Dirt Bike games

Bike Beginnings

Life on two wheels has been popular among thrill seekers ever since the 1800s. That’s how long motorbikes have been an exciting way to travel. They’re still exciting today, as you can see from the popularization of dirt bike games. By the 1960s, the motorbike had become a cultural icon rather than just a vehicle. Frequently used in Hollywood movies as a symbol of freedom and youth, the motorbike has since kept its place in the world as the ultimate hobby for those who crave excitement. Beyond that, motorbike riding stands for pushing your abilities to their very edges and finding out just how high and fast you can go.

In particular, motorbike racing and stunt driving represents some of the most extreme and impressive feats that can be performed in a vehicle. Whether on roads, in stadiums, in venues or during drag races, stunt drivers are constantly pushing the limits of their exploits to new heights. New tricks are being invented all the time as these professional drivers take to their courses and let the rush of excitement fuel them in their rides. With GamePix's collection of online dirt bike games, you too can feel the thrill of showing your skills as a stunt rider!

Your Turn to Drive

Whether you are a novice rider or a serious pro, you are sure to enjoy the range of online dirt bike games that not only give access to some of the biggest and best brands of motorcycles, but also encourage you to get creative with your style. It's going to take more than just speed to prove yourself as number one. Learn to train your reactions and time your stunts perfectly to earn that title. You will need to pull out all the stops to keep yourself in the running while also smashing records and proving yourself as the ultimate stunt rider.

You need to keep your cool, maintain your balance and focus on reaching the finish line, or it’s game over. You’ll find the possibilities are endless with:

  • Easy to learn controls.
  • Massive selection of tricks.
  • Moves and stunts to master.

Soon you will be perfectly performing the mind-blowing tricks you've been working towards. Nothing is more exciting than landing gnarly backflips and huge drop-ins, all while riding the coolest bikes and without any of the risks that come with the extremes of stunt riding.

Find Your Perfect Ride

Of course, to be the best and most accomplished stunt rider, you'll also need the best selection of motorbikes to use. With so many different bikes to choose from, you will need to make sure you're picking the right bike for the right conditions. The selection varies greatly between modest, road-friendly models to heavy hitting bikes with big engines, built for the epic stunts you are going to perform. In short, no matter what your preference of bike model or stunts you enjoy performing, there is guaranteed to be a perfect ride for everyone.

Another reason your choice of bike is so important is the variety of terrains you will have to traverse and master as a professional stunt rider. You could be racing across the sand and leaving clouds of dust behind you, speeding over rocks to land your tricky stunts or blazing through deep snow, so it's essential to choose the perfect bike to suit your terrain. As a pro racer, you will need to adapt to your environment in order to prove you can still perform the most impressive stunts effortlessly, no matter what the obstacle.

Reaching Your A-Game

The unique adrenaline rush from stunt riding has no equal, and has been recreated in detail through the playing of online dirt bike games. Designed to push you to the limits of your nerves and abilities, playing these games will let you tap into the stunt rider pro hidden inside you.

Once you've chosen your ideal bike and mastered the terrain around you, it'll finally be time to attempt that perfect jump. The rush you will feel from at last flawlessly landing a stunt you've been training for is second to none and it's all an essential part of the stunt rider experience.

You'll experiment with various bikes and courses, find a trick you want to perform well and keep trying until you finally reach the top of your game. Dirt bike games will give you the full experience of building your skills and pulling off that unbeatable jump. Once you reach the goal you’ve worked towards, you will be proud of how skilled your stunts are and how you too are now pushing through those boundaries that stunt riders are born to break.

Immersing Yourself

You'll also have your choice of graphics to personalize your visual experience while you're stunt riding your way to the top. Whether you'd prefer stylized cartoon graphics or realistic graphics, you can be sure that you'll be able to customize your experience to make it the most immersive for you.

Once you've chosen your preferred visual style, it is as simple as jumping on to your computer and beginning your pro stunt racer journey. You can either strike out on your own, or you can watch how stunt racers perform at their best and see what tricks you might like to try out for yourself. Either way, the experience is individual and may be different for everyone, but you'll be able to play however you want to.

Choosing your personal avatar is also an important part of customization within dirt bike games, and you'll be able to pick out whichever avatar you believe represents you the best. To truly immerse yourself in the stunt rider experience as you play, it is essential to be able to choose the appearance of your rider.

Dirt Bike Games on GamePix

Move over, Travis Pastrana! Here on GamePix, you’ll find a huge selection of free online dirt bike games, ready to enjoy on any device and on any browser you choose. All you need to think about is perfecting those exciting moves and training yourself to nail the landing!


Are dirt bike games free?

Here on GamePix, all of our exhilarating dirt bike games are completely free! You'll be able to improve your skills at home or on the go, as they are ready for you to jump into on any device and in any browser.

Why are dirt bike games so popular?

The motorbike lives on as a symbol of rebellion and extreme feats, which many are eager to experience for themselves. Dirt bike games are the best way to mirror that experience outside of the real world. You too will understand why stunt riding has endured as the pinnacle of excitement when you play them. Start your journey to the top today!

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