Farming games

Farming For All

Farm Games are for you if you’re the sort of player who loves the simple satisfaction of taking a piece of virtual land and tending to it so that it reaches its fullest potential. Farming games well may be the original cozy game. They’re relaxing and totally absorbing with their own depths and challenges but with a slower-paced gameplay, focused on building and nurturing, not combat or action. If you’ve never tried one, you really should. You wouldn’t be the first action game fan who’s been surprised to find that they enjoy raising a healthy crop of watermelons just as much as landing a no-scope headshot.

FarmVille Days

FarmVille is probably the most famous farm game of all time. It was certainly a massive hit. At its peak in 2010, the Flash-based farming simulator had over 30 million people using it every single day.

If you’ve never played FarmVille, that probably seems like a pretty astonishing number. If, however, you gave in to all those FarmVille requests on social media platforms, you’ll know just how addictive the game really was! By the standards of games today it was very basic, but that just shows that the appeal of farm games lies in their rhythm and ideas more than their graphics or systems. It’s not the details of farm games, so much as their feel that draws you in.

The Oldest Sim

That’s not to say that farming games lack for detail! Quite the reverse. Modern farm games are often incredibly nuanced. There’s the living, breathing farm itself — a world all of its own that becomes self-sustaining if you know how to run it.

Then there are the crops. These days a farming game is just as easily be set on another planet than this one, with alien crops you’ve never heard of. With the complexity of some modern farm games now, even the most conservative farm game — set firmly on this planet — is likely to have plenty of crops you’ve never heard of!

After that, there is the never-ending list of other things you need to think about if you want to be a successful farmer. There’s caring for any animals that live on your farm, there’s the upkeep on your buildings and machinery, there’s the planning for the next harvest and having contingencies in mind for if the weather goes against you. Farm work truly is never done!

Finally there’s the whole menagerie of pests you’ll have to contend with. Losing a hard-grown crop to pests is the original bad dice roll and most farmers take pest defense very seriously. It seems we think that’s justified given how many games are devoted to banishing unwanted birds, bugs or bunnies from our farms!

Farmer Friends and Farmer Rivals

Farming isn’t just a struggle between a person and nature. Yes, managing your own rural estate will be hard work enough, but why not add a little competition into the mix? In some games, you can choose to compete against rival farms or sell your goods, hoping that the next farmer hasn’t beaten you to it and affected the price.

Family-friendly Gaming

Farm games are perfect for playing with the kids too! Little ones are never too young to take an interest in agriculture and where their food comes from — you never know, they might want to become farmers when they’re older!

Farming Games on GamePix

Here at Gamepix, we have a dizzying array of farm games to choose from, each with its own take on the farming game genre. Some are the direct descendant of the old, Flash-based farm simulators while others use an agricultural setting to bring a farm-fresh flavor to games from other genres. Whatever kind of farming game you’re looking for, you’ll find it here on GamePix;

  • Classic farm simulators, like Farming Simulator Game, focus on the experience of real-life farming in the modern world. You’ll have to monitor your crops and decide what you want your farm to specialize in. Do you prepare extra fields to make room for a bumper crop or instead invest in better farm machinery to improve your harvesting? There are no easy answers but the choice is always yours.
  • Period farm games put you back — or forwards — in time to see the changes in agriculture. Maybe you’d like to try being a medieval farmer? The lack of noisy diesel tractors and the pleasant music certainly make for a nice change of pace.
  • Idle Farming games like Idle Farming Business and Idle Farmer Boss bring the mechanics of farm games to the idle game genre, perfect for playing on a phone when you can’t give a game your full attention.
  • Driving simulators with an agricultural twist like Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator put you in the driving seat of some serious farming machinery.
  • Tile-matching games like Farm Fever deliver classic, Crush-style action with a rural twist
  • Whimsical, old-school, 2D action games like A Day In The Countryside use the rural setting for straightforward, duck-hunt style click-shooting

Whatever you want from a farm game, we’ve got you covered and, like all of our browser games here on GamePix, our farm games work on any device without any downloads and are totally free. It’s time to harvest some extra fun in your downtime!


What is a farming game?

A farming game is any game that has anything to do with farming! Some try to simulate farming, or some part of it, with as much realism as possible. Others use the idea of farming to create fun, strategy-based cozy gaming experiences. Still others just use farming as a theme for whatever gameplay experience they want to give the player. There’s no shortage of options, and we have a huge range right here on GamePix. Like all of our games, our browser-based farm games work on any device and are totally free.

What is the most realistic farming game?

While no game will ever get dirt under your fingernails or give you a T-shirt tan, many farming simulators do provide incredible levels of detail. As to which is the most realistic… you’d need to find a farmer who plays farm simulators in their off-time, and that is a truly rare breed!

Why are farming games so popular?

A large proportion of the games released each year are action-focused titles and demand for them is always high. For many gamers, though, action isn’t how they want to relax. They prefer slower-paced, less combative, more cozy game experiences where they can build and grow things in a virtual setting. For those players, farming games are an ever-popular choice.

What are the most popular farming?