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If you love Mahjong or if even you’ve never played the game but want to start with something easy, then our Mahjong games are the perfect place for you.

The Majestic Game of Mahjong

Playing cards almost certainly originated in China. We know that they were first recorded as being used in China in the twelfth century. Chinese culture has a very long history with card games and table games, and it’s from that storied background that Mahjong came.

Mahjong was perhaps originally known as “pinyin” (which means “sparrow” in Chinese), named after the clacking of the tiles as they slotted together, which was thought to sound like the chirping of sparrows. Alternative accounts have the name coming from an earlier card game with a similar name, from which it took some of its features. Mahjong has been popular since it emerged out of draw-and-drop card games that were popular in China in the 19th Century. Mahjong represents a perfect blend of risk, reward, skill and chance. It’s also a game with an incredible depth that almost matches chess for sheer strategic potential. You only have to look at the completely engrossed faces of the players that you can see anywhere around the world to know it’s a special game!

The Way The Game Goes

Mahjong is as nuanced and tactical as any Western card game like poker. It’s highly dynamic, fast-paced and always surprising. It’s an intensely social game which delivers great excitement for its players and it has more than earned its spot among the classics. Mahjong is a tile-based game, which makes it very suitable for video game adaptation. One glance at the tiles that are used though and you can tell it’s certainly a complex game. It is! There are nine types of tile to work with that are split into three categories — “suits, honors and bonus” — and you'll need to learn how to use each if you want to succeed. The “suited” Mahjong tiles are divided into three suits; dots, bamboo and characters. The “honors” tiles have two suits, “winds” and “dragons”. The bonus tiles have two suits, “flowers” and “seasons”. The game also uses dice and specialized markers.

The game then introduces concepts such as the “prevailing wind” for each round, which affects the scoring of all the tiles. It can get pretty complicated for a beginner but is quite similar in many regards to the Western card game rummy, so you’ll take to it quickly if you’ve ever played that.

You’ll also take to it naturally once you start playing any of our browser Mahjong Games!

Mahjong Video Games

Mahjong has been adapted hundreds of times for various PC and gaming platforms from the early 1990s all the way up to the present day. As a game of patience and strategy, however, it is far more at home on a mobile platform, where games can be played in brief windows of opportunity. It’s for that reason that so many versions of Mahjong have appeared among the “casual” games for cellphones. It’s a game that makes a huge amount of sense as a browser or casual game, where you can pick it up and put it down easily and receive tutorials for any aspects that you don’t understand.

Mahjong Games On GamePix

The Mahjong games found on Gamepix range from simple, direct adaptations of the game to more elaborate and eccentric versions that mix up the rules. Some of them definitely bring an element of chaos to a famously calm and reflective experience! We really do have a flavor of Mahjong here to suit everybody, with an extensive collection of versions;
  • Solitaire versions, for when you want to play alone or just have five minutes to yourself. The rules of Mahjong solitaire are, of course, different, but the principles are the same, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time.
  • Multiplayer Mahjong, from two player duels to full games, featuring you and any number of real or A.I. opponents.
  • Themed Mahjong of every kind you can imagine. Like your Mahjong with a side of monsters? Not a problem! Prefer your Mahjong covered in fruit? Step right this way!
  • Seasonal Mahjong! Yes, you read that right. If you just need Mahjong but don’t want to let go of the Christmas spirit for even one second, then we have Christmas-themed Mahjong just for you.

From tile connect Mahjong games to confectionary-themed Mahjong, we have them all right here. Whether you’re an old hand looking to try out one of the hundreds of regional variations, or a complete newbie just wondering what Mahjong is all about, we have a game for you. Once you’ve mastered the many strategic styles of Mahjong, you will find yourself itching for just one more game. It’s addictive so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

All of our Mahjong games can be played on any device and any web browser. They are also all 100% free so you won’t be met with any frustrating paywalls just as you’re settling into a winning streak. There is a reason why Mahjong has remained popular for so long — and now you can discover it for yourself thanks to Gamepix!


How do you play mahjong game?

That would take a long time to answer — Mahjong is a complicated game! Like chess, the rules aren’t especially complicated, but just learning the rules won’t really tell you how to play. Luckily for you, we have a whole host of free online Mahjong games for you, which will teach you how to play without the pressure of a full game against another person. Our Mahjong browser games work on any device without you needing to download or install anything. Whether you have a minute or hour they’re here for you, wherever you are.

Is there a free online mahjong game with no time limit?

You better believe it! We have an unbeatable range of Mahjong games online for free here at GamePix so there’s something here for you, no matter what kind of Mahjong game you’re looking for. They come in every style imaginable and work on any device, so give one a go today!

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