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You Won’t Forget the Fun!

Memory games! We all remember how fun they are! Here at GamePix we simply can’t forget all the hours of fun! Memory games keep providing game lovers of all ages with tons of unforgettable entertainment. Once you see our vast collection of online free to play memory games it will be hard to forget the fun! Or will it?

All of our memory games are instantly accessible and free to play from the comfort of your screen. There is no need for extra software installations. All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go! Choose a memory game and play it! Simple right? Choosing the game might be simple but the memory games themselves offer quite the challenge. If you are looking to test the capabilities of your brain while having lots of fun then look no further!

All the Memories

Memory games have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Maybe not that long but it is known that in 2005 Nintendo’s Brain Age became one of the genre’s pioneers. Players loved this memory game because it could be used to train your brain! It only took a couple of minutes every day but it was effective! You will find almost every memory game in our collection will be able to do just that! Our games are perfect for exercising your brain like you would any muscle. And with so many different memory games to choose from you are sure to find the right fit for you.

In memory games it is common to find that each task presented to you is designed to keep a certain part of your brain active. Some options may include sudoku, Stroop tests and even mathematical questions. Memory games do not lack in challenges that are both fun and rewarding. Our catalog of games will definitely keep you entertained, focused and sharp!

Nowadays Lumosity regularly comes at the top of the charts when people review memory games and apps. It offers an ever-expanding set of cognitive and scientific games all designed to improve your working memory. Here at GamePix you can find a variety of memory games of the very same ilk. Our games are best played regularly since they will slowly train your brain to focus on the right things and ignore what isn’t required. Memory games like these are so popular and useful that more than 60 million people play them.

People who want to improve their brain speed and focus will often choose Fit Brains Trainer, which has more than 360 games and puzzles to play and solve. These types of memory games can also be easily found on our site! They are skillfully designed so that levels get more difficult as your memory improves! You’ll never struggle for a new challenge. Memory games are a fantastic way to not only have fun but keep your mind in tip-top shape!

Memory Games on GamePix

Players love memory games because they feel like they’re spending their free time productively, building their skills and improving their memories. Our range of memory games includes a number of titles that can help train your brain the way you want. They don’t take much time to play either. You can start improving your memory in a matter of minutes!

On GamePix all our memory games are free and instantly accessible! You can play them on any device with a web browser. They’re easy to play too and you’ll work your way through the levels in no time. With our memory games, you’ll have an unforgettable time.

But with such a big collection of memory games to choose from it might be hard to pick just one. Whether you are looking to play them all or just find those that really fit your needs, it might be difficult to remember them all. This is why we have made you a list of some of our best memory games to get you started and playing!

Get ready to exercise your brain and face the fun challenge ahead with these awesome memory games:

  • Little Alchemy: Fun, science and learning all unite to create one of the most entertaining memory games on our site! In Little Alchemy you are tasked with combining all elements available to you until you get every combination possible! Will you be able to solve this scientific memory game? Only one way to find out!
  • Kobadoo Flags: Are you ready to put your knowledge of flags to the test? In this thrilling and challenging memory game you will do just that! If you are a flag aficionado then look no further because Kobadoo Flags is the perfect memory game for you! Here at GamePix we hope you are ready for this challenging yet super fun game!
  • Robot Bar — Find the Differences: Don’t let the cool robots distract you! In this memory game you are tasked with spotting all the differences between two scenes. Filled with rich science fiction environments Robot Bar — Find the Differences delivers a memory game like no other. It will be challenging to spot all the differences amongst so many robots but we think you can do it!
  • Kids — Cute Pairs: Memory games are suited for gamers of all ages and Kids — Cute Pairs is the perfect example of that. In this fun yet challenging game kids are tasked with remembering and pairing all the cute cards. Memory games are known for exercising the brain and being very educational. But more importantly they are really fun just like this one!
  • Remember the Numbers: Fun and mathematics! This combination is perfect for a memory game! It will not only provide you with hours of fun but it will also challenge your brain in many ways. Remember the Numbers is a great example of how memory games are used to strengthen our minds and our brain power. We think you will love it!

As you can see we have a lot of fun and exciting memory games! This is only a taste of our incredible collection at GamePix! There is no need for any extra downloads just jump in and start playing for free! We think it will be an unforgettably fun experience.


Can memory games help to improve memory?

Yes! Some memory games can certainly improve your memory! If you play regularly you will slowly start to see those improvements! Memory games stimulate certain parts of your brain when you play them and they help to strengthen those parts in many positive ways.

How many memory games can I play?

You can play as many of our memory games as you want! Our games at GamePix are all online and free to play! All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go!

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