Solitaire Games

Shuffle the Cards…

Solitaire games are one of the most popular varieties of online card games. Since Solitaire was ported to a digital interface (when it was included as part of Windows 3.0 back in 1990) it has provided office workers with a fantastic means of wasting time! Many people spend hours frowning at piles of virtual cards and trying to work out a way to win. It’s addictive, puzzling and a whole lot of fun!

Flying Solo

Did you know that Solitaire isn’t just a single game? In fact, the term actually means any game that you can play by yourself. While the card versions are the most famous solitaire games, some are played with dominoes or even marbles! The most famous solitaire card game uses the Klondike rules. In case you’re not already a Solitaire expert, we’ll briefly explain the rules:

  • A player begins with a deck of 52 cards without jokers.
  • Seven piles of cards are drawn face down, each with one more card than the last so that the leftmost pile has one card and the rightmost has seven. Only the topmost card of each deck is revealed at the beginning.
  • Your goal is to build up four complete suits of cards, starting with the ace (which is low in this game) and finishing with a king!
  • Cards can be moved from one pile to another, provided that they are placed onto opposite colors. They can also be moved in larger bunches.
  • If you run out of moves you can draw from the deck, but this can also make things more complicated!

This version of Solitaire came to prominence in the 1800s and, since the Windows version became so successful, it has spawned a host of imitators and alternate versions.

Variations on a Theme

While the Klondike rules are perhaps best known, there are a lot more card games that you can play solo! Some of the different versions of this card game include:

  • Spider: In Spider you start with ten piles of cards rather than seven. Unlike Klondike, you can only move cards around on top of other cards of that suit —e.g., a seven of hearts could only be stacked on an eight of hearts. The highest card in Spider is the king, just like in Klondike. Here is a version that we have right here on GamePix — Spider Solitaire Blue!
  • Yukon: This game is slightly different because you begin with all your cards facing upwards. The goal is still to make complete sets, but the suits don’t matter, so you can stack a seven on an eight, regardless of the color—a bit like Uno! If Yukon sounds like your kind of game, here’s a version that we have right here on GamePix called Yukon Solitaire!
  • FreeCell: FreeCell also finds players sorting cards into their respective suits. You begin with all your cards facing up and can place cards on top of other cards only if they’re of opposite colors. You can only move one card at a time, too! However, to make your life a little easier you have free cells to put cards into, allowing you to temporarily free up space! You’ve only got a limited number of these to use, though, so you’ve got to be careful! If you think you can ace this game, why not give Tingly FreeCell a go?

With so many variations of solitaire games, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find a brain teaser that suits you!

Virtual Gameplay—Accessible and Addictive

When Windows 3.0 shipped, Microsoft was keen for users to master their new Graphical User Interface (GUI). Many experienced computer users were accustomed to typing in commands via a text interface, so the idea of playing a game by moving a cursor to drag one card onto another was completely novel. And the game proved instructive as well as compulsive—so much so that many businesses cited the game as being responsible for a loss in productivity! With the development of touch screens, classic Solitaire became even more intuitive. Now, all the user has to do is drag a finger across the screen to move their various cards around.

Cards for All Occasions

Solitaire games are now so popular that hundreds of different variations have been created—there is a solitaire game out there for every type of player! Whether you’re after a festive game or just one that’s pretty to look at, we’ve got solitaire games for everybody here at GamePix! Here is a list of some solitaire games that might appeal to you:

  • Solitaire Garden is a pretty card game set in a field, accompanied by a calming musical ambience—perfect for helping you focus on your game! Oh, and just in case that’s not enough for you, there is a cute cat who introduces you to the game— always a bonus!
  • Solitaire Mahjong Candy is a fun solo tile game—and is a candy-themed twist on a classic! Be warned, this solitaire game is sure to make you hungry with its cute, food-oriented gameplay!
  • If you’re a Halloween lover but you still want to get your solitaire fix, then look no further! Spooky Tripeaks is a Halloween-themed riot of a card game. Get immersed in the spooky atmosphere with the terrifying haunted background—and enjoy a good game of cards at the same time!
  • Picture the scene: it’s Christmas morning. Everyone is still asleep. You’re awake early and you’ve got time to kill. What better way to while away the early hours than by playing some Christmas Klondike Solitaire? You have the chance to train your brain while also staying in the festive spirit!

And, if none of these options tickle your fancy, please feel free to browse the rest of our collection—these are just a few of the solitaire games we have to offer! We’re sure you’ll find an online solitaire game perfectly suited to your taste right here on GamePix.

No Vegas, No Problem

The best part of playing solitaire games here on GamePix is that all of our games are completely free to play online, all day, every day! Plus, you don’t need to download anything or wait around! As long as you’ve got a device with an internet connection you will have 24/7 access to your favorite solitaire games on GamePix! All of our solitaire games are just as brilliantly designed and addictive as the original version from all those years ago. Give them a try and see what all the fuss is about!


When was Solitaire invented?

Nobody quite knows when Solitaire was invented! Nobody has yet found a definitive document stating an inventor. All we know is that the earliest record of it appeared across Europe in the late 1700s.

Can I play Solitaire games for free?

Good news! You can play Solitaire games for free! Where? Well, right here on GamePix, of course! Have a shuffle through the options and find one to suit you!

What are the most popular solitaire?

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