Escape Games

The History of Escape Games

Over recent years a certain type of game has enjoyed enormous popularity. Gamers love to be given the opportunity to escape. Whether it’s from a room, a person or a situation there is an increasing desire to break free. We all feel the need to escape from work, schools or general life and this is what is on offer with escape games here at GamePix. Using only your wits, brains and survival instincts your challenge is to work out how to find your way back to regular life.

Escape games usually involve few (or no) characters other than the player. This helps to contribute to a sense of loneliness and urgency. There is no-one to help you, you are all alone! Spooky ambient music makes things even more tense as you solve puzzles, defeat enemies and plot tactics. The most famous escape game of all time is considered to be Myst, where the player uses a special book to travel to a mysterious island. Solving problems and puzzles allows the player to travel to other worlds. Its visually stunning world lead to it becoming one of the most loved games of the early 1990s and it is still enjoyed by gamers today.

Online escape games have been so popular that they’ve spawned a craze for real-life escape rooms across the world! Groups of friends and work colleagues choose to spend their free time and special occasions spending hours locked in a room, but you don’t need to travel to a physical location to enjoy the euphoria of escapism. You can play these online escape games in the luxury of your own surroundings!

Escape Games Here at GamePix

Locked-room games are easy to understand, but they require subtlety and elegance. There are plenty of escape games to choose from, so it’s worth looking at the most popular of them.

  • One game particularly loved by gamers is Escape from Aztec. Run as fast as you can to get away from the people chasing you after you were seen stealing King Aztec’s greatest treasure! Avoid tree trunks, boulders and ancient ruins as you sprint, slide and scramble your way to freedom! A non-stop escapist adventure perfect for unwinding at the end of a stressful day.
  • Will you escape Deathmark Dungeon? Or will you remain trapped within, like all those who went before you? Fight your way through seven levels of dark dungeons, bashing and smashing all the enemies who stand before you.
  • Escape From Nightmare is a ten level platform game about sleeping! Everyone has dreams and sometimes they seem too real! In each dark, ghostly level, with only lanterns lighting the screen and a spooky soundtrack, there are stars hidden for you to find. With faraway howling, the sound of birds and other mysterious noises it feels like you are in your own worst nightmare. It is such a familiar feeling to all of us. You know what you need to do. Escape!
  • Space Prison Escape follows a group of friends who have been kidnapped by a gang of robotic aliens. They need to find the space shuttle and escape back down to earth, but that is not going to be easy!

Long Term Benefits of Online Escape Games

Keeping your brain occupied is vital, no matter your age. Research has shown that people who engage in short, regular activities are more likely to maintain healthy cognitive function well into their older years. Playing games online teaches and maintains patience and perseverance. The mental stimulation provided by playing games can help with problem solving throughout your day and relieves those moments of boredom. Each time you play one of the GamePix escape games you are remembering rules, patterns and tactics and using parts of your brain you might not otherwise have been activating. Online puzzle games can help maintain attention spans and enhance spatial reasoning abilities.

Playing Escape Games Relieves Stress

Engaging in escape games online is not just about entertainment. It also provides stress relief, something that is vital in everyday life. We all want to escape from something. It’s why movies, songs and novels so frequently focus on some form of escapism and wanting to break free from everyday pressures. Gaming is no exception! Playing escape games can provide a temporary escape from real life problems. They allow you to unwind, recharge and switch off. Our brain craves escape, fun and respite. Being able to play escape games online can contribute to your overall mental wellbeing.

What You Need

At GamePix our escape games are free to play so you can play on any device. There’s no need to download anything and it couldn’t be easier to get started. Instead of complex storylines and complicated instructions, all you need to do is pick your game of choice from our exciting and varied collection and start working your way through the levels. No matter what it is you love to play there is something for everyone. If you need to escape and are looking to indulge in an escape adventure, you’ll find plenty of games here at GamePix. Simply pick the one you’d like to play, and plan your escape!


Are there good escape games for children?

There are! 100 Doors Escape From School is a puzzler with one hundred different doors to escape through. It’s a simple game to pick up but once you are playing you start to learn new techniques and follow patterns. A compelling and fun game, with the added bonus that the idea of escaping from school is something all children will love!

Why have online escape games become so popular?

Games that focus on the idea of escaping have become increasingly popular during periods of lockdown and social distancing. There have been many times in the past few years when real life has seemed far too painful, tough and exhausting. There have been days when all of us feel the longing to escape. This is when adventure games and escape games have been vital. Even if you physically can’t escape anywhere at least you can allow your brain to escape for minutes, hours or even entire afternoons.

What are the most popular escape?

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