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Playing Pool Online

In the early days of the internet, pool games were among the first games made by designers and video game manufacturers. It was often a frustrating experience, with slow gameplay being worlds away from the fast-paced game we were familiar with from bars and pool halls. However, some of the most enjoyable and skillful games you can play today are online pool games. From trick shots to almost professional standard pool games, there are countless opportunities to try different variations of a game many of us are so familiar with. Here on GamePix we have collected the most interesting, unique and playable pool games in the world. As soon as you have mastered one form of the game you can jump over to another. You will be looking forward to racking up your next game before you’ve even finished your current one.

Five Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Pool!

  • Efren “Bata” Reyes from the Philippines is considered to be the most famous pool player of all time. “Bata” is an affectionate word for “kid” in Filipino, a nickname given to him when he was a young child hanging around his local pool halls playing against—and beating—grown men. Reyes is known for his versatility in different disciplines of pool and there are very few players in the history of the game who can rival him for his skills, confidence and personality.
  • The “Efren Reyes Rule” was brought in as a direct result of controversial gameplay by Reyes. The rule means that players are no longer able to win the game after their initial break-off shot without their opponent having a single turn at the table. With the Reyes rule now in place, if a player successfully clears the whole table before their opponent has had a shot, the nine ball has to be repocketed, to ensure fairness. The rule was brought in because Reyes continually achieved this against opponents, causing unrest among fellow players!
  • There is a variation of pool played on horseback called Horse Billiards. Players ride horses around a large table using mallets to hit the balls, combining equestrian skills with billiard skills. Now that would be a fun video game!
  • Although the conventional pool table is rectangular, novelty shaped pool tables are increasingly popular. Hexagonal, triangular and circular pool tables can be found in bars, homes and pool halls across the world, as well as guitar-shaped pool tables and car-shaped pool tables. Want to impress someone you are in love with? Why not buy them a pool table in the shape of their initials!
  • Pool started its existence as an outdoor game, similar to croquet, played on a wooden table with a cloth surface. It wasn’t long before the game was moved indoors and became the sport we are familiar with today!

Pool Games are for Everyone

Here on GamePix you’ll find plenty of pool games to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about any glitches or problems and you will never need to download special software. Free to play with hundreds of variations, all our pool games offer you the chance to improve your shooting skills from the comfort of your own home. Whether you take pool very seriously or are looking for some fun with your friends or for your children, there will be pool games here for you to enjoy.

We have found that playing pool online helps your game when you do play at a real-life table. If you are a regular player struggling for form, or need to get some practice in before a big game, playing online pool is a valuable way to improve your game, your confidence and your potting technique.

It’s not always easy to go into a pool hall on your own, so online pool can offer something safe, social and secure for anyone who is a little nervous to play out in public, or does not have the luxury of being able to walk down to a bar or pool hall. Maybe you want to calculate the perfect angle for a trick shot to impress your friends. Or maybe you just want to play online pool for fun. Whatever your reason, you have countless options here on GamePix.

Pool Games on GamePix

Probably the most successful and popular pool game ever made is Speed Pool King. You play against a real opponent, and use the pointer to cue up shots and pot balls. Drag the cue back to generate more power for your shot, or if it’s a delicate shot adjust the power accordingly. You don’t always have to hit the ball as hard as you can! Even though it does make a satisfying noise when you do! Keep potting balls until you end on the 8-ball. If you get that, you have won the match! It’s incredible how quickly you can become an accomplished and skilful online pool player.

Want some fun on an irregularly shaped pool table? Pool Rush Frvr is a game to practice your potting technique. Move the cursor around to the perfect angle to get the ball into the pocket, with the unusually shaped cushions offering the perfect challenge.

Mini Pool For Kids is a game for children who have their friends over. Pass the tablet or smartphone from person to person as you try to beat high scores and pocket balls from the trickiest of angles.

A little tired of the strategy and tactics of online pool? Zombie Pool gives you all the excitement and thrills of pool with the added fun of zombies, as your pool balls fall into pockets of slime!


What is the difference between pool and billiards?

That is a question a lot of people ask! The main reason for occasional confusion is that the term “billiards” is often used when referring to pool. Pool is a cue game with many variations, for example 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool, with numbered balls of different colors, played on a pool table. Traditional billiards only uses three balls, and the aim is not to pocket anything. However, you will find that when many people use the term “billiards,” what they are actually referring to is pool.

Can I play with other people online?

You can! 8-Ball Pool With Friends is a multiplayer game that is a perfect way for you to connect with people who live far away. Wherever they are in the world, GamePix ensures that you can still play the game you love with the people closest to you.

What are the most popular pool?