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Cooking Games: A Virtual Taste of the Culinary World

As one of the oldest pastimes in the world, cookery was a fundamental aspect of culture long before the era of online games. Despite being a necessity, it is also a source of joy and adventure for billions of people. If you have ever found fulfilment in the art of creating a delicious meal, you might be excited to learn that the kitchen also translates seamlessly into the world of online games. The history of interactive entertainment is rife with examples of cookery-themed gameplay.

In the late 2000s, following the staggering success of a handful of television shows, several renowned chefs were featured in games for home consoles. Ubisoft published a game for the Nintendo DS that featured the vocal talents of the iconic Gordon Ramsay and allowed players to experience the high-intensity restaurant atmosphere of Hell’s Kitchen. Players had to serve customers promptly and competently in order to avoid the wrath of Ramsay, with the closure of their restaurant looming over them as the ultimate punishment.

Another game on the Nintendo DS—one with a slightly more relaxed mindset—was What’s Cooking: Jamie Oliver, which acted as a novel kind of virtual cookery tutorial. Later, the iconic Cooking Mama brought a range of fast-paced mini-games to the Nintendo DS, gaining massive popularity and spawning several sequels. With the emergence of smartphones and the evolution of mobile games, cookery games experienced an explosion of popularity.

The Essential Ingredients of Cooking Games

When you step into the world of online cooking games, you'll find yourself facing a variety of challenges: serving food to customers, making sure the ingredients are perfect and responding to customer complaints quickly—it almost sounds like a real restaurant! Are you ready to put on a chef's hat, roll up your sleeves and create some deliciously exquisite meals? Let's explore the common elements found in cooking games. Time management is vital when playing cooking games—often you’ll be against the clock when preparing your food, either racing against time to cater to impatient customers or actively attempting to set records against friends and online competitors. If you’re too slow serving up food in a cooking game with customers the food will go cold, and you will receive negative reviews! Alertness and quick reactions when receiving incoming orders are essential skills in online cooking games.

Cooking games aren’t all about speed, however, and precision is also very important. Getting the ingredients right and ensuring the dish meets the high standards of your diners is even more important than being fast and productive. Cooking games will usually provide a visual image of the food you need to make, and this is where those quick reactions become useful. Players need to combine the ingredients to make the perfect order, keeping customers happy and ensuring they want to come back for more. The difficulty increases as dishes become more complex, but also in line with the volume of orders. As you progress through cooking games your restaurant will get busier and busier. Make sure that you get the orders right and serve delicious food to customers before either the time runs out or the demand for food gets so high you are forced to shut down! 

Cooking Games on GamePix

The collection of games available here at GamePix will test your skill as a chef, assessing your memory, reflexes and your eye for selecting the right ingredients. If you are in the mood for making a delicious pizza, Pizza King is an ideal way to pass the time. The goal of the game is simple: make tasty pizzas using eight different ingredients before the timer depletes. As you cook more fantastic pizzas you will begin to unlock a greater range of exciting and exotic food options.

Similarly, Papa's Pizzeria offers up some difficult challenges to master. In this game, pizzas move down the screen in columns. Players must move and match tasty meals in rows to earn money. However, you can only move the first pizza in each row at a time, so make sure you act fast before they reach the end of the conveyor belt! As you earn more money the speed will increase. Once the pizzas reach the end you can close your restaurant and count your winnings.

A game that is easy to play but hard to master, Papa's Burgeria will test your ability to serve delicious hamburgers to clients. Cook, serve and clear plates to earn money and invest in upgrades. These upgrades will help you cook more quickly and move faster between tables. It’s a fantastic game that will test the limits of any seasoned cooking gamer!

If you are looking for something sweet rather than savory, you will undoubtedly find enjoyment in Chocolate Bar, a game that requires players to keep calm and carry on cooking! It’s your first day on the job, and you must create beautiful chocolate desserts for several customers at once. Starting out with a small recipe book that expands as you earn more cash, you need to deliver the desserts before customers’ individual timers run out. Watch out though—some recipes require more than one of the same ingredient!


Why would I play cooking games?

You might be wondering: why should I cook in a video game, when I could simply go to the kitchen? Like in any other video game genre, the answer is simple. Cooking games take all the essentials of the culinary world, incorporating them into scenarios the average person would never be able to experience in real life. While it is true that you can make a nice meal at home, it is unlikely that you would be able to run a bustling kitchen for a prestigious restaurant or undertake time trial challenges to whip up exotic dishes against the clock. Cooking games can take you out of your comfort zone or place you into a state-of-the-art kitchen that you might never have access to in real life. Whatever the case, cooking games allow you to delve into all kinds of exciting situations, which is why they are perfect for food lovers and gamers alike.

Where can I find cooking games?

Here on GamePix, we offer a wide range of delicious and adventurous culinary experiences in the form of cooking games. From chopping and sautéing to even managing your own virtual restaurant, our games cater to a variety of play styles. Whether you have a passion for cookery or simply enjoy stimulating and engaging gameplay, you are sure to find something of interest within our selection of high-quality cooking games. Best of all, our games are completely free to play. Be warned, however, as playing these food-based games may leave you feeling hungry!

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