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You Can Run but You Can’t Hide… From Running Games

For those of you that love to play running games, movement is king! For fans of running games, nothing beats the sheer joy of quick, smooth movement through the terrain of the game world.

Video games are great at giving you a taste of the feeling of actually doing something without you needing to leave your couch — whether it’s shooting, flying or solving crime, games can really give us a perspective on worlds we could otherwise scarcely imagine.

You might therefore think it strange that some of the most exhilarating gameplay of all is based on running, which is something that most of us can easily do — although some of us don’t like to! Nevertheless it’s true: running games are incredible fun and you can easily enjoy them from the comfort of your living room. You won’t need to put on Lycra clothing or pound the sidewalk for hours in the cold and the rain to get all the running fun you need!

Run, Gamer, Run!

Running has always been in games. How could it not be? So many games are about some kind of drama or peril so it’s no wonder that you’re forever running in them! Maybe you’re dashing from cover to cover as you avoid incoming fire in an FPS title. It could be that you’re sprinting away from a monster and desperately searching for a way to turn the tables in a survivor horror game. It could be as simple as running the court or the pitch in a sports sim, waiting for your teammates to get into position for that killer play. Whatever the reason for your movement, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it as fast as you can!

Some games are specifically about running. These are games where instead of running being what you do to get out of trouble — or into it! — it becomes the main part of the game. In running games, running is the action. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Mirror’s Edge, there have been a plethora of iconic titles that have made movement the main event. These are truly worthy of the title of “running game”.

You could also definitely include a lot of sports sims in the category of “true running game” too, especially those that focus on running events. Who can forget the early video game fun of games like 1983’s legendary Track & Field which had you mashing the buttons until you ruined your controller — and having a great time doing it!

The Hardcore of Parkour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for over a decade, you’ve almost certainly seen parkour. The famous sport of “free running” emerged out of France as a street sport and has changed movies and games forever. How could you not love a sport that lets you leap around the rooftops like a superhero and seem to defy gravity with your wall runs?

In running games, parkour has had a huge impact and many of the moves from parkour have found their way into shooters, action games, puzzle games and — of course — into running games too. Whether you’re navigating a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic wasteland or the jagged roofs of the skyscrapers in a techno-futurist metropolis, parkour is often the flavor of the day in running games.

Running Games on GamePix

Here at Gamepix, we have pulled together an outstanding selection of running games to keep you entertained.

Running games are naturally accessible and work brilliantly as browser games. All of the running games on offer here give you the option of taking your training seriously and reaching for your goals or of just racing around for the fun of it. Many even feature storylines that will have laughing so hard that you get a stitch from exerting yourself!

We have arcade-style games that let you take on obstacles while you race, with coins to collect and things to leap over as you keep your legs moving as quickly as possible. We have Olympic simulator options to let you race against professional athletes from other countries or just the scoreboard — whether the PB is yours or somebody else’s, the motivation is just as strong.

Like all of our browser games, our running games are completely free-to-play forever, just like going outside and running is in real life! You won’t need to download any additional software to play, regardless of your browser or device type. It couldn’t be more simple. Just put one foot in front of the other — then repeat as fast as you can!

Our running games come in hundreds of styles with plots just as varied but they all have one thing in common — speed is the only way to victory. Whether you dream of winning the gold medal for the 100 meters at the Olympics or just want to while away a few minutes in a lazy jog, we have the right running game for you, right here on Gamepix.

You never know, guiding a character through various feats of running prowess might even inspire you to pull on some sneakers and do some real-life sidewalk-pounding of your own! We feel fitter just talking about it!


Are running games fun?

They’re the most fun! We get it — lots of people don’t like running in real life, so why on Earth would they play a running game, right? The thing about running games is that they make running feel like fun, even if you’re the sort of person that thinks running is basically a form of torture. Our excellent collection of free browser running games aren’t even as strenuous as most games! That’s because they don’t cost you a thing and will work on whatever device you have with no need for any downloading or installing anything. Easy!

What running games are free?

Running features so much in games that a list of all the running games would take pages and pages. Many of them would be free but an awful lot of them would be paid games. It would take you years to sort through the list and check which ones are free-to-play and download them and… you’re probably breaking a sweat just thinking about it, right? Luckily there’s a much easier way to find free running games online! All of the online browser games here in the running games section of the GamePix website are completely free! You can play for as long as you want for the low, low price of nothing, nada, zilch or zip. The best things in life are free and nothing feels quite as free as our free running games!

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