the US mining industry, making it a driving factor in Westward Expansion.
  • Mining for coal became more regular in the early 20th century, along with copper, iron and other base metals.


What is a sandbox game?

Sandbox games allow the player to interact with the game in more creative ways than usual—and mining games often fall into this category. In these games, the player chooses their own end goal—or whether they have a goal at all. Within the game, players are often given freedom to explore an open world and progress as they go. They are popular with young players because they provide the opportunity to create anything they can imagine—the gaming world is entirely in their hands. Sandbox games are a great gaming introduction as they are totally relaxed, have very few rules and do not have any time-pressure goals for players to rush through. If you want to interact with a gaming world but don’t want to stress, a sandbox game could be the one for you.

Can I play mining games for free?

All of our online mining games here at GamePix are free to play with any web browser! All you need to do is head over to the GamePix site and start exploring the huge variety of mining games available. Our browser games have something for everyone, whether you’re helping everyone’s favorite internet dog in DogeMiner or mining for building blocks. As long as you can get online you can play—and earn as many coins as you need without spending a cent!

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