Drifting games

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

Racing and drifting games have been popular ever since video games began to enter the mainstream, and that popularity has only continued to grow in the years since. As games often exist to take us to places and worlds we can only dream of, it was a certainty that the fantasy of skillfully racing cars around a track would eventually become a reality.

As far back as the 1970s, racing games have existed in many different forms. Even before 3D graphics, 8-bit and 16-bit games with a top-down perspective existed to mirror real-life racing as closely as possible with the technology that was available. As time went on and realistic 3D graphics became the norm, franchises built around racing began to appear. Some of the most popular titles, such as Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, placed players firmly in the driver's seat. Today, that experience has been refined to mimic reality almost perfectly.

Through these games we can truly envision what it would be like to live as a professional racer, and to experience the adrenaline that comes with building your skills and reaching the very top. Here at GamePix, we have a huge selection of free online drifting and racing games to give you the experience of being a pro racer.

Becoming a Drifting God

Of course, in reality, many people can drive, but very few have the skill and the grit required to become an expert at drifting a car around a racing track. Luckily, our online drifting games have intuitive controls that are simple to learn, meaning it won't be long until you become a master of drifting yourself! You'll be surprised how quickly you become a drifting god in the driver's seat as you tear around the course and leave your opponents in the dust.

Once you've learned the controls and honed your skills, it will be time to choose your ideal car. From souped-up street cars to pro racing cars built to cruise around the track, you'll have all the vehicle variety you need to pick out your perfect drifting machine. When you're hugging the wall and sliding on the surface of the track you’ll soon discover it becomes necessary to be in the seat of the car that is right for you. That's the only way you'll hit your targets and smash the records.

Picking your car and training your instincts to know exactly how to land the perfect drift is essential to the experience, and the simple controls ensure you will quickly be able to reach the top of your game!

Finding Your Balance

Given how huge the drifting scene has grown to be in Japan, you'd be greatly limiting your drifting potential if you didn't take a modified Japanese motor out for a spin. These kinds of cars were made particularly famous in the Fast & Furious film franchise, a series known for its epic stunts and its drivers' impressive drifting.

However, when you're screeching across the tarmac, you'll realize just how important the balance between power and control really is. It's amazing to have the fastest tuned-up engine, but if you don't match that with careful control and skill you'll find yourself flying into the barriers more often than you'd like. Eventually, it'll become second nature when to nudge yourself left or right, when to brake and when to put pedal to the metal. At that point, you'll truly have reached the top of your game. From there, you’ll find you’re regularly pulling off the most extreme and technically demanding drifts you can possibly imagine, and the sky’s the limit for your new racing career!

Choose Your Drifting Experience

There are a large variety of online drifting games ready to play to get you started in your pro racer career. It all depends on what you're looking for in your experience.

If you're already experienced in skillful drifting or want to focus entirely on honing your newfound instincts, look for games that put you straight on the track, ready to drive. In these drifting games, you can

  • test your mettle on difficult courses, proving your skills aren't reliant on driving on an easy track
  • improve your ability to take on gnarly drifts around tough corners
  • pit yourself against rival drivers, or against the clock, to truly discover who is the champion of the drift

Players looking for games with more of a focus on story or character development to get them invested in the world of drifting will find there are plenty of games to choose from! You can customize your perfect vehicle and take to the streets, just like Vin Diesel and his crew in the Fast & Furious movies! You'll be immersed in a rich story centered around your drifting exploits while you build yourself up to be the ultimate pro racer.

No matter what you choose, you can be certain that your drifting game experience will be tailored to you and your perfect game will be here! You may find your preference leans towards story and character-based drifting games, or the more straightforward, pick-up-and-play arcade-style drifters.

Start Your Drifting Journey Today!

Here at GamePix, our collection of drifting games will have you living your life a mile at a time. And best of all, our online games are completely free and available to run on any device or browser. If you’re bored on a commute or want to take some time at home to burn rubber, GamePix drifting games are easy to pick up and hard to put down again. Accessible and free to all, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping into the driver’s seat right now!


Are drifting games free?

On GamePix, all of our drifting games are completely free! You can race around the track to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere.

Why are drifting games so popular?

It doesn’t get much more exciting than being in the driver’s seat of a stunt car, pulling off extreme drifts and running off adrenaline. That experience is what these games offer and is why they have kept their popularity throughout the years.

What are the most popular drifting?