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What are Y8 Unblocked Games?

Is Y8 blocked for you? With more than 70,000 games and videos available to play online, the Y8 site is a go-to source for entertainment for gamers from across the world. They’re actually a publisher, a developer, and a social network, too, with a media catalog that’s growing every hour. Back when the site first launched, it specialized in arcade and classic games in an easy-to-access form. But since then, it’s branched out into a host of new and interesting genres. Dress-up games for girls, like Carol’s Haircut Salon and Beauty Influencer: Makeup, have surged in popularity – and that’s not all. There are car games, two-player games, simulation games and .io games to choose from, too. There’s a catch here, however. Being that Y8 is such a large and successful site, it’s fallen onto the radar of network administrators in schools, colleges and offices across the world. If you’re running an establishment like that, then you might not welcome the idea of your students and workers spending their time playing CS Online rather than working, so you throw up a bunch of firewalls to restrict access to Y8 and sites like it. If you’ve been brought here, the chances are that you’ve come up against just such a barrier. Don't worry! We at Gamepix have anticipated this demand. That’s why we stock a raft of the same games you’ll find on the Y8 website. So, if you’re looking for Y8 unblocked games, you needn’t search any further. They’re all here. Unlike the Y8 catalogue, all of our games come in HTML5 – meaning that there’s no need to worry about downloading and installing .exe files. Just click on the game you’d like to play, and you’ll be playing it within moments!
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