Truck games

Children Love Playing with Trucks!

Children have been fascinating by trucks for generations. That’s why GamePix has collected the best truck games available online and put them all in one place, for anyone who has ever wanted to jump into the front seat of a an 18-wheeler, reverse a dump truck around a construction site or ride a monster truck along a dirt track! They are fun to color, to draw and to ride on in playgrounds and at fairgrounds.

Playing with toy trucks is a form of entertainment that goes back a hundred years, when children would play with wooden trucks in a world before video games. Lots of children grow up wanting to be a truck driver when they are older. Waving at truck drivers, or seeing a truck outside your house is always a moment that gives huge excitement to children. For some, it’s a love that stays with you your whole life. It is partly the size and shape that make trucks so appealing. Another reason children love trucks is the noise they make! Their horns can be heard from miles away, and the roar and growl of their engines make them seem more like wild animals than machines. The honk of a truck can be exhilarating, no matter what your age!

Truck Games Aren’t Just for Children

With monster trucks, racing games and online driving simulators, truck games are loved by people of all ages. Driving an oversized vehicle is much more adventurous and dangerous than driving a car. There is huge excitement about seeing something so rare and unwieldy being controlled by one person in the driving seat. It’s a dangerous profession, so maybe video games are the safest option to live your trucking fantasies!

The History of Driving Games

One of the first online driving games was RAC Rally, released on the PC in 1996. It was exciting for gamers to be able to race against real life people on the internet. This opportunity had never even been conceivable before. Since then, driving games and truck games have been constantly evolving as video games, especially for people wanting an interactive experience. With the rise of Flash technology, game developers started to introduce flash-based truck games, where the emphasis wasn’t on fast cars or Formula One racing, but on old-fashioned trucks, where players completed challenges rather than focussing on speed and races.

In recent years, online truck games have become more sophisticated and more realistic with better graphics. Truck simulators took off in a way that very few people would ever have predicted, allowing people to have a genuinely authentic experience of what it is like to drive a truck. It’s a format that shows no sign of slowing down, with games like Truck Simulator USA offering a wide range of realistic trucks to drive in real time, with authentic landscapes, giving people the opportunity to answer the question that so many people have had since they were young: What is it like to drive one of those gigantic trucks?

Truck Games at GamePix

One of the most popular forms of any video game ever made, from mobile phones to arcade simulators is racing games. 4x4 Off Road Monster Truck is a perfect example of this. Jumping through the air at speeds that take your breath away making thunderous, terrifying noises. The whole world shakes as your enormous tyres bounce back on the ground again. Who needs Ferraris or Bugattis when you can have Monster Trucks!

If you like your games to be a little more serious and thoughtful, Truck Simulator Parking is for people who have always wanted to have a go at reverse parking a 100 ton truck but never had the opportunity to do so! There are games to suit every wish and desire, and we know there are plenty of people out there who deep-down would love to try out their skills at parking a truck! Similarly, US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck is for people with nerves of steel who feel they have the confidence to drive along the highway with well over a million dollars of machinery under your control!

For younger truck fans you can choose from sixteen truck images in Monster Truck Coloring Book! Use your imagination and creativity to make the trucks of your dreams in any color you like. Or use one of our GamePix drawing games to create your own Monster Trucks. Design them, color them and bring them to life! There is the option to save or print your creations or to post them online to other people who share your love of trucks.

Truck Games are for Escapism!

Our brains crave fun and excitement! The reason we love to play games is also the reason so many of us have a fascination with enormous trucks. There is something peaceful about imagining ourselves on the highway, music playing, allowing the whole world to whizz by. You will be able to experience those feelings with our truck games here on GamePix. Playing games for a long time can be a vital way to unwind after a tense or busy day. Each time you play one of our GamePix truck games you are letting everyday stresses and tension go, and by the time you have completed your simulation, raced trucks around a circuit or completed your truck adventure game you will feel like a different person and the normal world will seem more manageable again. When you feel stressed, jump into a (virtual) truck!


What do I need?

All of our truck games are free to download, and any browser and device will give you access to hours of gaming fun. Wearing a trucker’s cap and packing sandwiches and a flask when you play is optional!

Do you have other racing games available?

We do! At GamePix we love racing games, so if you want to take a break from monster trucks or diggers why not try our speedboat racing games, police car chases, helicopter games and even snowboarding races. If you are an adrenalin junkie, with the racing games on GamePix you are spoilt for choice!

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