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There is a genre of video game that is perhaps more simple, creative and nostalgic than any other type of game anywhere online. If you have never heard of Stickman games you will be astonished and hopefully amused by the vast amount available for you to play. The appeal of these games is in their minimalism, humor and simplicity. Think of a game you can play online and there will likely be a stickman version. With sports games, shooting games, racing games, escape games and arcade games, there is a whole world to explore in the Stickman universe. The Stickman games here on GamePix are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

The History of Stickman Games

Stick figures have been drawn for thousands of years, and recently they have found their way into interactive entertainment. One of the first images children are able to draw are stickmen and stickwomen. Most children have had fun making little animations on pads of paper or in the backs of their school books using stickmen. It’s no surprise that stickmen have made it into video games.

The online Flash explosion of the early 2000s saw the rise of a new, stripped-back form of animation, featuring stickman protagonists. Many stickman games are designed for mobile devices, which has contributed to their huge popularity. The ease of playing on smartphones and tablets has made these games accessible to a wider audience in a way that would never have been possible in the 1990s.

The Global Appeal of Stickman Games

A lot of people who play stickman games are not gamers. For many people this is the only type of video game they will ever play. For others, especially teenagers, stickman games are the perfect entry point into understanding the world of video games and taking an active interest in what else there is to offer.

People play stickman games on their commute, to de-stress after a busy day or simply as a fun way of spending free time. You don’t have to commit endless hours to these games and you don’t have to have any specialized knowledge. Players who would never ordinarily play a shooting game are likely to play Stickman Sniper, for no reason other than it being a fun way of spending fifteen minutes or half an hour before moving on to the next Stickman adventure! It’s a good way of jumping between genres, formats and styles.

These stickman games use deliberately minimal graphics, allowing animators and developers to concentrate on creating the most basic animation as possible. The result was a unique new style that still entertains millions of people today. Among the earliest innovators using stick figures was the Chinese animator Zhu Zhiqiang, whose Xiao Xiao series has enjoyed huge popularity since 2001. The style of the artwork, influenced by kung fu movies allows huge amounts of violence to occur while still maintaining a slapstick, humorous tone. The simplicity of the design means huge amounts of content can be generated by a single creator. There are no multimillion dollar studios needed for stickman games!

Stickman Games on GamePix

On GamePix we have collected together a whole range of stickman games that have one thing in common: all the protagonists look exactly the same! There is a huge assortment of games to choose from, and they’re all free to play!

  • Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl is for those who want to unleash their inner ninja! With a mix of kicks, punches and sword fights you fight against other stickmen (and eventually against the Stick Bossman!) If you want fast-paced, blood-splattered stickmen then Stickman Fighter games are the games for you!
  • If you want a genuinely funny and absorbing game, Stickman Police Versus Gangsters Street Fight is a perfect example of game creators playing around with the stickman genre and having fun. Sometimes life feels far too serious. Maybe it’s important to find space to play with stickman gangsters in your free time. We find that people love to recommend these games to their friends and to people online. The best stickman games are like discovering a new band that no-one has heard of. People love to send links by text or on Social Media urging their friends or people they have never met to play along too.
  • One game with a huge cult following is Free Rider. Let your inner Evel Knievel take control with the ultimate motorcycle stunt game that has been played by millions around the world. The simple stickman graphics and easy to manage controls make this a hugely popular and enjoyable game.
  • For a lot of people, when they think of stickman games they will think of sport. Soccer, cycling, fighting and parkour are all popular on smartphones and tablets of stickman fans. Drunken Boxing can be either a one or two player game, where both stickmen boxers are drunk, stumbling around the ring. You have to do your best to throw punches while remaining on your feet. Drunken Boxing is a fast-paced game that embodies everything there is to love about stickmen games.

What you Need

If you would like to play stickman video games, the selection we have right here on GamePix is a perfect place to start to explore. Like all our online games, they’re free-to-play and work on any device with a browser, so you’ll be able to enjoy them no matter what level of technical expertise and knowledge you have. If you’re looking to play with stickmen, GamePix lets you do it, no matter where you are.


Why are stick figure games so popular?

The creativity that a stickman or stickwoman allows in games and in animation means that video game developers have the opportunity to have fun with their storytelling. They don’t have to spend time endlessly drawing backgrounds, or facial details or clothes. The creators can spend their time making their characters do things you have never seen performed in a game before. This is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and escapism in our free time!

Can children play stickman games?

Children love stickman games, but we would advise caution because some games do have excessive violence and adult themes. This is part of the appeal of stickman games, but it is always best to be certain you know what children are playing. There are child-friendly stickman games available that children will love.

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