Tap games

It’s All About Simplicity!

Also known as idle games or clicker games, tap games are a simple tapping game where the aim is to tap the screen over and over. The more you tap the more points you collect, or achievements you accumulate. The bonus is that you can’t lose! It’s a game with minimal effort and very little interaction. The more you tap your mouse, your screen or your keyboard, the more immersed in the game you will be. Why not tap your screen and give it a go!

It’s a genre of game that has grown in popularity in recent years. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy something uncomplicated in life. These are games suitable for people of all ages, which means that no matter what your age, your interests or your gaming expertise, tap games offer something for everyone.

Think of an activity and it is likely there is a tap game built around it. Some games even look after themselves once you get them started and you can simply watch your virtual money or points rack up. Few things in life guarantee you a win, but tap games do! So long as you are tapping on the right element, you are improving your gaming performance. You’ll soon find yourself keen to try other tap games, which are all collected together right here on GamePix. We strive to bring you the most engaging and fun games of all descriptions. Totally free to play, our tap games offer fun and diversity. With a theme to suit everybody, there’s no reason to look any further for online entertainment that won’t tax the brain.

Tap Games can Help You Sleep and Help Reduce Stress.

Some of these games are designed to improve relaxation and for players to enter a zen-like state. The slow and steady progress, along with pleasant visuals or sound design, can create a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. We find that people love to play tap games while watching a movie or box set, if they’ve woken up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, as a distraction while at their desk at work or while commuting on public transport. Tap games can provide a calming and meditative experience for some players.

Reasons People Like Tap Games

  • Playability. We don’t expect anyone to be spending endless nights or twenty-four-hour marathons playing our tap games. They are designed to be played for no more than a few minutes a day, with gradual improvement.
  • It’s all about simplicity. Tap games have a simplicity that makes them appealing and playable. We know players find it hard to resist returning to our tap games. Once you’ve spent some time “tapping” you want to continue the journey!
  • Economics. These games require minimal resources or gaming ability. There are zero costs, zero effort, zero frustrations and zero complications!
  • Multitasking. You don’t need 100% of your concentration on our tap games. Sometimes you don’t even need one percent! Some of the games can be left running in the background, without you even needing to engage in the gameplay at all

Tap Games Here On GamePix

  • Idle Mining Empire, available here on GamePix is the perfect example of one of the more story-heavy tap games. You take charge of a miner, digging for coal. The more you tap the more coal he will dig. When he has enough coal for the current level, he heads to an elevator with his coal. The elevator, (which is also activated by you tap, tap tapping) will be collected by another miner, and the whole mining process starts to work like clockwork. Far from a generic tap game, this makes you feel like you are an integral part of the coal mining industry.
  • Kick The Huggie Wuggie is for anyone who might want to relieve some tension. Drag a toy around a room and cause however much damage you like by clicking on its arms, legs, body and head to determine where the toy will be hit. Coins start to drop from the huggie wuggie, so the more you kick, punch and destroy, the richer you become! You can use the coins to buy guns and other weapons, meaning that before too long the huggie wuggie does not stand a chance! The makers of the game have generously offered a “blood on” or “blood off” option, so it’s your choice if there is any gore. But either way, there is something reassuring about the ability to inflict endless destruction on a poor, harmless stuffed toy.
  • Old TV is a game familiar to anyone who has ever owned an old television set that would only work if you hit it in the right place. Your character is an impatient man, furious with his malfunctioning TV. Help him “tap” it until it is destroyed, meaning he will finally be able to buy a new TV!
  • Don’t Tap is a fun, fast-paced game that is over in seconds! You control the cursor key as a piano scrolls down the screen and you are given the instruction ‘Don’t Tap The White Tile!’ You get points for every black tile you tap but it’s ‘game over’ as soon as you tap the white tile. A furiously addictive, fun game to test your reflexes and stamina!


Aren’t tap games too simple?

Not at all! It’s true there is a simplistic quality to tap games, but that is the big appeal! We don’t expect everyone to love tap games but they continue to be a new experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. If you want a greater challenge, there are plenty of games out there that require a strategy, a plot, storytelling and adventure. But if you have never tried a tap game we promise you it will be something you will not regret!

What do I need?

Here on GamePix, we focus on providing totally free games for your enjoyment. This means you can get online and start having fun regardless of your device or browser type. As soon as you are ready all you need to do is find a game and start tapping!

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