Princess games

Princess games have been a mainstay of gaming ever since the 1980s. Princess games usually revolve around princesses as characters in one way or another. Many of these games involve the player setting out to rescue a princess who finds herself in some form of peril. This is widely used as a plot hook to get players invested in completing a storyline.

Saving the princess as a central concept existed in classical tales long before gaming became popular—or even existed! As a result, the idea has translated into gaming incredibly effectively, as players are already familiar with what will be expected of them. The only difference is that now, you are the hero tasked with saving the kidnapped princess.

That said, princess games aren’t restricted to princesses being in mortal danger. In fact, there are many princess games that actively reverse this common feature of video games. Increasingly, more and more princess games allow you to become the princess. If you like the idea of stepping into the role of royalty, there are plenty of online princess games right here at GamePix! Equally, if you’re looking for games featuring the tried-and-true “save the princess” premise, you’ll find a range of those too! No matter your preference, the GamePix collection of online princess games are guaranteed to whisk you away to a land of fantasy.

Princesses Past and Present

Due to their timeless appeal, princesses appear in many different genres of games. You’ll very likely find princesses in:

  • colorful platformers.
  • epic fantasy role-playing games.
  • trendy dress-up games.

The fact that princesses fit so well into so many genres is a major factor in their enduring popularity. In some games, you may find that princesses are only background elements that rarely appear. In others, princesses are the central focus and feature among the main characters. Either way, princess games are always characterized by the lasting impact the princess leaves on the story—and on the player too.

Gaming Royalty

Some of the most famous princess games of all time belong to the Super Mario franchise, and a variety of princesses have featured in Mario’s adventures over the last thirty years. In fact, princesses existed in Super Mario games before the name Mario was even used for the titular character! In 1981’s Donkey Kong, Pauline became the first princess to be featured in Mario’s many adventures. Pauline did not become a mainstay in the series but would later return in a very different role: In 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline ditched the tiara for a tie and became the mayor of a bustling city!

Of course, the most iconic princess in the Super Mario games is Princess Peach. It can be strongly argued that Peach is the most famous video game princess of all time! Peach’s role in the Mario games has changed dramatically over the years. In the beginning, Peach rarely appeared and had no role to play beyond being rescued at the game’s end. However, in more recent titles, Peach has been given far more of a central role. As recently as 2017, Princess Peach was seen traveling the world!

All in all, Princess Peach has proved to be endlessly popular among gamers. This is largely because of her endearing design and ever-changing role within the Super Mario franchise.

Fables and Legends

Another world-famous princess game is The Legend of Zelda. The titular Princess Zelda is undeniably iconic and well-known to all, whether you’re a gamer or not. Much like Peach, Zelda’s role in the series that carries her name has massively changed over the years.

In the first Legend of Zelda title, released in 1986, Zelda was asleep for the entire game. It was only when Link, the hero of Hyrule, had collected the eight Triforce pieces that she was finally able to wake from her slumber.

In later games, Zelda began to play a far more active role in the franchise’s epic fantasy storylines. In the most recent Legend of Zelda games, she is shown as a valiant and heroic protector of her kingdom. As well as this, she plays an essential role in sealing away the evil Ganon and saving the world.

Zelda’s wildly differing roles in the Legend of Zelda series prove just how much variety there is to find in princess games.

Designing Your Own Princess

Early examples of princess games such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda paved the way for princesses in gaming—but nowadays there are a whole host of dress-up games in which you can create your very own princess!

If you’re looking to be the designer of a royal wardrobe you’ll find plenty of princess games to suit you! You’ll be able to customize all of the fabulous outfits your princess wears. Once you’ve carefully picked out her clothes and shoes, you’ll need to make sure everything matches! Choose from various hairstyles, makeup and nail art options to give her the perfect look.

There’s no limit to the styles you can dress your princess in. You’ll also find a dizzying number of adventures for your princess to embark on. Regardless of your taste in fashion and games, you’ll never have to look any further than GamePix!

From Damsels to Heroes

In modern times, developers have been creating far more titles that feature princesses in a central role. Many princess games in the past relied heavily on the outdated idea of the damsel in distress within their stories. Today, you’ll find far more games that put princesses in the center of the action. This means that there is a greater variety of princess games than ever before!

You might prefer to save the princess, become the princess or even choose her a new dazzling outfit. Whatever your favorite genre may be, you too can discover the charm and fun of princess games right here at GamePix.

Princess Games at GamePix

With the GamePix library of online princess games, you’re sure to find your next big adventure! Best of all, you can be swept away to a world of fantasy and princesses wherever you are, since online princess games at GamePix can be played on any device and in any browser. This way your adventure never has to come to an end, whether you’re at home or on the go. All of our princess games are free to play, so every fantastical realm you find yourself in will always be free!


Are princess games free?

All of the online princess games here on GamePix are completely free to play! Our games are accessible to all budding princesses and daring heroes!

Why are princess games so popular?

Fantasy is one of the most popular genres out there, and it is often used as a form of escapism. Many people dream of becoming a royal beauty in a land far, far away. Others want to be the hero who rescues a princess in distress. Some want to embody the princess and the hero at the same time! The variety in princess games perfectly matches how unique your dreams can be. Princess games are the best and most exciting way to fulfill your dreams!

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