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The Craze of the Century

Back in 2017, an astonishing new toy craze took the world by storm: the fidget spinner. Consisting of a ball-bearing in the center of a three-pronged piece of plastic, these devices started appearing everywhere. They could be cheaply made and came in a range of colors and materials, making them highly collectible. Fidget spinners are more than just a toy or a fashion accessory. The main purpose of a fidget spinner is to create a tactile and sensory experience, particularly beneficial to those who have feelings of anxiety. Around the world, people with nerves and worries were finding that having a fidget spinner in their hands was helping social situations and feelings of stress.

Using Online Fidget Spinners

The popularity of fidget spinners has had big implications for the world of online video game makers, who rushed to feature them in their creations. There is now a wide range of spinner-based games available to play and enjoy. Many of them are variations of existing games, while some are straight replicas of the real fidget spinner. People have found that using fidget toys online can be just as relaxing and calming as the real-life fidget spinner. If you have a few minutes to spare, even if you have never used a real-life fidget spinner, why not see how it feels to use the digital equivalent instead! You could find it becomes a constant companion in your life!

Celebrities and Fidget Spinners

One of the reasons fidget spinners became so popular across the world is the number of celebrities seen using them, from Kim Kardashian to Dame Judi Dench. Kim Kardashian even launched her own fidget spinner with the word “daddy” emblazoned as part of a range of merchandise in 2017. Kendall Jenner was regularly posting pictures on Instagram and seen in paparazzi shots with a bright green fidget spinner. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was also seen in public with a variety of fidget spinners. They seemed the most essential fashion accessory in the early part of the twenty-first century.

Fidget Spinners in Schools!

The sensation of having a ball-bearing with three pieces of plastic spinning around between your thumb and finger has eased social anxieties for millions of people, and children have particularly found them helpful in school. Fidget spinners soon became the essential item to have in every classroom across the world. Some headteachers banned them, while some embraced them, aware of the positive benefits a fidget spinner can have for someone who needs a moment of calm. However, their use as a toy and as a collectable made it hard for fidget spinners to be used in schools. Now that the craze is not as relentless as it used to be and it is no longer a popular trend, it’s easier for teachers to distinguish who is using a fidget spinner because it helps them and calms them, and who is using one for fun or as a fashion accessory.

Fidget Spinners on GamePix

Although it might seem surprising to have spinning games online, our fidget spinner games here on GamePix offer a refreshing alternative to the feeling of having a fidget spinner in your hand.

  • Hand Spinner 10 3D brings out the competitive side of fidget spinning. You are placed in a virtual room with four other competitors, all with fidget spinners of their own of different sizes, designs and colors. The object of the game is to keep yours spinning for longer than any of the others, without it falling off the table, or being knocked off by your increasingly competitive rivals.
  • Bubble Spinner has all the relaxation and calm associated with fidget spinners, combined with a traditional “match 3” game. Shoot the bubble and match it to the right color to get points and complete the level. Bounce the bubbles around the screen to line up the right color bubbles in the right areas in this revolving fidget spinner made of bubbles!
  • Or maybe you would like to remove all competitive and gameplaying elements and use an online fidget spinner in the traditional way, to spin when you feel tense, nervous or agitated. Have a browser open on your device or PC and as soon as you feel you need to, you can spin your worries away on Fidget Spinner Master. Even just knowing a fidget spinner is near you, either in a desk drawer or available to you online can help you relax and feel less tense. Even if online fidget spinners only help a handful of people across the world, we would say that still feels a worthwhile item to exist online.

Who Created the Fidget Spinner?

Florida-based Catherine Hettinger is thought of as the creator of the original fidget spinner. It started as a way of entertaining her seven-year-old daughter. As a direct result of her invention, millions of people around the world have enjoyed the sensation of having something satisfying to hold in their hands. Despite the invention being among the most must-own items of recent times, she has not made any money from her product. Despite holding the patent for eight years, she could not afford the 400 dollar renewal fee and the product was no longer her own. The good news is that she is not bitter or angry about all the money she could have made now that her invention has become a phenomenon across the globe. Instead she is focusing on the fact that she created something that has brought so much satisfaction to millions of people, particularly those who find social situations difficult. All she wanted was to create something that could comfort and relax children.


Do people still use fidget spinners?

It’s true that fidget spinners have reached their peak and are not seen as frequently as they were in 2017, but they were always much more than a fashion accessory. To people who need them, fidget spinners have changed their life. They will always be used to combat anxiety and stress, whether online or between your thumb and fingers. In schools and homes across the world fidget spinners are still being used today. As with all fashions and crazes maybe it won’t be long before fidget spinners are back in the mainstream again.

Can you play with fidget spinners online?

Yes you can! We have a wide selection of spinning games here on GamePix. All of them are free browser games, easy to use and available on any device with a web browser.

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