Mario Games

Let’s-a Go!

Who doesn’t know about Mario games? For almost three decades, Mario has been enthralling gamers across the world with his distinctive brand of platform-based fun. Mario made his entrance as the star of 1981’s Donkey Kong, under the name “Jumpman.” The pixel count and color limitations of the time made it necessary to give him distinctive sideburns, a hat, and a mustache – but these features have become part of Mario’s distinctive brand, and we can’t imagine him without them. Over a lengthy career, gaming’s most famous plumber has turned his hand to a wide range of pastimes, and been joined by a growing ensemble cast in the process. Here are just some of the job titles Mario has taken on:

  • Plumber—this one is obvious! Mario has been a plumber since the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros.
  • DoctorMario donned the white coat for the 1990 puzzle game Dr. Mario. Players had to help Dr. Mario kill viruses with different colored vitamins.
  • Racing Driver— what can’t this man do? Mario, naturally, appeared in Mario Kart, which is notorious for its chaos-filled racing levels.

He’s been a golfer, a tennis player, a fighter, and many other things besides — but he’ll always be best known for jumping on Goombas and rescuing hapless princesses from dinosaur tyrants.

Special Abilities

There are several key features of the original games which have been carried forward into the Mario games genre:

  • The original Mario Bros game was a side-scroller, meaning that Mario was viewed from the side, and moved from the left to the right of the screen. This often appears in other Mario games, as it is an iconic feature of the originals.
  • Initially, any games that Mario appeared in were platforming games. This meant that players had to run, jump and dash through the world, navigating between platforms to reach the finish line.
  • Mario is known for his ability to stamp on his enemies. Not only does it stop them from hurting Mario, but it often gives players extra points. This feature often appears in other Mario games.
  • Is it just me, or is there always lava in Mario games? Like cheese on a pizza, you can’t get a Mario game without lava!
  • There is always an underwater area in a Mario game. I don’t make the rules. Whether you love them or hate them, this feature has been duly noted by other creators of Mario games.
  • Due to the limited nature of the graphics, the old Mario games had a distinctive pixelated style, which is now affected in new games as a key part of the genre!

It’s-a You!

If you’ve read this far, then you seem like the sort who would enjoy playing an array of different Mario games. Good news! There are loads here on GamePix! Some of these Mario games feature your favorite plumber himself, while others are modeled in his image, or after the style of the early side-scroller games. Here’s a list of just a few that you could try if you like the sound of them!

  • In Super Marius World, players find themselves transported to a world full of large green pipes and vivid colors. Help Marius run and jump his way through the level! But beware — danger lurks at every corner, threatening to thwart his escapades! Not only are there long drops to watch out for but there are also small square creatures running around, all of whom have it out for Marius. Don’t worry though, because Marius is more than a match for them as he is able to leap high into the air and come crashing down on them from above!
  • The speedy game Cat Mario is a fast-paced thrill. Join Cat Mario and attempt to navigate through a hilly green world full of blobby enemies, who live only to catch you out. Some even hurl abuse at you if they kill you! Collect coins, jump as high as you can, and keep an eye out for those pesky blobs!
  • Here comes the lava! In Super Mario Rush 2, your favorite Italian plumber is in a bit of a bind! He’s in a beautiful crystal cave, but just below his feet is a pit of bubbling lava, while above there are all sorts of obstacles — yawning chasms, spinning saw blades, and even the occasional piranha plant! It seems impossible… that is, if you are anybody other than Mario. This tricky side-scroller is varied and dangerous, but always fun! So, hold onto your plumbing tools, watch out for coins and items, and leap into the chaos!

Don’t they sound great? Even better, this is just the start — there are lots more Mario games to discover here on GamePix, so why not stay a while and give a few a try?

Mamma Mia! Here We Go!

As much as we love Nintendo, you’ve got to admit that their games can be pretty expensive. The great thing about playing Mario games on GamePix is that they are completely free to play online! Isn’t that cool? All the best parts of Mario, without his expensive plumbing fees. Here are some other benefits of playing Mario games on GamePix:

  • They’re right here. This is great for you, because you’re here too, which means you don’t have to go anywhere!
  • Our games work on any device, as long as you’ve got a browser! Whether you’re in our world, or find yourself in the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll have your favorite plumber in your pocket. No need for any specific consoles!
  • There are so many to try! You’ll never get bored when there are so many different Mario games to get the hang of!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hat and your slightly taller brother, and get stuck into the very best platforming fun there is to offer!


How many Mario games do you have on GamePix?

We’ve got Mario games to suit every type of gamer, but if you really want to put a number to it, there are well over seventy different games for you to get stuck into here!

Are your Mario games all about Mario?

Some of our Mario games feature Mario as a playable character, but not all of them do! Others are in the style of the original side-scrolling platformers which the Mario games made so iconic. Many of them also deploy mechanics which are used in those games! So really, whether the big man himself is present or not, he is always there in some way — as the plumber who inspired it all.

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