Survival Games

Survival is all That Matters!

In most video games, survival is key. Whether you’re a soldier behind enemy lines, on a quest to find treasure or a young child lost in a forest, your main goal is to survive. The survival games genre is strategic, eclectic and deep. Online survival games often have open world settings with minimal storyline to follow. This means the narrative is driven by YOU. You are in control of your character’s destiny, which creates an ever-changing and unpredictable gaming experience. The main challenge is almost always to survive as long as possible.

The History of Survival Games

The most famous online survival game is Minecraft. It was designed as a building game, but evolved into one of the deepest and most comprehensive survival games of all time. Survival games often offer immersive and realistic worlds, where as a player you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual environment. The thrill and excitement of the feeling of survival in a dangerous or post-apocalyptic setting can be captivating and addictive. You are so close to danger but maybe you will be okay! Whether it’s simple gameplay or a plot more complex than The Matrix, people love to enter a world of danger. For as long as there are video games people will always be eagerly anticipating the next big survival game.

Survival Games on GamePix

All our survival games on GamePix can be learnt in minutes but some can take hours to master. It shouldn’t always be possible to pick up the idea of a game immediately. Sometimes part of the challenge is to work out what your role is, where you are and what your character is looking to achieve.

At GamePix we specialize in the kind of game where you can dip in and out without much fuss. These are games where you don’t have to think too deeply about strategy, but focus on staying alive for as long as possible. This is true whether you’re surviving an endless stream of zombie hordes or a game like Fly Or Die where you are a bird trying to stay off the ground for as long as possible. To succeed you need to fly around, picking up food and trying not to crash into walls or fences. The only thing that matters is that you don’t touch the ground. You have to fly or die!

Battle Dudes is a game for more thoughtful players. There are so many questions for you to answer. What is the best strategy? Do you stay in your tank where it’s safer, or get out of your tank where you have more flexibility with your shooting but are more likely to be captured? Will you stay hidden for long enough to survive or will your enemy find you? You better make the right calls because the longer you play, the more painful it is to start all over again!

Playing Survival Games Relieves Stress

Engaging in online survival games is not just about entertainment. It also provides stress relief and escapism. We all have something we want to overcome. It’s why movies and boxsets so frequently focus on some form of survival and wanting to break free from our everyday lives. Lost and The Walking Dead are among the most talked about and watched television dramas of all time, and the same applies in gaming too! Playing survival games can provide a temporary escape from real life pressures and problems. They allow you to unwind, recharge and switch off. Our brain craves escape, fun and respite. Being able to play survival games online can contribute to your overall mental wellbeing and help you to cope with modern life.

Life After Minecraft

Minecraft was created in 2009 by Swedish game developer Markus Persson. The game quickly gained a dedicated fanbase and continued to develop and evolve. It was acquired by Microsoft five years later for a reported 2.5 billion dollars, opening it up to new markets and millions of new gamers. It is not just among the most popular survival games of all time, but one of the most imitated games. Like all influential video games, including Tetris, Super Mario Bros and Grand Theft Auto, their influence is clear across the gaming world and Minecraft is no different. People will always want to play games that feel familiar to those they already love and understand.

Video game producers across the world have been influenced by the themes of the game, where players must gather resources, fend off mobs, grow crops, make their own tools and weapons and protect themselves from any threat they may be faced with. Minecraft revolutionized the gaming industry with its popular gameplay and blocky, pixelated graphics. Here on GamePix we have many entertaining games that have been influenced by Minecraft.

Dogeminer stars a dog trying to mine its way to the moon! It’s a light-hearted, highly addictive adventure story made by independent developers. Alternatively, with its pixelated blocks, Mineblock is another game with a familiar feel. Work out your strategy and see what world you can create.

What you Need

On GamePix our survival games are free-to-play and you can play on any device. There’s no need to download anything and it couldn’t be easier to get started. There are no complicated instructions or codes to type in. All you need to do is pick your game of choice from our exciting and varied collection of survival games and start working your way through the levels and do your best to survive!


Why have online survival games become so popular?

There have been many times in recent years when real life has seemed far too painful, tough and exhausting. This is when survival games, adventure games and escape games have been so vital. Many gamers would be lost without their favorite game to have as a companion. Even if you can’t physically escape anywhere at least you can allow your brain to forget about everything else and focus on survival.

Are there good survival games for children?

There are! Not all our games are suitable for children, but there is no shortage of games children will love! Survival Monk is a fast-paced game with a simple goal: collect bananas to survive! The games last between one and two minutes, with fun animations, meaning it’s a perfect game for children of all ages. Have a look and you will find something the children in your life will soon spend hours on in their own quests, beginning their own journey into their own gaming world!

What are the most popular survival?

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