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The Ultimate Sandbox Games

Minecraft Games have been explosively popular throughout the past decade for many reasons, but largely it boils down to Minecraft’s most basic principle: anything is possible. Minecraft as a whole is one of the most expansive games ever made, and offers a level of freedom that completely reinvented the sandbox genre of games.

“Sandbox” is a term that describes games with very little in the way of character limitations, as well as games that allow players to create their own world using their surroundings. Sandbox has always been popular due to the freedom it offers, but Minecraft took the concept of a world that could be completely molded by the player and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity and place in mainstream culture has continued through to this day.

Minecraft had very humble beginnings as an indie-developed title in the late 2000s, with limited features and a far smaller player base. Its sudden surge into the mainstream in the early 2010s saw it become a dominating giant in pop culture. Minecraft has since greatly influenced future video games of its kind and even gone beyond gaming as a whole to deliver a product that is even used in scientific and educational fields.

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Blocky Beginnings

Minecraft in its initial phase was developed by Markus “Notch” Persson, and was started in 2009. In its alpha stage, the game gathered a small but loyal player base that became fascinated with the game’s potential. Though not even survival mode was added until later on, it was clear in these early days that the ability to explore, gather resources and build to an almost infinite degree was mind blowing.

As more updates and content were packed into the game, the full version was finally released in November 2011. From there, Minecraft became the best-selling game of all time and hasn’t relented in how present it has been in gaming since. Creatures in the game known as “mobs” and other in-game items have become iconic images, even to those who aren’t typically gamers.

Minecraft is also used in some instances to teach and to learn, proving it to be something that goes beyond casual fun. But of course, it delivers casual fun in spades too! And most of that comes down to Minecraft’s two central game modes: survival and creative.

Infinite Potential

In creative mode, players are dropped into a randomly generated world made up of a huge variety in its terrain. You could appear in a dense jungle, an intimidating tundra or even in a field of giant mushrooms! From the start, you’ll have full access to Minecraft’s dizzying range of materials and tools for you to get started on your ideal construction project.

Whether you’re looking to build a simple wooden house by the sea, or you’re eager to get stuck into something a little more ambitious, you will always have exactly what you need to do it. You can rule your own castle, become captain of a giant pirate ship of your own making or build a replica of a real life structure and so much more. The possibilities can be almost overwhelming when choosing what to create, and plenty of inspiration can be found online for those spoiled for choice.

If the wealth of materials isn’t enough for you to build your perfect project, you’ll also find a huge selection of tools to provide power to your grand constructions! Levers, wires, pistons and a handy substance called “redstone” can allow you to;

  • Install lighting for your cozy houses,
  • Build moving bridges or platforms,
  • Set traps if you’re feeling devious!

In creative mode, the only limits are your imagination and once you have a few projects under your belt, you’ll become a pro at planning and efficiently putting together your masterpieces.

Test Your Survival Skills

The other central game mode in Minecraft is survival mode, which in the same way as creative mode, drops players into an unfamiliar and completely unique world. However, in survival mode, you start with nothing but your own bare hands. In order to survive the harsh environment, you must learn to:

  • Collect resources and build tools
  • Delve into mines to find rare gems
  • Fight fearsome monsters
  • Find or build your own shelter for when night falls
  • Forage for food

In survival mode, you’ll explore a dangerous world full of different creatures and biomes in order to keep your character alive. Building powerful weapons and armor from the materials you find, as well as building safe structures to take shelter in when the monsters come calling, are essential skills to this thrilling game mode. You may start by foraging for whatever you can find, but once you hit your stride, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with.

In your quest to be the ultimate survivor, you’ll discover there are worlds beyond the one you started in. Find a path to the Nether, an incredibly dangerous world of fire and brimstone, to gather even rarer materials and fight unique enemies. And if you can find your way to the place known as “The End”, the most fearsome foe you will ever fight awaits you…

Mine and Craft to Your Heart’s Content

It’s impossible to cover absolutely everything you can do in Minecraft, and the best way to discover it all is to play for yourself. With the game’s charming, blocky aesthetic and recent graphical upgrades, you can be certain that you’ll be fascinated by your surroundings as you explore and create.

Here at GamePix, we have a variety of online Minecraft Games to choose from. Despite these games not being the one that started the Minecraft craze, you’ll have just as much blocky fun jumping into our selection of free titles. Not only are our games completely free, but they’re also available to play on any browser and on any device you may have. This means you can jump back into your adventure wherever and whenever you’d like!


Are Minecraft Games free?

The Minecraft Games found online here at GamePix are all 100% free! This combined with the ability to play on any device or browser means you really can let your imagination loose, no matter where you are.

Why is Minecraft so popular?

The endless potential, coupled with the ever growing list of mechanics and materials, make Minecraft Games the perfect outlet for anyone’s creativity. The thrill of overcoming the difficult survival mode is also a major draw for those who want to take a break from their projects to put their survival skills to the test. Choose one of our selection of online Minecraft Games and you too will see why they are still so widely played over a decade after the original release!

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