Mmorpg games

Big Genre, Big Ideas

Let’s be real for a second—if you seriously want to get into the world of online gaming you need to give MMORPG games a try! Some of the biggest, most amazing games in the world are MMORPGs, and you’ll find many of them right here at GamePix! With a genre this huge you’ve probably heard of some of these great titles before, but just in case you haven’t—or you didn’t even realize your favorite game was an MMORPG—you’d better listen up!

A World of Fun!

MMORPG stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”. Pretty wordy title, huh? No wonder we shorten it to MMORPG games, so you can skip the reading and get right to the gaming! From “World of Warcraft” to “EVE Online”, MMORPG games cover a vast spectrum of different styles and action-filled gameplay types!

Despite the amazing range of possibilities there are some common characteristics that connect these great titles. Simply put, these games do exactly what the genre suggests. They feature:

  • Huge open worlds—Here’s where that “massive” part comes in. The sheer size of these maps and their seamless blend of many locations make the game world feel like a beautifully realized and immersive place, lovingly built for you to enjoy!
  • Other players—Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them, but for better or worse MMORPGs feature expansive worlds comprised of real people interacting—each of them with their own individual motivations, character traits and pet peeves!
  • High player counts—Believe it or not some of these wild games have player counts that can stretch into the thousands at any given moment. And you know what that means—thousands of fellow players that you can team up with, compete against or even just say hi to!
  • Role-playing elements—One of the biggest pluses of MMORPG games is the endless scope for customization you have, both with your decisions and your unique avatar! Create your own character, design how they look and choose what they do in the world! You can play as whatever kind of character you like, leveling them up and crafting them into whoever you want to be!
  • Multiplayer interactions—In these MMORPGs players can choose to explore on their own, team up with other players to accomplish their goals or simply interact with new people they meet! There is no right or wrong way to play—just the way you want to play!

I know what you’re thinking—it all sounds amazing, right? But with a genre this huge, what does all of this really mean for you, the player? If you want to know exactly what to expect from our range of MMORPG games, look no further! A massively monumental amount of action and enjoyment is just a click away!

Immersing Yourself in a Masterpiece!

You’ve waited long enough—it’s time to experience first-hand just what makes these online games so awesome! Here at GamePix you’re sure to find exactly the kind of gaming experience you’re looking for.

Fancy a game that blends fantasy and strategy in an ancient land? Choose one of two factions—humans or elves—and go about building cities, battling monsters and searching for precious resources in Elvenar! Are you looking for historical battles and tactical gameplay? Land on the battlefield and launch into co-operative conflict and strategic skirmishes alongside your squadron in Combat Online!

A High-Tech Gaming Experience

That all sounds great, right? If I were you, I’d be hovering over those games already! But wait, there’s even more! MMORPGs are full of high-tech features and gaming innovations:

  • Busy and ever-growing worlds—With battlegrounds, marketplaces and social landscapes being shaped by hundreds of players, MMORPG games feel truly alive and give you the sense of being part of a constantly evolving world.
  • Endless possibilities—While these games are centered around their worlds, it’s everything in these worlds that makes them so fun to explore! Online MMORPGs are full of exciting quests, interesting characters, challenging objectives and hidden secrets for you to explore!
  • Persistent online servers—Unlike most other games, these online games keep going even when you’re logged off! When you take a break from these online MMORPGs they won’t just sit still and wait for you to come back! These persistent online worlds run 24/7, full of other players going on their own adventures and impacting the game in interesting ways. By the time you return the gaming landscape could be a totally new and exciting realm for you to explore!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? With such cool, advanced features like this sitting at the forefront of a popular game type, MMORPG games must be a very modern gaming trend, right?

The Never-Ending Story!

MMORPG games have totally exploded in popularity in recent years, so you would be forgiven for thinking that online MMORPGs are a recent addition to the world of gaming. In fact, despite its humble beginnings, the genre has an impressive legacy. Dating back to the 1980s, early dungeon crawlers and adventure games built a dedicated cult following that has grown into the present.

As the popularity of these games increased, technology had to keep pace in order to allow up to fifty simultaneous players, then five hundred. Now it is a seemingly limitless amount. These innovations were born out of necessity, allowing the growing number of players to experience these incredible MMORPG worlds and paving the way for the world-famous MMORPG titles that we know today.

Whatever online gaming experience you crave, GamePix is sure to have the best online games to scratch that itch! Everyone knows that gaming with friends online is a surefire way to make your epic games session even more fun! But the addition of hundreds of new teammates (and foes!) can only mean one thing—your time here at GamePix is about to get a bit more unpredictable and way more awesome!


Are these games so big that I have to download stuff?

No, not at all! Here at GamePix all our games are free for you to play right here and now! Once you click a game there are no barriers or limits to stopping you from enjoying the wonderful MMORPG fun!

MMORPG Games seem like pretty big investments, what should I play first?

While our MMORPGs have hours of fun locked away inside them, you don’t need to worry about committing to just one! All of our games will be here for you at the click of a button—and free to leave or return to any time you feel like it! You won’t have to sign up for any of these games, so all you need to worry about is choosing the perfect avatar and exploring some new online worlds today!

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